Revolutionary Nutrition App Heali Partners With Boston Heart Diagnostics To Provide Better Patient Support

Boston Heart Diagnostics, a health diagnostics company, partners with Heali, a nutrition and health technology platform, to improve patient outcomes.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (PRWEB) January 04, 2022

Launched exclusively today, Heali, a personalized health and nutrition platform, has partnered with Boston Heart Diagnostics, a health diagnostics company, to provide patients and other program participants with more personalized nutritional recommendations. and a better experience in respecting their diets. The partnership will be available to all Boston Heart Diagnostics patients ahead of Heali’s public launch in spring 2022.

Over the past decade, Boston Heart has provided more than 90,000 people with personalized nutritional and lifestyle prescriptions based on the results of advanced tests for cardiovascular risk and specific dietary preferences. With this new partnership in place, Boston Heart will take the step of providing exclusive access to the Heali app, which will provide a personalized eating plan. Boston Heart attendees will receive a personalized Heali link that provides direct and immediate access to the app. Users will then receive important nutritional and dietary recommendations that are fully personalized for each individual thanks to Heali’s exclusive technology.

The Heali App is a cutting-edge personalized nutritional and dietary intervention platform that serves as a companion tool for patients with unique nutritional and health needs. It can provide recommendations that allow users to follow a heart-healthy lifestyle, reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and follow specific diets like vegetarianism or a gluten-free diet.

A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research ( shows promising results on Heali. Researchers at Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions evaluated the ability and influence of the Heali app in a pilot randomized clinical trial.

In the study, two groups with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) were closely monitored for 4 weeks. The group with access to the teaching materials and the Heali app had an average satisfaction and quality of life 2.6 times higher than the control group (which had access to the teaching material, but not the Heali app).

From the study’s conclusion: “This initial study provides preliminary evidence that Heali may provide therapeutic benefit to its users, particularly improvements in quality of life and bowel habits. sample of participants to test the effectiveness of using the Heali app to improve outcomes for patients with IBS.

IBS is one of 25 medical conditions Heali can help manage, including heart disease, depression, and osteoporosis.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes, and Heali is a proven way to provide this additional support and care. We were very excited about the first test results, ”says Dr. Michael Dansigner of Boston Heart Diagnostics.

Additionally, Kyle Dardashti, Founder of Heali, said, “This partnership demonstrates Heali’s ability to work with the most trusted health diagnostic companies and empower their clients and patients to buy into dietary suggestions through our high tech. food intervention platform. “

About Heali

Heali is a tech company that hopes to revolutionize the way we use food as medicine. The Heali platform enables users to make simpler decisions about the foods they eat based on recommendations from their medical providers and personal nutritional needs.

Once users identify their nutrient profile, they can browse millions of food products and recipes to find meals that are right for them. Co-founded by CEO Kyle Dardashti and CSO Dr. William Brendel, PhD, Heali hopes to improve the world of personalized nutrition, one user at a time. Interested readers can sign up to join the Heali waitlist on iOS ( and Android (https: / / store / apps / details? id = com.healiapp).

How Heali works

Heali helps users through every step of planning and feeding. It has access to over a million different food and grocery recipes, and automatically filters this archive of information to find foods and dishes that perfectly match a user’s dietary needs. Heali’s ability to recommend substitutions for all ingredients means that even users with strict dietary needs can find creative and delicious meals they love.

Users have the option of creating a “wish list” to organize their recipe and meal ideas. They can use menu scanning to learn more about dining options at local restaurants. They can use the digitization of groceries to understand the potential health impact of the groceries they buy at the store. There’s even an integration of grocery delivery with Instacart for meal planning.

Millions of patients struggle to follow the nutritional advice of their medical providers. Complex dietary requirements make it difficult to find foods and recipes that they truly enjoy. As a result, many patients deviate from their doctor’s recommendations or end up avoiding certain delicious foods because they are unsure whether they are suitable for them. Heali takes the complexity out of the way and gives users a simplified, personalized way to live a healthier lifestyle.

About Boston Heart Diagnostics

Boston Heart Diagnostics focuses on the treatment and prevention of disease by providing novel diagnostics that lead to a personalized approach to improving patient health. It is currently one of the largest advanced lipid analysis companies in the world and has capabilities for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, gel electrophoresis, genetic testing, general chemistry, immunoassays and chromatography. high performance liquid. For more information, please visit

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