Top 10 Eurovision Song Contest Hosts

the Eurovision Song Contest, a celebration of Europe’s most curious musical talent, has been a staple of European culture since 1956. Countries across the continent feature vocal numbers ranging from incredibly talented to brilliantly bizarre, brought together in a performance led by a to four facilitators, generally from the host country. There have been around 114 hosts, including those from the non-TV show in 2020, all with unique approaches to presenting the contest.

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Keeping the audience’s attention throughout the duration of the contest isn’t an easy task, but the best entertainers are entertaining, charming, and unique enough to keep audiences engaged throughout.

ten Erik Solbakken

Erik Stolbakken in a promotional image for Eurovision, wearing a black suit and smiling

Erik is a Norwegian television presenter who hosted Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. He has appeared in several television shows as a host, panelist and actor, including the Norwegian version of the game show. The weakest link when he was 19.

Erik was an extremely fun host to watch on Eurovision Song Contest as he fully launched into the role. He is often featured in Eurovision compilation videos ripping up his costume to reveal a green leotard and participating in the flashmob during the voting portion of the show. Erik’s funny jokes with those around him made the long night a lot more fun.

9 Katie boyle

Katie Boyle presents Eurovision wearing white dress with furry neckline

Katie Boyle was a Eurovision Song Contest, having presented the song contest in 1960, 1963, 1968 and 1974. As an actress, she has appeared in classic black and white films such as Intention to kill (1958), in addition to being a model, animal rights activist and game show panelist.

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The first editions, including the one that saw the first Eurovision winner in 1956, Lys Assia, only numbered a few numbers and the show has evolved over the decades to adapt to a more modern style. But old school hosts are still vibrant and entertaining in their own right. Katie Boyle was elegant and fashionable, bringing charm and class to the role of host.

8 Mikko Leppilampi

Mikko Leppilami hosting Eurovision Song Contest in gray costume

Zac’s young lookalike Efron Mikko took fans by storm when he co-hosted Eurovision in 2007. Mikko’s energetic and lively performance made the show a lot of fun, with great chemistry between him and his co-host. – host Jaana Pelkonen. Mikko is a charismatic actor and musician, and his love for the role of host shines through his performance.

Mikko has since starred in films such as the horror film War of the dead (2011) and from 2018 he has hosted the Finnish version of the game show The hunt.

7 Assi-Azar

Assi Azar with Madonna at Eurovision Song Contest, Madonna wears silver suit and eye patch

Assi co-hosted Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 and was an immediate fan favorite, his comedy and charm bringing a wacky and fun spirit to the night. Fans noted that between songs he danced with the other contestants in the Green Room, and during rehearsals he shared a lot of laughs with his fellow co-hosts, showing that he loved hosting as much as the audience loved the watch it do.

Assi is an LGBTQ + rights activist and the creator of the romantic comedy TV show Beauty and the Baker, which at the time was the highest rated scripted series in Israel.

6 Lill lindfors

Lill Lindfors hosting Eurovision Song Contest wearing pink and white costume

Lill came in second in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest, failing to become one of the winners who rose to fame after the contest. The talented singer was still hosted for Sweden in 1985. Her pure joy is apparent when she hosts, loving every second of being on screen. One of Eurovision’s most iconic moments came when Lill’s dress was torn at the waist, revealing her underwear. It was a controversial but planned comedic gag, as Lill quickly corrects the wardrobe malfunction by undoing the top of her dress to create a whole new look.

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Lill is best known for directing one-woman shows, mixing songs with comedy, making her one of the first Swedish performers to use stand-up comedy in a singing performance.

5 Anke Engelke

Anke Engelke smiling and clapping during an interview for Eurovision Song Contest

Comedian Anke was the German dub voice of Marge Simpson in The simpsons since 2007, and her acting experience certainly came to the forefront of her time as the host of Eurovision in 2011. The segments she shared with co-host Stefan Raab were hysterical, like their mix comic song from Eurovision Song Contest.

The most memorable moment of the night was that Anke didn’t want to go up a flight of stairs because of her high heels, so Stefan took her and made him go up the stairs himself. Anke continued to speak into her microphone, completely out of step with it all.

4 Filomena Cautela

Filomena Cautela in black costume hosting Eurovision Song Contest

Sarcastic and sassy Filomena hosted Eurovision in 2018. Her unfiltered comments were a breath of fresh air in the Green Room, where hosts typically try to compliment and appease contestants as much as possible. Filomena was a truly hilarious host that most fans would love to see return.

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The funniest moment of his time as a host was interviewing a man from the Netherlands in a chicken hat. When he suddenly makes a very loud chicken sound, Filomena’s surprised laughter and the comment of “this is a very good chicken sir” is a gem in the history of the Eurovision Green Room.

3 Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst celebrating her Eurovision Song Contest, kissing the camera and holding the trophy

Perhaps one of Eurovision’s most famous winners and who enjoyed a successful career after the competition, Conchita won the 2014 competition with her song. Rise like a phoenix. Since her victory, Conchita has become a model, LGBTQ + spokesperson and Eurovision 2015 co-host. Her welcome was elegant and confident, bringing both class and humor to the show.

Conchita appeared as a cameo in Netflix Eurovision Song Contest: The History of Fire Saga, singing along with a bunch of other previous Eurovision winners such as Alexander Rybak.

2 Mäns Zelmerlöw

Mäns Zelmerlow performing his song Heroes at Eurovision Song Contest, fist in the air in front of an animated child

One of the most memorable late Eurovision winners and hosts, Mäns is beloved by Eurovision fans. The singer won the Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden with the song Hero in 2015 and hosted alongside Petra Mede in 2016. His welcome was immediately memorable, as he performed songs and dances with enthusiasm, even learning a Riverdance routine for the song. History of ESC, played as a gap act in the semi-finals.

Mäns was so popular after his incredible reception that he was invited to Eurovision in 2017 to create a fun video segment teaching 2017 hosts how to be better presenters. He has since played a role in every Eurovision Song Contest, performing on a rooftop in the interval act of 2021.

1 Petra Mede

Petra Mede hosting Eurovision in a sparkling silver dress

Petra is a Swedish actress and TV presenter, and beloved by Eurovision fans, having hosted the show in 2013 alone and 2016 with Mans Zelmerlow. She is the third person to host the show more than once, after Katie Boyle and Jacqueline Joubert. Petra is currently the co-host of Let’s dance, the Swedish version of Come dance strictly.

The emblematic performance of Petra and Le Mans Love Love Peace Peace lit up the arena and became a legendary Eurovision Song Contest, with the following hosts trying to recreate the magic that performance cast.

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