“Pagey is on fire! Inside the boisterous celebrations of the Wales dressing room as the booze flows and the party heats up

Robert Page was at the center of the boisterous Wales dressing room celebrations at the back of Cardiff City’s stadium on Sunday night.

Despite all the exploits of Gareth Bale, Wayne Hennessey, Ben Davies, Neco Williams and all the others who played so fantastically against Ukraine, Page’s achievements with that Wales side have not gone unnoticed by fans. players on his team.

After the 1-0 victory over Ukraine and the euphoric celebrations on the pitch, including Gareth Bale leading a rendition of Yma o Hyd in front of a cheering crowd, Jonny Williams, a substitute on the night, gave us all a preview of what the celebrations have in store for players on Sunday evening.

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Filmed in the dressing room at Cardiff City Stadium, the video begins with Kieffer Moore, Brennan Johnson, Bale and others banging on the table as they begin their personalized rendition of “Freed From Desire”, a 1997 dance hit which has become commonplace on patios across the country and, apparently, in locker rooms.

The whole team rang out a chorus of, “Pagey is on fire, your defense is terrified!”

Aaron Ramsey then looks at Williams’ camera before spraying her with the beer in his hand. Danny Ward, situated behind Page, then thinks it natural to pour his beer over the manager’s head before the whole team gives out another rousing chorus of “Pagey is on fire, your defense is terrified!”

Watch below: The dressing room celebrations inside Wales

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There’s no doubt that this is just the first part of the evening, with a night of party and celebration rightly expected as football fans pour into the Welsh capital.

Given that it’s been 64 years since Wales last appeared in a World Cup final, who could blame the players, or their fans, for a night of partying in the streets of Cardiff?

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