Who won India’s best dancer season 2? Revealed

Name of India’s Best Dancer Winner: Who won India’s Best Dancer Season 2? Revealed: One of Sony Tv’s most popular and established dance reality shows, “India’s Best Dancer,” is set for its grand finale tonight. Yes, the show is ready for its conclusion and will announce the winner tonight. Viewers are very curious about who will be the winner of Season 2. Fans of the show follow the show with enthusiasm and interest every weekend. The show has managed to keep its fans entertained every week. Now they are excited to know who will lift the trophy. Through this article, you will get essential details about the Grand Final including the name of the winner, cash prizes, performances and many more. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Name of the winner of India’s best dancer season 2

It is the second season of IBD which has amused viewers a lot. Tonight the show will have its grand finale which will be a huge and amazing event. The IBD Grand Finale is scheduled to air on January 9, 2022 at 8 p.m. on Sony Tv. Several promotions have been shared on social media by the creators. The Grand Final specials are so amazing and tease viewers. The promos have increased the excitement level of viewers, but they have to wait a while.

The grand finale of IBD 2 is going to be very interesting and will play out and viewers will have fun as it will make their weekend more special and exciting. A number of performances are going to take place on the show which will be very entertaining for viewers. The IBD 2 finalists will set the stage on fire with their final performances. Apart from them, viewers will also witness the performances delivered by the show’s extremely talented and beloved judges.

Best Dancer India Season 2 Winner – Who won India Best Dancer Season 2? – Winner of the best dancer of India season 2 and finalist

Along with this, host Manish Paul will amuse everyone with his hosting skills. He’s going to host the Grand Final and everyone knows he’s kept everyone entertained throughout the season, including the contestants, judges and the public. Manish Paul is one of the most prominent and renowned television personalities. IBD 2 is judged by Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty. The three have guided and encouraged all the competitors very well throughout the season. They saw new talent and amazing dancers in the show. The whole trip of the show is mind blowing and darling.

India’s Best Dancer Season 2 premiered on October 16, 2021 on Sony TV and started with the 12 most talented and strongest dancers who competed in an incredible way on the show. The names of the 12 candidates are Gourav Sarwan, Zamrood, Apeksha, Milind Bhatt, Muskan Singh, Roz Rana, Akash Tambedkar, Raktim Thaturia, Saumya Kamble, Kanchi Shah, Apeksha Sukheja, Dibbay Das and Sanket Gaonkar. They all behaved very well and competed hard. All the candidates learned a lot from their choreographers. At the end of a tough competition, only 5 competitors managed to qualify for the final. The names of the five finalists are given below:

Best Dancer India Season 2 Finalists

No Sr. Candidate Name Status
1 Zamrood TBH
2 Saumya Kamble TBH
3 Roza rana TBH
4 Raktim Thakuria TBH
5 Gourav Sarwan TBH

These five finalists will have one last face-to-face this evening. Five of them train hard to compete against each other. Throughout the season, they have honed themselves well and made the best dancers. There is no doubt that they have a bright future after this show. As we all know only one will become the winner of IBD 2 but they all became the best dancers. The finalists will present rock and magnificent performances to impress the judges and the audience. This is the last chance for them to put all their efforts to become the winner. And we are sure that they will not lose this chance.

Who won India’s best dancer season 2?

Speaking of the Grand Final, so it’s going to be very huge and amazing where you will also see special guests making it more interesting. Special guests will be Superstar Badshah, Mika Singh, Dharmesh and Manoj Muntashir. Mika Singh and Badshah will present a rock performance on stage that will keep everyone entertained. Everyone will be seen enjoying the performance. Apart from them, the judges will also perform on stage and drive everyone crazy with their moves. Shilpa Shetty will also perform on stage on some hit songs.

India Best Dancer Season 2 Winner Title Winner Name

The finalists will leave everyone in awe of their spellbinding and energetic performances. They will rock the stage with their extremely powerful performances. The judges will be surprised and delighted while watching their performance. As we all know, fans are curious about who will be the winner of IBD 2. So there is a good chance that Soumya Kamble will become the winner of Season 2.

india best dancer 2 Prize money

Based on her entire journey, she has grown in an incredible way. She always managed to surprise her fans and judges with her dance performances. Some sources also claimed that Soumya could be the winner of IBD 2 and that Gourav Sarwan could be the first finalist. However, we won’t get the final results until tonight. This is only our hypothesis. The winner of the show will receive a beautiful trophy with a cash prize of 15 lakh. So if you want to catch India’s best dancer season 2 grand finale, you have to catch it on Sony Tv at 8pm. You can also watch the final on the SonyLIV app

Winner of the Season 2 Grand Final for Best Dancer in India

India’s Best Dancer is the most watched and loved show that will keep you all entertained. You will enjoy this show because it is an entertaining show. This show is popular with audiences and they’ll be even more curious to grasp the details of tonight’s episode. This show will keep you all entertained, as the participants are ready to dance. This episode will reduce your stress level.

So today is the grand finale of the show, the rest or the finalists are all ready to disperse the fire on the stage with their fiery performances. Each competitor is ready to delay the stage and they have even practiced a lot. As their performances take to the dance floor. You will also meet guests including Mika, Manoj, Bashah and Dharmesh. They will therefore disperse their insight and their talent in the series. Everyone gets on the dance floor and they also give their performances. They’re going to take the show’s environment to the next level.

India Best Dancer Season 2 Final voting numbers

  • Saumya Kamble (50% of votes split)
  • Zamrood (20% of divided votes)
  • Roza Rana (15% of divided votes)
  • Raktim Thakuria (10% of divided votes)
  • Gourav Sarwan (5% of votes)

The other participants will be on the dance floor and they are all set with their great and fascinating performances. So everyone will be seen hitting the dance floor. Shilpa is also whirling around on the dance floor and Terrence goes crazy to see her dance like that. As Badsha breaks a stick and he says that “she also took her heart and soul from her body.”

Vertika’s performance is so harsh on the stage that it sets it on fire. She looks damn sexy and her moves keep everyone’s mouth open. Judges and guests will appreciate her performance because it will be amazing. His dance moves will kill. Terrence is so surprised to see her dance like that. Otherwise if we are talking about Badsha it was also fun to see her and he compliments her a lot.

Later, everyone saw it dancing on a stage, including the judges and guests. On the other hand, the participants also whirl while standing on their seats. Everyone is dancing to the new Badsha song. The grand finale is going to be foolingly entertaining. Stay tuned to us for an update on the same.

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