Plant-based meat thrives in US, picnic and takeout skyrocket as UK lockdown simplifies

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April 30, 2021 — This week in industry news, the Impossible Burger debuted at 145 Lidl grocery stores in the United States. Also in the meatless space, Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger is expected to arrive in the United States next month. Nestlé has revealed its plans to help protect workers’ rights in the palm oil sector. Univar Solutions and Novozymes have signed an agreement to expand into the US and Canadian food ingredients markets. In addition, Gold Coast Ingredients has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to the east coast of the United States.

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Impossible foods
The flagship product is being rolled out at Lidl’s 145 locations across the United States, as the two companies continue their major expansion efforts. Lidl will be the largest discount grocer to carry Impossible Foods products. The award-winning Impossible Burger is introduced in Lidl stores this week across Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia. Customers can find Impossible Burger in the fresh meat section of the store in 12-ounce packages or in a recyclable package of two pre-formed quarter-pound (4 oz) patties.

Beyond meatThe iconic Beyond Burger will also be hitting US grocery stores next week. The new iteration will be available in a two-pack, the very first value four-pack and a 1lb Beyond Beef pack. Meatless Pioneers claim their burger has “stronger nutritional gains” with 35% less fat and saturated fat and fewer calories than 80/20 beef.

Click to enlargeNestlé is stepping up its plan to help protect workers’ rights in the palm oil sector.In short: business is on the move
Nestle presented its enhanced 2021-2025 action plan to address workers’ rights issues in the palm oil sector. Workers in the palm oil industry – especially migrant workers – are vulnerable to labor rights violations, including forced labor. They often face unfavorable working conditions such as excessive working hours, low wages, inadequate social security, unsafe working conditions, unreasonable restrictions on movement and limited access to communication. Nestlé has developed a framework that will help the company prioritize supplier engagement and systematically take action based on the risk profile of suppliers and their ability to resolve labor rights issues.

Univar Solutions and Novozymes signed an agreement to extend their partnership to the US and Canadian food ingredient markets. The new deal comes into effect a month after the companies announced an agreement extending the partnership to the U.S. and Canadian markets for beverage production, home care and industrial cleaning. The enzymes, probiotics and microbes in Novozymes are designed to help improve the performance of the product. They offer potential options to speed up production, increase nutritional value, or address challenges in new markets such as plant-based foods and beverages.

Manufacturer of flavors and colors Gold Coast ingredients expands its manufacturing capabilities on the east coast of the United States. The two Gold Coast facilities, including manufacturing and R&D, will remain in Los Angeles, California, while the company purchases a third facility in Gilbert, Pa. In its new facilities, the company will produce liquid, powder and spray-dried flavors. Scheduled to open in mid-2021, Gold Coast PA will also have a full quality control lab and application center.

Angel yeast is in the process of creating a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, named Angel Yeast (Singapore) Ltd. The subsidiary will be responsible for activities related to customer development, product sales, technology service, brand promotion, research and product development. The provisional share capital of Angel Singapore is US $ 1 million and Angel Yeast owns 100% of the subsidiary.Click to enlargeAngel Yeast plans to invest US $ 67 million to develop the yeast extracts in Dehong.

Meanwhile, Angel yeast dehong, a subsidiary of Angel Yeast, plans to implement a green yeast extract manufacturing project with an annual production of 15,000 tonnes. In combination with the company’s ‘2025 strategy’ on planning the yeast industry and ensuring the supply of molasses raw material, the new project aims to secure the supply of yeast extracts and meet market demands. The project will be implemented in two phases according to the plan to expand the capacity of 15,000 tons of yeast extracts, the first phase of construction of 10,000 metric tons. It is expected to be completed and operational in December 2022. The second phase will be implemented depending on the molasses feedstock supply.

Kemin Industries added a new tool to its Kemin Food Technologies – North America website: an ingredient library designed to help customers identify ideal color, freshness and safety solutions for meat and poultry, bakery, snacks, fats and oils. The Ingredient Library features Kemin ingredient solutions including acerola, green tea, rosemary, and buffered vinegar.

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General Mills
‘: ratio line presents a new: ratio PROTEIN. A dairy snack with the most protein in the yogurt aisle in a single cup, containing 25g of protein and 3g of sugar. The addition of: PROTEIN ratio enhances General Mills’ growth in the yogurt category by providing a convenient snack option. It offers a creamy texture and also includes global research into new milk proteins, over 50 pilot plant trials, and even a new protein processing system.

Click to enlargeWith 25g of protein, General Mills’ new: PROTEIN ratio has the most protein in the yogurt aisle in a single serving cup.In Brief: Other Highlights
EFSALatest African swine fever (ASF) advice addresses the risk of introducing the virus to unaffected areas of the EU through routes such as feed, bedding material and pig transport vehicles voids returning from affected areas. The opinion concludes that the potential for transmission through these routes is lower than for many others – such as the movement of live domestic pigs or contact between wild boars and domestic pigs – but this risk cannot be completely ruled out. A model was developed to rank the threat from the different pathways – or matrices – using the results of an expert knowledge elicitation (EKE). The EKE was based on evidence from a literature search and public consultation. Seventeen products and matrices were evaluated and classified according to their relative likelihood of becoming infected with the virus in ASF affected areas and infecting pigs in unaffected areas.

The lifting of lockdown restrictions in the UK marked the start of the picnic season and the UK grocer Waitrose reported a record week for picnic and takeout sales. Sales were 213 percent from last year. While 2020 has seen an increase in the trend for mat picnics, DIY deli boards, and many have practiced their baking skills, 2021 is set to be the year of the picnic as restrictions make eating easier. outside. Driven by the lifting of the lockdown and increasing outdoor consumption, Waitrose has seen sales of fresh antipasti (87%) and seafood antipasto (106%) and dips (82%) rise sharply.

Meanwhile, research has shown that after a year of foreclosure, there has been a surge in the number of shoppers turning to organic food and drink. A quarter of those surveyed have increased the number of organic items in their shopping cart or purchased organic products for the first time in the past 12 months. OnePoll research, commissioned for WaitroseThe weekly in-store newspaper also found that 61 percent of people would like to buy more organic products in the future. Topping the list of reasons to buy more organic food and drink was concern about the environment and climate change, cited by 39%, followed closely by concerns about food standards and a resurgence of interest in cooking, both cited by 36%. A third of respondents said reconnecting with nature and wildlife had also influenced their shopping habits.

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