YouTube Pranksters’ 24-Hour Target Store Hideout Was Entirely Fake – and Police Can Prove It

Not everything you see on social media is real, including a Pennsylvania couple’s YouTube video of an alleged 24-hour Target store stash that police say was just smoke and mirrors.

‘Saucy and Honey’ made it look like their video was in the Exton store all night Monday, Feb. 21, but they actually slipped away at one point and never returned, according to Detective Scott Pezick of West Whiteland.

In fact, police even obtained surveillance footage of the two leaving through a backdoor around 3 a.m. (see below).

Employees viewed surveillance footage and saw the couple walking around the store after closing, and called police when they saw the YouTube video last month.

Charlotte Fischer and Johnson Larose surrendered to police for trespassing on Wednesday, March 9. They were released on $25,000 bond.

Fischer says Fox29 she only expected a fine and has no regrets.

Surveillance footage shows the couple entering the store around 9.40pm on February 19. In their video, they are shown hiding behind large boxes in shelves as employees close the store. They explain that they will be inside the store for a full 24 hours.

After the store closed, they filmed themselves dancing TikTok in the dark before heading back behind the shelves.

Then the video cuts to 8:47 a.m., when the store “reopened.”

The problem? Fischer and Larose triggered the store’s alarm around 3 a.m., by opening a fire door, Pezick said. An employee then arrived on the scene and found no one in the store, not even a car in the parking lot.

Fischer and Larose never returned despite their YouTube video showing otherwise, according to Pezick.

Pezick’s “educated guess” is that the two fiddled with their phones to make it look like they stayed up all night, but, as the saying goes, “Not everything on social media is true,” said the detective.

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