Peter Stringer Shifts Success from Ultimate Hell to ‘Perfect Fit’ Location at Elysian Tower in Cork

IRISH rugby legend Peter Stringer this week trades his grueling spell in RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell for a slightly less grueling spell in ‘Heaven’ – in the form of Cork’s iconic Elysian building.

As the Ultimate Hell Week the Professionals TV show wrapped up last night, its main competitor, former rugby star, RTÉ expert and versatile fitness fanatic Peter Stringer is adding a few strings to his bow: next week , he starts BodyPlan with Peter Stringer, and also invests in an F45 high intensity gym business in the heart of Cork City, taking up a franchise with the co-owners, top Munster golfer and trainer Peter O’Keeffe, with Paul Buckley .

Mini-me: Peter O’Keeffe, Irish international golfer, (right) and Peter Stringer, former Munster and Irish rugby player, business partners, in the studio space where their F45 studio will be located at The Elysian, Cork, pictured with Peter Stringer’s son Noah.

Their gym business, part of the Sydney-based Australian franchise F45, which is now in 63 counties, with 1,500 studios and 2,800 franchises, will employ up to a dozen people in a new 3,150-foot unit. squares in the Elysian, with a soft opening in December and starting with a range of membership options in January 2022.

Coaches are currently being recruited for the new men’s company, from a variety of backgrounds, the fitness industry and sports fields such as GAA, rugby and soccer, said Mr. O’Keeffe, who works in the sector. fitness for a number of years and runs his own O’Keeffe Golf Performance / Golf Strong business at Douglas Golf Club.

Peter Stringer, Ultimate Hell survivor and winner
Peter Stringer, Ultimate Hell survivor and winner

It remains to be seen whether or not Peter Stringer decides to have a job interview with former members of the elite Army Ranger Wing for the F45, to recoup some of the hardships he and others had to endure in Ultimate Hell….

Peter O'Keeffe, Irish international golfer (left) and Peter Stringer, former Munster and Irish rugby player, business partners whose studio space, Studio F45, will be located at The Elysian, Cork.
Peter O’Keeffe, Irish international golfer (left) and Peter Stringer, former Munster and Irish rugby player, business partners whose studio space, Studio F45, will be located at The Elysian, Cork.

“Fitness has always played a huge role in my life, not only physically but also mentally, it has kept me in such a positive place,” said the much admired sports star and scrum half carved out of granite, who retired from professional rugby in 2018. He will be 44 when the F45 company collapses at the Elysian.

“Owning a gym has always been one of my ambitions and when the opportunity arose to be part of F45 it was an easy decision,” he adds of the pairing which usually sees two coaches working. in tandem on 45-minute exercise classes that can accommodate members of all fitness levels with a range of tailored programs and nutritional counseling.

The trio took their fitness studio space in Unit 4 of the Elysian under a deal made through Lisney’s agent David McCarthy, who also confirmed the rental of the unit. 3, where 2,280 square feet is leased to independent commercial furniture dealer Interiors at Work which currently has a presence on Barrack Street and a warehouse in Carrigtwohill.

The two agreements – which now transition to a commercial ‘fit-out’ – mean full commercial occupancy is achieved in the 17-story Elysian building in the heart of Cork City, which was launched at a gala run by a Another Irish rugby legend, Ronan O ‘Gara in September 2008, just as a post-Lehmann Brothers global banking crisis was setting in, crippling economies around the world.

The arrival of F45 and Interiors at Work in the Elysian ground floor units (where F45 members will benefit from free parking for classes) sees them complete the occupancy list with the health center / medical of the existing occupants Affidea, an Aldi, Skyworks, the OPW and the artisanal coffee shop, The Bookshelf.

Developed by the O’Flynn group of Cork, the Elysian, which also has over 200 apartments and 550 parking spaces on a three-acre site next to Town Hall, is now fully leased, top to bottom , and was acquired by the Kennedy Wilson Global Fund in 2018 from Blackstone for a reported amount of € 87.5 million.

Rents sought for the remaining units 3 and 4 were in the range of € 22 per square foot and David McCarthy of Lisney said “there has always been a strong interest in business opportunities at The Elysian given the availability on-site parking as well as its superb location in the heart of the downtown business center. Described as the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world, F45 currently has six studios in Dublin and now arrives in Munster.

“After extensive research and lengthy discussions, we agreed that The Elysian was a natural fit for us and we believe our project will be a perfect fit for such an iconic building,” said the Cork trio. We will run classes for our members seven days a week and deliver an innovative new style of personal training in a group environment. Our team will help each client to improve their physical condition and overall health indicators through training and nutritional advice. Our F45 mission is to help create a positive and enjoyable experience for our members, resulting in a tight-knit community.

DETAILS: Instagram: @ f45_theelysian

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