North County High Schools Appoint Promotion Majors, Salutatorians

North County High Schools Salute Their Top Students, Class Majors, and Class 2021 Salutors. They include:

Army and Navy Academy: promotion major, Holden Nguyen; salutary, David Lin

Bonsall Unified School District, Bonsall High School: promotion major, White Jay; salutary, Jeffery Roback

Christian Calvin High School: promotion major, Grace Bons; salutary, Joshua Yu

Carlsbad Unified School District:

  • Carlsbad High School: promotion major, Ravi Pathak; greetings, Ryan Read, Manish Sampath
  • Sage Creek High School: promotion major, Connor jabbari; greetings, Joseph Elbacha, Jack Phillips, Miriam Melkonian

Catholic High School Cathedral: honored students: Ryan Oliveira, Don, and Ariella Pacheco, Dama

Classical academies:

  • Classical Academy High School: promotion major, Madeline Tseng; salutary, Lillian eckstein
  • Personalized learning campus of the Academy’s classical high school: promotion major, Brianna Hester; salutary, Kenna chase
  • High school of the Académie du Littoral: promotion major, Morgan Barta; salutary, Morgan bajoyo

Escondido Charter High School: promotion major, Jasmin Tran; salutary, Tyler Zhou; 4-day Flex learning program: promotion major, Berenice Yphantides; salutary, Alan Ding; Flex 1: 1 program: promotion major, Jenna Jedlicki; salutary, Shaina May

Escondido Union High School District:

  • Del Lago Academy: farewell circle: Vanessa Bartoli, James Dennison, Bryan Montoya, Aileen Sanchez Alvarez, Brianna Virabooth
  • Escondido High School: promotion major, Olivia anderson; salutary, Abril Aguilar Lopez
  • Orange Glen High School: farewell circle: Rayne A. Cantero, Jocelyn Carlos Tovar, Celia Chamu Maturana, Jose G. Chavez Orozco Jr., Alison Ailyn Feria Bautista, Allen E. Keng, Alexis Silva, Leslee Soria Alvarado, Citlali V. Troncoso, Yesenia Venegas Perez
  • San Pasqual High School: farewell circle: Aiden M. Best, Declan R. Bohley, Kayla R. Cooper, Martta A. Hollmen, Hana M. Ibarra, Ella M. Lloyd, Jenika A. Lofton, Elise N. Miller, Ross Z. Nalbandian,
    Julia E. Petrungaro, Bryson A. Reyes, Natalie R. Rohy, Brenda G. Rojas, Amy M. Santoro, Mateo I. Tristan, Luke P. Wilson
  • Valley High School: Highest GPA, Amanda Valdes

Fallbrook Union High School District:

  • Fallbrook High School: promotion major, Lianna Arnold; salutary, Grace Bell
  • Ivy High School: promotion major, Dylan Feeney; salutary, Rebecca Leon-Ordoñez
  • Oasis High School: promotion major, Mattie Ahrend; salutary, Kyleigh Philo

Guajome Park Academy: promotion major, Izak Bunda; salutary, Diana Martinez Lopez

Horizon preparation: promotion major, Audrey Skeen; salutary, Madison Bartolomeo

Maranatha Christian Schools: promotion major, Ciara Woodahl; salutary, Isabelle monroy

Oceanside Unified School District:

  • Oceanside High School: promotion major, Kaleo Hernandez; Salvation, Kylee Henschel and Julianna Ryder
  • El Camino High School: promotion major, Ian Brooks Wilder; salutary, Ruth daisy perez

Poway Unified School District:

  • Del Norte High School: promotion major, Cynthia Zhang; salutary, Zahir Ahmed
  • Mount. Carmel High School: promotion major, Hashmatullah Hatamy; salutary, Elias Devadoss
  • Poway High School: promotion major, Kelly Couvrette; salutary, Kaitlyn chan
  • Rancho Bernardo High School: promotion major, Austin Khoja, Jonathan Jeong; salutary, Dhruv Kumar
  • Westview High School: promotion major, Michael wu; salutary, James ni

Ramona Unified School District:

  • Ramona High School: promotion major, Charlotte Boss; greetings, Mason McPherson, Jami Sothman
  • Montecito High School: promotion major, Anthony Jordan; salutary, Michel rossi
  • Mountain Valley Academy: promotion major, Julie Failla; salutary, Amy Kounavitch

Saint-Joseph Academy: promotion major, Kylie Konyn; salutary, Magdalena Kyne

San Marcos Unified School District:

  • Mission Hills High School: promotion major, Jaedyn Hoenig
  • San Marcos High School: promotion major, Zoe Kessler and Brandon Gonzalez Arenas

Santa Fe Christian Schools: promotion major, Andrew Chiang; salutary, Lauren Clark

Christian school of the three cities: promotion major, Nate Carman and Shiley David; salutary, Jacob Larose

Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District:

  • Valley Center High School: promotion major, Tatum Bernet and Gabrielle Olivera

Vista Unified School District:

  • Mission Vista High School: promotion major, Kathleen Teel; greetings, Evie Currington, Tiffany Gavin, Kainath Kamil, Isabella Longo, Courtney Machler, Anne Smith, Lillian Vo, Jacob Weiser
  • Rancho Buena Vista High School: promotion major, Jed Quiaoit, Lorelei Marcus; greetings, Matthew Barawid, Gabriela Gonzalez
  • Vista High School: promotion major, Namrit Ahluwalia; greetings, Kristen DePue, Edwin Vargas Navarro
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