Win a £ 200 voucher to spend at a new, specially designed health and wellness center

A new, specially designed health and wellness center, offering all the services your body and mind need not only to survive, but also to thrive, has opened and you could be there.

We’ve teamed up with Silu Wellness in Peterborough to give one lucky reader the chance to win a £ 200 voucher.

Silu Wellness not only offers independent treatments, but you can also sign up for a program where they will guide and motivate you towards your physical and mental goals.

Silu Welfare in Peterborough (53622442)

Surely we have all wondered at some point in time how healthy our minds and bodies are? At Silu, your trip can be personally guided by friendly, qualified and knowledgeable staff, regardless of your level of physical or mental well-being.

At Silu, there’s an amazing mind and body studio that offers everything from guided meditation to hot yoga.

A full list of treatments can be found on their website at or you can visit their social media @siluwellness.

The memberships they offer are both affordable and very valuable. Starting at just £ 35 per month for the mind and body studio, and that includes hot yoga, or, for £ 50, you can have the dance studio which also includes Les Mills classes. Memberships are not capped and you can go whenever and whenever you want.

With the NHS so overwhelmed and more and more people looking for a better quality of life, Silu offers all the expertise and advice on blood tests, nutritional consultations, colonics, exercise classes. , meditation and much more. Are you expertly guided step by step, but with Silu Wellness it is now also affordable for everyone.

Silu firmly believes that being healthy and happier should be available to all of us.

For a chance to win the voucher, send your answer to the following question, complete with your name, address and daytime phone number, to [email protected]

The registration deadline is Thursday, December 23, and the first response drawn will be the winner.

QUESTION: What classes are available in the dance studio?

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