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“We will be playing new compositions that I recently wrote specifically for this concert, including a piece that I named ‘Zanfool’. This concert will be different in terms of an original electronic approach,” the winner revealed on Sunday. a Grammy Award to Ahram Online.

Cinema Electronica 2 will feature new oriental jazz electronic arrangements of Salama’s compositions for film soundtracks, such as El-Mosafer by Omar Sharif by director Ahmed Maher and Gannet Al-Shayaten by Mahmoud Hemida by Oussama Fawzi.

“This is the second concert of this project [as the first was in October 2021]. The sound of the concert will include the use of dialogue material from the films aimed at putting the audience in a certain mood,” Salama added.

Salama will also explore new colors for some of his memorized pieces like Fire Dance, Fathy’s Mood and Sultany, as well as an instrumental version of Raseeny.

Sharkiat’s lineup will feature veteran musicians including percussionist Ayman Sedky, tabletop player Ramadan Mansour, bassist André Segone, accordionist Wael El-Sayed and guitarist Raed El-Khazeg.

Nicknamed “The Godfather” by many top underground bands and musicians, Salama – who played a vital role in shaping mainstream pop in the 1970s and 1980s – paid close attention to the development of Islamic music tradition since he formed Sharkiat in the 1980s.

Sunday September 23 at 8 p.m.
Cairo Opera House, Small Hall

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