Vanden HS families rally to name stadium after Daniel Hughes

VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Nearly a year after a high school football player was tragically shot and killed, teammates and other community members are rallying to rename the football stadium in his honor.

Holding a giant poster and signs of support for No. 9, Vanden High School football players and friends attended the Travis School Board meeting on Tuesday night, urging members to name the football stadium in honor of Daniel Hughes.

The 17-year-old drove a car last year with two other teenagers inside. Police say one of the teenagers shot and killed Hughes.

This teenager then surrendered to the police.

Hughes’ supporters spoke to the board and talked about how much of an inspiration he was, not just to his teammates, but to everyone in the Vacaville community.

Vanden High School football coach Ryan Faucher said the Vikings won the state championship for Daniel and naming the stadium after him would honor his legacy for years to come.

“And they can take their kids back to Daniel Hughes Stadium, where it all really happened, where the magic happened and why,” Faucher said.

As an organ donor, Hughes helped save the lives of five other people. One of those he saved showed his support for Daniel.

“Daniel has not only given me, but four other people, a second chance at life. And I think Dejon should be given a second chance to name him after his son,” said David Vecchiolly, who received Hughes’ liver.

“The stadium is not currently named after anyone. The ground is. So, in addition to the Gammon family, I want to make it clear that I am not trying to remove anyone’s name, but to add And it would help preserve the legacy and what Daniel Hughes meant to the community,” explained Hughes’ father, Dejon Hughes.

Dejon Hughes shared with board members an artistic rendering of what the stadium could look like named after his son.

The memorial space would also have places to honor past coaches and other players who have passed away.

“It’s not just Daniel’s business. It’s a community thing. It’s something where the community may have lived through this tragedy and be able to sit down, honor, look at a memorial plaque or something, see their loved ones,” Dejon Hughes explained.

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