Turkey becomes Turkiye! Why President Erdogan changed the name of his country

The Turkish government, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has decided to change the name of the nation of Turkey to “Turkiye”. The name is being changed to rectify the image of the country and make it more attached to the cultural roots engraved in Turkish history. According to President Erdogan’s statement, the name “Turkiye” represents culture and civilization and expresses the values ​​of the Turkish nation in the most appropriate way, TRT World reported.

The new name of the nation will be used in all economic activities and international interactions and correspondence. This will ensure that the name “Turkiye” is further reinforced. Moreover, if used in international trade activities, the name will become more of a brand that represents the country’s experience in various fields.

Turkey is known as Turkiye in the Turkish language. During the colonial rule, the country was nicknamed in Latin language and started its identity with “Turquia” before finally settling for Turkey. The name turkey also brings to mind other things, with the guinea fowl known as turkey being the most common.

To dust off such confusing terminology and to better represent the rich history and culture of the country, the national government decided to change the name of the country. A tweet honoring the statement issued by the president was shared by the head of media and communications of the Turkish presidency, Fahrettin Altun.

The caption accompanying the statement read: “With the circular signed by our president, the name ‘Turkiye’ will be used in all kinds of activities and correspondence with all international institutions and organizations, especially other states.”


Although the transformation is going as well as expected, some language barriers may hinder the full name change. For example, the letter “Ü” creates a problem because it is not the nominal Latin alphabet.

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