Woman finds new life, son has doctor’s name inscribed on his arm: The Tribune India

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Ludhiana, July 19

Getting the names of movie stars or singers tattooed on the body is a common thing among young people, but a tattoo of a doctor’s name is a rare thing.

In a unique move, a patient’s son, successfully treated by a city doctor, has his name tattooed on his arm. Sukhwinder Kaur, who suffered from a rare case of extra-abdominal paraganglioma, was successfully operated on by Dr. Anish Bhatia at Fortis Hospital in Ludhiana.

Sukhwinder went to the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain. Upon evaluation, she was diagnosed with a large tumor in her abdomen that adhered to major vessels in the body. She had been denied surgery at three centers previously, but an expert team of Fortis Hospital surgeons and anesthesiologists performed the rare surgery and removed the entire tumor without causing significant vessel damage or of bleeding.

The team of doctors led by Cancer Specialist Dr. Anish Bhatia along with Vascular Surgeon Dr. Junish Bagga, CVTS Surgeon Dr. Nikhil Bansal and Anaesthetist Dr. Harpreet participated in the surgery .

“These tumors usually cause many fluctuations in blood pressure. Said patient also had large fluctuations in BP which were managed. The patient was discharged after several days and is doing well. The patient requires no further treatment and has just need regular follow-ups,” said Dr Anish Bhatia.

“I wanted to do something special to thank the doctor and decided to do it my way. I tattooed the doctor’s name on my arm. The doctor is nothing less than God to me who saved my mother when many other doctors refused to perform the operation. I am grateful to Dr Bhatia and the memory will always stay close to my heart through a tattoo,” said Gurdeep Singh, the son of patient Sukhwinder Kaur.

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