What Parents Need to Know to Find and Hire a Tutor

“Creating a positive attitude towards tutoring and education is essential. Some quick steps you can take include showing an active interest in tutoring and schoolwork and giving sincere, positive praise for any accomplishments. Providing a nice, quiet space for schoolwork, including tutoring sessions, can help a student focus and perform at their best. It is always recommended to consult your tutor about any specific help or resources you can offer. We always ensure that the tutor provides the parent with an update after each lesson, so that the parent is fully aware of the material that was discussed and what went well. – Mya

“To support extra tuition, parents can ask the tutor what they can work with their child at home and ask for specific methods or strategies for questions because when parents were in school, the methods could have been different. Depending on what subject the child is studying, resources vary. Amazon is amazing for resources if your child is taking 11+ – would recommend the Bond books: English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and the website ExamsPapersPlus.co.uk.” – Danielle Baron, tutor & owner of DB tuition fees

Editor’s Note: We also recommend checking out the free worksheets, exercises, and game available through Explore learning, Teach your monster to read, Toolbox handwriting, Top marks and S-Cool.

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