Velvo’s environmental health program aims to raise awareness of how to take care of the planet

During the last years, welfare Business matters in the work environment. Investing in concepts related to employee well-being is considered essential to help increase productivity, improve business results and even take care of the environment.

Velvo has become one of the most important platforms in this space. This company specializing in occupational health and global well-being offers 6 complete programs welfare incorporated. This includes prioritizing not only the mental, nutritional and physical health of employees, but also environmental health, with this pillar focused on designing strategies to preserve the planet.

What is Velvo’s Environmental Health Program?

Currently, various studies support a link between the environment and mental health. One of the most recent was published by the European Environmental Policy Institute and ISGlobal in 2020. This document states Pollution and environmental degradation as two main threats to the mental health of societyExpose nature as an element that contributes to mental well-being.

In this sense, the business environment appears as one of the main promoters of environmental protection. actions like Reduce carbon footprint, properly manage toxic waste and engage employees It is the key for any organization in carrying out sustainable activities and actions to help reduce the impact on the environment.

Velvo’s environmental health program is seen as a strategic ally in these processes. This category of platform offers advice and actions to companies that help take care of the planet. Likewise, it provides the members of an organization with the necessary information to raise their awareness of this aspect. Recommendations and theoretical tools to make business operations a more sustainable process,

Benefits of investing in comprehensive workplace wellness

According to experts, four fundamental factors interfere with human well-being: physical, mental, social and emotional. The balance of these four elements is important Achieve adequate workplace health and help employees feel happy and motivated to accomplish your tasks.

Integrating these four factors is what the Velvo Occupational Health & Wellness Company has focused on. Through its six basic programs, the platform integrates all the elements necessary for its services to increase the involvement of the organization’s associates in each of its projects.

To date, the company has more than 100,000 active users, which has allowed it to consolidate itself as one of the main platforms. welfare Company in the Spanish region.

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