The 100 best baby names of 2022 revealed: Charlotte falls from a coveted spot

There has been a dramatic shift at the top of baby name lists in Australia, with the number one girl’s name finally dropping after seven years.

The baby names Australians no longer want to give their children have been revealed in a new report – and there’s a surprising drop in the rankings of a popular nickname.

McCrindle 2022 Australian Baby Names Report showed parents turning their backs on the names Lara, Summer and Emma for girls while Luke, Nicholas and Matthew fell out of favor for boys.

The names that saw the most dramatic drop in our top 100 were Jasmine, falling 55 places to 78, and Connor, ranking 98, down 68 places.

But there was also an unexpected upheaval in the top 10 Australian names, with Charlotte – who has topped the female names since 2015 – losing her top spot, falling to position 2.

Interestingly, William went from 3rd place in the boys top 10 to 5th place.

Although they haven’t gone far, the data shows that the reign of royal-inspired names is on the wane.

In Charlotte’s number 1 spot now sits Isla for the girls, while Oliver remains the boys’ favorite for his ninth year at the top.

The rest of the top 10 names remain mostly unchanged, though Chloe dropped number 12 after being upstaged by Ella. In the boys’ ranking, Henry moved up from sixth place to 4th place.

Traditional names in decline

The research firm said part of the reason for the decline in traditional names is because parents want ‘uniqueness’ – especially for girls.

That’s partly because the kids born today — known as Gen Alpha — are the kids of Gen Y, and often the younger siblings of Gen Z, McCrindle said.

“Before the baby name books of the 80s, baby names were influenced by family and religious traditions,” the report states.

“In recent years, the internet has facilitated an explosion of blogs, websites and even apps for naming babies. As a result, parents today have more access to information than at any other time in the world. story and are inundated with options, searches, and meanings when it comes to naming babies.

The report goes on to explain that although the Alpha generation is not yet finished being born, there are “clear trends” when it comes to the most popular baby names for this generation.

“On this year’s Top 100 list, nearly half (47) of girls’ names were not on the list in 2010, compared to a third (33) of boys’ names,” it says.

“It shows the trend towards a greater variety of names for girls than for boys.”

This can be seen in the rise in popularity of names such as Hazel, Florence, Daisy, Frankie, Luna, Ayla, Sadie, Billie, Millie, Aurora and Mila for girls over the past decade. While new boy names from the past 10 years include Theodore, Hudson, Arlo, Archer, Harvey, Carter, Arthur, Sonny, and Asher.

Names to watch in the years to come

The report also detailed a slew of upcoming names, predicting they would top the charts before too long.

These included Remi, who ranked 60th in the list of girls this year, and Maeve – who currently ranks 70th. However, emerging boy names are not debuting on the list as strongly as girl names, according to the report.

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