Uzbek music ensemble to perform in Shusha


February 16, 2021 4:47 PM (UTC + 04: 00)


By Laman Ismayilova

Uzbek music ensemble “Ozbegim Yoshlari” will perform in Shusha.

The relevant agreement was reached during a meeting between the director of the Azerbaijani Cultural Center Samir Abbasov and the artistic director of the music group Ozbegim Yoshlari, the emeritus cultural worker Lutviya Ruzibayeva.

The parties discussed cooperation with Barkamol Ovlad, the main force of the youth movement in Uzbekistan, joint projects of the Uzbek youth music group with the Azerbaijani Cultural Center, Azertag reported.

Ozbegim Yoshlari has participated in international festivals in over 30 countries and won numerous awards. The music ensemble made superb presentations on Uzbek culture and music. His repertoire covers all aspects of Uzbek music – singing, pop, makom, oriental dances.

Every year, Ozbegim Yoshlari traditionally gives a concert organized by the Azerbaijani Cultural Center at the Turkistan Palace in Tashkent.

In addition, Samir Abbasov spoke of the liberation of Azerbaijani lands occupied for 28 years. He stressed that the cultural sphere was severely damaged in these territories. Hundreds of cultural institutions and historical monuments have been destroyed as a result of the Armenian aggression.

The parties also discussed establishing cooperation with music and folklore groups and future joint projects.

The city of Shusha, along with 300 Azerbaijani settlements, villages and city centers were liberated during the 44-day war in 2020.

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