Nine-year-old Uvalde survivor says he saw gunman’s face while chasing victims at school

A nine-year-old boy who survived the Uvalde mass shooting said he saw the gunman’s face peering through a classroom window as he chased victims inside the primary school.

Daniel, whose cousin Ellie Garcia was one of 21 victims killed in the mass shooting, said CNN that he hid under a table before climbing through a broken window to safety.

The nine-year-old said his teacher locked their classroom door after Salvador Ramos, 18, entered Robb Elementary School and opened fire on students and staff inside.

When Ramos was unable to get through the locked door, the little boy said the shooter fired several shots into the classroom, hitting his teacher and one of his classmates.

Daniel said he was “hiding under a table by the wall” and could see the shooter’s face as he looked out the window toward the classroom door.

“I could still see his face,” he said. “I could see him staring at the people in front of me.”

Daniel, who spoke alongside his mother Briana Ruiz, said his injured teacher managed to contact 911.

He and his classmates then managed to climb through a shattered window to flee the school, cutting their hands on the shattered glass as they exited.

Heartbreaking footage, obtained by GMA, shows young children running out of classroom windows and fleeing the school into the arms of officers and first responders at the scene.

While everyone in Daniel’s class survived – his teacher and classmate having been shot and not putting their lives in danger – because the shooter couldn’t enter the classroom, Ramos went on his own. is barricaded in another room and opened fire, killing 21 people.

A total of 19 students between the ages of 9 and 11 and two heroic teachers were shot.

Daniel’s cousin Ellie was less than two weeks away from celebrating her 10th birthday on June 4.

Instead, she will be buried two days later, on June 6.

The little girl was described by her family as a happy child who loved TikTok dances, basketball and playing with family, friends and her dog Rocco.

Ramos bought two semi-automatic firearms in the days after his 18th birthday on May 16, before committing one of the worst mass shootings in American history.

Last Tuesday, he shot his grandmother in the face before heading to Robb Elementary School in the family truck.

He abandoned the vehicle in a ditch near the school and entered the building through a door that had been left open.

He was eventually shot by Border Patrol agents after officials stormed the classroom.

The Justice Department launched an investigation into the handling of the situation after local officials admitted critical mistakes had been made.

Officers at the scene stayed back, taking a staggering 77 minutes to enter the barricaded classroom as gunshots continued to ring out and desperate children trapped inside called 911 for help .

The school shootings have also rekindled calls for the introduction of gun reform legislation in the United States, including from family members who are now mourning the deaths of their young children.

Ellie Garcia was less than two weeks away from celebrating her 10th birthday

(family document)

Jessie Rodriguez, whose daughter Annabell was killed in the massacre, told The Independent he doesn’t understand why anyone should be able to buy an AR-15.

“Assault rifles shouldn’t be sold at all, period,” he said.

“We understand having an assault rifle for the military; no personal use. Not slaughtering our children…all children slaughtered as if they were animals.

“There is no justice in selling a child an assault rifle and especially so many magazines and bullets. It’s incredible.”

State Senate Democrats demand ‘common sense’ gun laws in the state as gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke confronted Texas Governor Gregg Abbott at a press conference in saying he was “doing nothing” and that the shooting was “totally predictable”.

Meanwhile, state Republicans are already refusing to introduce new measures, saying the answer instead lies in arming more teachers and increasing mental health resources.

Several even moved forward with appearances at the NRA convention despite the events of the week.

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