Oliver Koletzki unveils the next singles of his next album “Made of Wood”

Oliver Koletzki continues to unveil his next album, “Made Of Wood”, along with another series of singles, “Made Of Cashmere” and “Serpiente Del Ritmo”. These new compositions show how dynamic the concept of handcrafted electronic music in the long form is.

The pack starts with a shimmering “In cashmere, which leans towards melodic techno Koletzkithe label of Stil Vor Talent is known for its hypnotic arpeggios and complex synth layers. True to the theme, however, these elements are balanced by orchestral pads and wooden drum patterns underneath.

Serpiente Del Ritmo,“with ELIH on vocal homework, offers a more organic look at ‘In wood‘, with his lyrics in Spanish and thick layers of piano, percussion and brass taking listeners straight into the jungles of Tulum that inspired him.

At ‘In wood‘, his ninth full album since 2007, Olivier Koletzki embodies the seasoned craftsman, sculpting his deeply personal sound sculptures with a confident and knowledgeable hand, while experimenting with a wide range of exciting ideas and fresh textures. The result is an organically fluid, yet resolutely shaped, work of art that naturally concludes a trilogy of albums. Koletzki embarked on the outing with ‘The voltage arc‘and followed by’Fire in the jungle‘.

Originally written in Tulum, Mexico, during the pre-pandemic winter of 2019, ‘In wood‘is physically intertwined with the primeval forests that continue to inspire its creator: the following year it took to finish the album in Berlin, Olivier, helped by many musicians and live singers, brought his sketches to life with an emphasis on wooden instruments like djembes, marimbas, santours or duduks, sculpting a natural sound with a warm timbre, rich in groove and literally made of wood.

Thanks to the imperfection of the human hand, the album sings with a daring vibration that extends from the slow carnival opening of the LP ‘Caravan of Los Elefantitos‘with blue horns and Wenninklaments cooing on the concluding ballad ‘Tower‘. Intermedially, Koletzkihis rhythmic explorations take the form of mythical odes (‘Dear mexican jungle‘), loud tribal dances (‘La Veleta‘), or sober oriental belts (‘Serpiente del Ritmo‘feat. ELIH) – emphasizing its control over light and dark tones, organic and synthetic sounds.

The most striking, Olivier slowly pulls away from the album’s natural feel in the midsection, in which the abstract and disorienting stun ‘Photo‘(with Niko Schwind and Judith Ahrends) rubs shoulders with rebounding synths-crescendos’Made of cashmere‘, while the 14-minute long meditation’The journey of a starseed‘makes for a powerful penultimate breath later.

Alongside the meticulous attention paid to the instrumentation and its instinctive touch, these twists highlight that Koletzki feels quite comfortable on ‘In wood‘- like the true craftsman he is.

Listen to the songs here.

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