Overwatch pro sashays in the hearts of fans with a new name in the game

Overwatch Contenders player Rupal ‘Pascal’ Zaman has changed his in-game name to his first name, and the internet is booming.

While professional gamers actually have real names, most of the time their respective communities simply refer to them by their gamertag. It’s faster, easier, and often a lot cooler.

It’s no different in the Overwatch sphere, where the title’s competitive league, OWL, spawned some of the title’s biggest names. From the end of support for Philadelphia Fusion, Alarm, to the iconic San Francisco Shock Super main tank, there’s a whole slew of pros who have made history.

One pro who hopes to follow in their footsteps is Overwatch Contenders star Pascal, who renamed his in-game name to reflect his real first name, Rupal – a name that immediately recalled one of television’s most famous faces. .

Twitter: Rupal012

Pascal left the Internet with his new brand image.

Pascal from Overwatch becomes Rupal

While the WISP player has simply chosen to use his real first name in the game, it turns out his alias is similar to that of drag icon and self-proclaimed world model, RuPaul Charles, the host and founder. of the “RuPaul’s Drag Franchise” Race “.

Pointing out that her name is pronounced “roo-paul,” the exact same as the LGBTQI + star, fans quickly drew parallels between the two.

“The classification of flexible media,” writes a fan on the competitive game subreddit, while another jokes that “he hit that kill button.”

One comment calls for an “OW drag show soon pls”, with a response suggesting it’s called “Rupal’s Frag Race”. Pointing out that Super (the aforementioned SFS tank) would be the perfect candidate due to his recent cosplay efforts, they note that “Super is set to dominate”.

A final message pleads that the pretender’s spellcasters “use ‘sashay’ whenever he dies or his team is eliminated.”

Of course, this is all just a coincidence, but it’s great to see the community come together to celebrate Rupal’s new gamertag. Will he be Overwatch’s next drag superstar? Or will he get the pork chop? Either way, we have one thing to say: good luck, and don’t screw it up.

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