Should I learn to pronounce Kelleher’s name now?

One less, three to go; a versatile opening line for whatever Wembley outcome, but one that has a happier connotation.

To say it was touch and go is an understatement. A close game, as close as it gets, with VAR no doubt establishing he is the ultimate impostor.

Few 0-0s worth revisiting, but it definitely was. Diaz was fantastic and our whole company was gone when he did.

We can laugh all we love at Kepa, mainly for his sense of the game before every penalty. What was it used for? Referees never do anything. I just wonder if a card or two could change things, but Caoimhín was faultless and got the ultimate reward. If Mendy isn’t mad, he should be.

After Man U scored four against Leeds and Everton three, it would have been vexing if Liverpool hadn’t had more, delicious as that may be. One of Matip’s little adventures finally paid off, cementing his cult status. The penalties were questionable, but you see what City get and bury all the pangs of conscience.

Klopp comes into rotation in a big way and a player taking every limited opportunity that presents itself becomes crucial. Jones played well against Leeds, further highlighting Oxlade-Chamberlain’s previous failure.

It’s luck. Leeds offered little to no resistance, while Norwich were a handful. These are the breaks, as the children say.

There was a lot of arrogant and annoying talk, about how City were ‘shaken’ now, which is best left to the loudmouthed morons on social media. You can’t gag people, of course, but pride comes before a fall should be every club’s motto, in Latin if you really must.

Expectations of Everton doing us a favor proved as wrong as ever, but this time with good reason for several swear words being uttered. Anyone who upsets us about VAR should surely shut up out of sheer embarrassment, but of course they won’t.

I find crying about public servants a bit tiring now, but you see some things and start wondering. It’s natural. While we’re still hanging in City’s ponytails, I’m afraid the constant screaming about every little thing won’t stop.

The war in Ukraine overshadowed everything, certainly for our opponents at Wembley. I have never been so puzzled about them. Liverpool and the elite clubs consolidated their power, financial and otherwise, with the Premier League and the Champions League.

They climbed higher and pulled the ladder with them, making the route chosen by Chelsea and City the only one available.

I have all sympathy for those who are genuinely concerned about human rights abuses, but for those who simply graft for tribal purposes, I have nothing but contempt.

War changes everything, of course. No gray area there. With the whole world “seemingly” against the idea of ​​Abramovich’s greater success, it gave Chelsea an edge in that way some wicked souls would label our territory. I get very suspicious when people want us to win.

There had also been discussions, from Trent and others, about how a trophy was “expected” these days. Since the league is a marathon and cup races can be blocked by poor performance, I’ve always preferred to say we should be competitive and leave it at that. The cautionary rhetoric, naturally, falls on deaf ears.

Anyway, we did it and there’s hopefully a little more to come. It started hard, got better, concerns about Thiago faded and chances came from both sides.

Mendy’s double save scared the crap out of us, and Matip’s disallowed goal froze my blood.

I hope we can build on what this started. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way, and I said weeks ago that a trophy and second place would be great.

Thanks to Klopp and these fabulous players, we can now dream a little more, maybe even a lot more.

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