William Regal reveals who invented the name BCC

Who exactly came up with the name of Blackpool Combat Club, the AEW group made up of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, William Regal and Wheeler Yuta? In an interview with Chris Muller from B/RWilliam Regal revealed the answer.

“So the name, Blackpool Combat Club, was Jon’s idea,” Regal said. “I was like ‘are you sure you want to call it that?’ “Yeah! Sounds good.” Then we have, I’m not going to give it away because it’s pretty obvious because of the origins of where I started and where I was living in. So this thing started, and again , you might understand her better than me, because it went so fast for me. I show up and do it. But it still doesn’t sink in, it just seems to work. So I go out and do it. my part, they’re doing a great job with their part. Wheeler was mentioned and he came on board. And then we’re at this point. So that’s how it all worked out. And we did some (great things.) We all get along really well together. We just seem to be working.

“Another thing that I’ve been very lucky with is that I’ve never been involved in anything really, or in a band or a team that I didn’t click with, that which is a good thing. It seems to me that I click with this group, and they get along well and we all get along together. It just clicks. We just go out and do it, and that’s what’s happening right now. There’s all kinds of bits and pieces of everything that’s going on with ideas. We’re just kind of staying like ‘what about that? What about that?’ We haven’t thought about it too much other than going out and reacting to situations. Because we’re all, I don’t know how Wheeler feels, but the three of us are comfortable being ourselves. And when you’re comfortable being who you are, you can really go out and achieve anything, once you’ve done that for a while, we all seem to work well as a unit, and that that’s how it goes.

The Blackpool Combat Club was last seen facing off against the Jericho Appreciation Society on AEW Dynamite, alongside Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz. BCC member Wheeler Yuta will soon be seen in New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he will compete in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

To cite this article, please credit Chris Mueller from B/R and provide h/t to Wrestling Inc. for transcription

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