Saturday headlines: Northern Lights this weekend, Scottish dad’s airport routine goes viral

Welcome to the Daily Record’s Saturday briefing.

Top stories you need to know today include a Scottish dad’s airport routine going viral, Northern Lights in Scotland this weekend, plus the Lanarkshire man who thanked his coach for helping him improve your chances of IVF.

Here are the latest headlines from Scotland and beyond today.

Daughter goes viral after posting her Scottish dad’s airport routine

The video showed Alastair Taylor and his busy schedule at the airport

A Scottish girl has gone viral on Tiktok after posting her dad’s airport routine.

Sacha Taylor’s video has had 1.7 million views after showing Alastair Taylor, 64, and his intense holiday schedule.

The 26-year-old, from Perth, filmed her father’s military precision of charging everyone’s phones, trusting no one to hold his own passport and being ‘bambozed’ by staff at security.

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When the Northern Lights will appear in Scotland this weekend as the Met Office predicts the aurora

The Northern Lights over Stac Pollaidh, in the Highlands of Scotland.  North of Ullapool.  Also known as the Northern Lights
There’s a chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Scotland this weekend

Scotland could see the Northern Lights this weekend due to a blast of high-speed solar wind hitting the atmosphere.

After the auroras spotted earlier this week, the Met Office Space Forecast says the auroras will make another appearance as early as tonight.

People in northern Scotland can expect to see the Northern Lights, according to the Met Office, with the best views possible tonight, Saturday February 12.

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Lanarkshire man hails his personal trainer after increased sperm count improves IVF chances

Jason Griffin (left) thanked his personal trainer Barry Martin (right) for helping him improve his fertility chances

A Lanarkshire man has thanked his personal trainer for the role he played in improving his fertility chances.

Jason Griffin saw his sperm count increase more than five times over last year after months of life-changing fitness work and nutritional advice.

He and his wife Kate, 39, now hope to conceive a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the weeks and months to come.

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Cheapest time each day to use your washing machine and reduce your energy bills

The hands of a young girl put clothes in the drum of the washing machine
The hands of a young girl put clothes in the drum of the washing machine

Gas and electricity bills for around millions of households across Scotland and the rest of the UK will rise by £693 from April after Ofgem, the sector regulator, revised its ceiling on energy bills.

So if you’re busy trying to find ways to budget your energy bills without compromising too much, Deyan Dimitrov, laundry expert and CEO of Laundryheap, has shared some nifty tricks to keep the laundry cycle going this winter – including the cheapest time of day to stick a load.

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DWP confirms state pension payments will increase in April – here are the new weekly rates

State pension payments will rise by 3.1% in April
State pension payments will rise by 3.1% in April

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed that state pension payments will increase by 3.1% in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from April 11, 2022.

People receiving a state pension can choose to be paid weekly or every four weeks – not to be confused with the monthly payment, as the DWP makes 13 payments every four weeks every year over a 52-week period , which may result in two installments. in the same calendar month.

The upcoming increase means the Basic State Pension will rise from £137.60 to £141.85 per week and the New Full State Pension will rise from £179.60 to £185.15.

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