The Masked Dancer LIVE: Fans convinced that key clues revealed the identity of the frog and the llama

Fans of THE Masked Dancer are convinced they’ve “figured out” who Frog and Llama are after spotting key “clues”.

The Line of Duty theme was faintly heard during a performance of Llama last night, convincing viewers that the beloved character is the show’s heroine, Vicky McClure.

And a little more tenuous connection was that fans saw a pirate ship with the word “Looney” written on it during Frog’s performance – something they are convinced was supposed to say “Clooney”.

TV star Lisa Snowden famously starred decades ago with Hollywood star George Clooney leaving fans adamant she is the person behind Frog.

Last night, Frog barely survived after finishing in the last two with Rubber Chicken, who later turned out to be ski legend Eddie The Eagle.

This means that Frog, Carwash, Squirrel and Beagle all secured their places in the next round as they battle for a place in Saturday’s final.

Dita Von Teese was exposed as a Beetroot on Monday, joining Flamingo’s Louise Redknapp and Jordan Banjo – aka the Viper – for being kicked out.

The masked dancer will be back on Thursday before Saturday’s grand finale.

So stay tuned for all the latest action and fan theories below ….


    Davina McCall showed off her timeless beauty as she got older in Masked Dancer.

    The TV host, 53, looked immaculate in her little black dress before tonight’s show.

    She thanked her glam team on Insta – like you do!


    The judges are fighting between these celebrities who could be behind the mask of Carwashes.

    @ RioFerdy5, @JayMcGuiness, @ Aj11Ace, @KianEganWL.

    What do you think?


    New judge Oti guessing Jay from The Wanted might be Carwash wasn’t a bad cry.

    He’s a former Strictly star and he can definitely move.

    Did you see Wossy’s joke, it could be Macca?

    We wish…


    ITV really went above and beyond to heighten the glam of Masked Dancer’s first series.

    Fans were stunned when Dita Von Teese was unmasked as a beet on Monday.

    The burlesque queen joined Flamingo’s Louise Redknapp – who was kicked out on Sunday.


    Jordan’s brother, Ashley Banjo, was stunned to find out his brother was Viper.

    He wrote on Instagram: “No, I feel DECEPTED. How were you on Masked Dancer and I didn’t even know you had cheated… Actually wait a minute… Well done, bro, be sure to bring this #maskeddancer touring outfit. “


    The Masked Dancer saw Jordan Banjo revealed as Viper and the first celebrity to be dismissed.

    The Diversity star lost a spot on the next show after taking on Knickerbocker Glory and Beetroot in the final three of tonight’s first episode of the spinoff series.


    Masked Dancer fans are convinced that badboy dancer Howard Donald is behind the Zip mask.

    One said, “Zip must be @HowardDonald. Too many clues lead to this conclusion. And the northern accent !! DJ, car show, club stage, elephant (Circus tour), the 70’s era… Please tell me I’m wrong? ! “

    Another tweeted: “Zip on @MaskedSingerUK I think it’s @HowardDonald!
    The benchmark for DJing, body popping, breaking a dancer (it’s a break dance) and the tramp! “


    Zip showed incredible moves during both of his routines and offered clues about being a DJ and elephants.

    This led many viewers to convince themselves that he was Take That star Howard Donald, 53.

    Speaking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “The way the zipper fits with the head tilted to the side is a Howard thing. I can’t hide it from a Take That fan.”


    What an unforgettable sight last night that got the nation hooked.

    Five other characters – Squirrel, Carwash, Rubber Chicken, Frog and Beagle – took to the stage.

    The rubber frog and chicken ended up at the bottom of the pecking order.

    They put on a stunning performance, but in the end the panel chose to save Frog. Rubber Chicken was unmasked as Eddie The Eagle.

  • ZIP IT

    Masked Dancer fans are convinced Zip is a member of an iconic ’90s boyband.

    The Masked Singer spin-off saw 12 celebrities don elaborate disguises before showing their moves to the panel.


    Davina, 53, drove her fans crazy when she showed off her killer legs in a sculpted one-shoulder LBD for the Masked Dancer.

    I can’t wait to see what she will wear to the next finals this weekend.


    It might be an idea to have any future wedding invitations for Eddie “accidentally” lost in the mail.

    When asked if he could wear his chicken costume once again, where would it be?

    He said, “At a wedding.”


    Faithful Masked Dancer viewers were furious that the show was not on air today because of football.

    It was revealed at the end of last night’s show that the next episode would not air until Thursday, to make way for England’s World Cup qualifier against Austria.

    The news has left fans horrified as they are desperate to know the identities of the remaining characters, including Car Wash, Frog, and Scarecrow.

    Speaking to Twitter, one of them wrote: “@MaskedSingerUK is not on tomorrow night and I disagree with that disappointed face #MaskedDancerUK.”


    Masked Dancer star Eddie rose to stardom overnight with appearances on The Tonight Show in America after competing in the Olympics.

    His story was adapted into the movie Eddie the Eagle in 2016, with Taron Egerton in the title role and Hugh Jackman as Edwards’ trainer.


    After being most famous for losing his ski jumps at the height of his career, Eddie felt brave to be able to star in Masked Dancer.

    He said, “I loved being a rubber chicken. I could really be silly and play around with the character, but I found the costume quite restrictive.”


    Eddie was a big star in the 80s.

    He was an Olympian who in 1988 became the first competitor since 1928 to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping.

    He finished last in the 70m and 90m events.

    More than a stone more than his closest rival and wearing large goggles than steam while jumping, Eddie finished 73rd out of 73 jumpers.


    Many fans were scratching their heads as to who Eddie the Eagle was.

    A living legend, that’s who.

    Maybe for some of the wrong reasons. Ha!


    Fans were convinced Squirrel had participated in Dancing on Ice.

    One of them tweeted: “Squirrel, I’m sure it’s Lady Leshurr. The Christmas Day clue still on TV … the Queen’s speech. She’s only 5 or 6. songs called the queen’s speech … “


    Davina has hot fans under the collar with her sassy look.

    The 53-year-old looked amazing in her little black dress.


    Did you see Davina like she knew it could’ve been Eddie the Eagle from the start.

    I love the way she explained all the clues to the kids from the Oti and Mo panel.

    She looked like she had met her idol!


    Fans couldn’t believe it was Eddie in Rubber Chicken outfit and are talking about it on Twitter.

    Well, the clues were there all along for the unlucky few.


    The Masked Dancer continues to be the show fans love to hate.

    One of them wrote: “I just lost an hour and a half of my life !!

    trying to guess who the rubber chicken .ffs was

    .. Could it be Bradley Walsh, Jack Dee, Joe Pasquale … but no … it was Eddie the Eagle fff.s !!! I need a glass of wine. “


    Eddie, you will be missed.

    The veteran athlete was gold on television.

    Well, at least Davina thought so!


    Did you see that Joel had to explain to the other panel members who Eddie the Eagle was?



    Well, it was a turn for the books.

    Did you see how ecstatic Davina was?

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