Osiris, Prince Igor and Boléro ballets to be performed at the Cairo Opera House – Music and dance – Al-Ahram Weekly

Don’t miss the Noha Fekry Quartet concert at the Cairo Jazz Festival

The Ministry of Culture applies all precautionary and preventive measures with daily sterilization of theaters in order to ensure the safety of the public, artists and workers.

Amir Bashtak Palace

Al-Muaaz Street, Tel 02 2787 9187

Th 9, 7 p.m .: Singer Mohie said performs classical Arabic songs, accompanied by his troupe as guest of honor qannun player Saber Abdel-Satter.

Arab Music Institute

22 rue Ramsis, Tel 02 2574 3373

Thu 9, 8 p.m .: The Talent Development Center concert.

Fri 22, 8 p.m .: Concert of classical Arabic songs by the Arab Musical Heritage Set.

Sun 24, 8 p.m .: Al-Enshad Al-Dini troupe performs religious songs and hymns.

Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: Toqous Concert characteristics (rites) Nahla matar.

Cairo opera house

Gezira Exhibition Center, Tel 02 2737 0602/2736 0361, ticket office 02 2739 0132/0144

Main hall

Fri 22, Sun 24, Mon 25, Tue 26, 8 p.m .: Osiris, Prince igor and Bolero ballets must be performed by the Cairo Opera Ballet Company and the Cairo Opera Orchestra.

sat 23, 8 p.m .: on Cairo Symphony Orchestra

Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: The National Arab Music Together in a repertoire of classical Arabic songs.

Open air theater

Thursday 21, 8 p.m .: A piano recital by Amr Selim.

fri 22, 8 p.m: Oriental fingers group, led by harpist Manal Mohieddin.

Sat 23, 8 p.m .: The Children’s choir of the Opera for Arabic music.

Sun 24, 8 p.m .: pianist Fathy salama and his gang.

Mon 25, 8 p.m .: Singer Ali Al-Alfy and his gang.

Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: Oshaq Al Nagham group, led by Mohamed Abdel-Sattar.

Small room

Thursday 21, 8 p.m .: Flute and harp recital by Riham Fayed and Mona Wassef.

Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: A chamber music concert offers Mahmoud Osman.

Falaki Theater

American University in Cairo, downtown campus, 24 Falaki Street, downtown Cairo, tel. 012 88721446

Fri 22, 8 pm-9pm: Memories of a lord (France) is a dance and music show. Memories of a lord is a tale in three parts, an ode to the prowess and loneliness of the great figures of history. Each of the show’s three acts shows a different facet of the leader’s archetype: first hailed as a savior, then hated as a bully, before ultimately becoming nothing more than a shell of himself – the specter of the power and alienation. In this show choreographed by a renowned French artist Olivier Dubois, a corpus of thirty-five Egyptian amateur dancers revolve around the magnetic charms of the main performer Nicola Manzoni. The spectacular scene unfolds to the rhythm of Francois Caffenneexciting composition.

In this performance, the hero loves, struggles and lives to bring light and glory. The tyrant instills terror and barbarism in the world. These opposing forces find themselves caught in a dark battle. One will emerge victoriously triumphant; the other, succumbing to a cruel defeat.

Al-Gumhouriya Theater

12 Al-Gumhouriya Street, Abdin, Tel 02 2390 7707

Thursday 21 and Fri 22, 8 p.m .: Forsan Al-Sharq for heritage the company performs Altouq wa Alaswara (the necklace and the bracelet) dance show.

Sat 23, 8 p.m .: A concert of songs composed by the late composer Baligh hamdy.

Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: The Arabic Takht Arab song and music troupe.

Al-Ghouri Caravan
Mohamed Abdou Street, next to Al-Muaaz and Al-Azhar streets, Tel 02 2514 7475
Al Tanoura whirling dervishes perform to Sufi music
(Performances every Saturday and Wednesday at 7 p.m.).

Fri 22, 8 p.m .: A concert with an oud duo Dina Abdel Hamid and Ghassan Al Youssef.

Italian cultural institute

3 rue El-Cheikh El Marsafy, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 5423/2735 8791

Sat 23, 8:30 p.m .: On the occasion of the 21 Italian language week around the world, the Italian Cultural Institute presents the concert “Dante700”. It features the soprano Sara Allegretta, accompanied by the pianist Vincenzo Rana, with readings of Dante’s poetry by Davide Pandolfo, the concert is artistically directed by maestro Elio Orciuolo.


1 rue Saad Zaghloul, Al-Mounira, Cairo, Tel. 2792 0878

Every Tuesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.: Mawawil includes singers Hend and Sara in a repertoire of traditional music from the Nile delta, Al Jaafra music played by the Arab tribes of Aswan and Nass makan bandaged.

Every Wednesday, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m .: Zar music and songs by Mazaher together with Umm Sameh, Umm Hassan and Nour Al-Sabah.

Art Space & Café room

10 Etehaad Al Mohamin St, Garden City, Tel 01000 681539

Thursday 21, 9 p.m .: A comedy show featuring Crowd set with Mina Selim and Walid Khairy; a set of improvisation, all unscripted, based on the interaction and the responses they will get from you.

El-Sawy’s Cultural Wheel
End of July 26 St, under the May 15 bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448

(No entry without a mask and the room will be open to only 25% of its capacity)

River room

fri 22, 19h: Waslet Samaa troupe sings religious songs.

Hall of Wisdom

Thursday 21, 7:30 p.m .: Celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohamed (PSL), religious cantor Mustafa Atef sings religious songs.

Sat 23, 7:30 p.m .: Singer Omnia Hassan interprets oriental songs mixed with jazz.

Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: A singing recital by Helmy Abdel-Baqy.

Tahrir Cultural Center (TCC)

AUC Tahrir Campus, Mohamed Mahmoud Street

Ewart Room

Cairo Jazz Festival (October 28-November 5)

Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: Noha Fekry Quartet (Egypt). (9:30 p.m.) ICX Jazz Ensemble (United States).

Talaat Harb Cultural Center

Al-Sayyeda Nafissa Street, Zeinhom district. Phone 02 2362 2647

Fri 22, 7 p.m .: The National Popular Arts Troupe performs a number of folk dances and shows inspired by various Egyptian folk heritages.


Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theater)

Rue Fouad, Mahatat Al-Raml, Alexandria, Tel 03/486 5106

Thursday 21 and Thursday 28, 8 p.m .: A concert is offered Alexandria Opera Company for Arabic Music and Singing.

fri 22, 8 p.m: Alexandria Opera String Orchestra in a concert featuring the Cairo Opera Company soloists.

Sun 24, 8 p.m .: A concert by the Alexandria Talent Development Center.

* A version of this article is published in the October 21, 2021 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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