Taliban restrict women’s rights, equality in the name of religion: activist Sandhya Rani

Sep 11, 2021 2:28 PM STI

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Sept. 11 (ANI): Following the Taliban’s declaration that women should not be ministers and should be limited to giving birth only, activist Sandhya Rani said the Taliban was restricting women’s rights and equality in the country. name of religion.
“The Taliban are suppressing women’s equality and rights in the name of religion. They had announced earlier that they would allow women to work. But they changed their minds when they said that women are only made to have children and that their children are their only responsibility. They also prohibited women from entering public places and government posts. “
She added, “They should not restrict the democratic rights of people like this, especially the rights and equality accorded to a woman. Women in Afghanistan should speak up and the world should support them.”

The Taliban have “repeated numerous claims that women’s rights are respected under Islam,” but the formation of a new interim government in Afghanistan lacks a female representative in the decision-making process.
No women were selected for interim ministerial posts or appointed to advisory posts when the interim government of the “Islamic emirate” was announced on Tuesday. The cabinet is made up of many Taliban figures considered to be hardliners.
The Taliban made no mention of women within any government structure and they were banned from the media and from workplaces, their jobs being offered to male family members. (ANI)

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