My Wellington: Actress Susie Berry on not drinking coffee in the capital

Susie Berry enjoys her afternoon at Customs Café, Wellington.


Susie Berry enjoys her afternoon at Customs Café, Wellington.

Susie Berry is an actress and makeup artist with a passion for dancing, whether it’s a boogie at her favorite bar or classes to clear her head. After studying English, acting and philosophy, Berry moved to Wellington to attend Toi Whakaari and pursue her dream of an acting career. That’s why she stayed for 12 years.

What part of Wellington do you live in and why?

I live in Te Aro. I had the chance to live in the center for five, six years. I walk everywhere and everything is 5-10 minutes from me. I have access to everything, it’s so easy and fun too. You can also quickly decide to do something and be on the street doing it in minutes.

What’s your favorite part of Wellington?

It depends on the season. I love Haitaitai beach for swimming in the summer. The waterfront, like Oriental Bay and even down to the business district, is where during the last lockdown my husband and I walked almost every day. Or Cuba Street, which is like the beating heart of the city. These are some of my favorite places in Wellington.

A hidden gem in my hood is…

Camel grills. It’s right next to Dream Girls on Dixon Street. Camel Grill is the place to go when you need a really good meal. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall, but it’s absolutely delicious.

Where is the best place to grab a coffee in your suburb?

I’m an absolute traitor to Wellington’s coffee industry [she doesn’t drink coffee]. But I love customs. They do amazing avocado on toast.

Susie Berry can do it all


Susie Berry can do it all

Walking to work in Wellington because…

Usually I walk. I am lucky to be able to do it, despite the weather. Even when I was studying – I lived in Mount Vic, many moons ago – I walked to campus every day. I like that part of being in the city.

If you’re looking for a place to eat in central Wellington, you can’t pass…..

I love Mr Go. I also love, Olive Café as an absolute classic and a must in Wellington. I also like 1154 and Dragonfly. I’m a big fan of all these places.

What does a perfect Saturday morning look like in your suburb?

I usually like to train on Saturdays. I’m like a three-minute walk from The Mills, which is amazing. If the weather is nice, I love to walk along the seafront with my husband. And then maybe a bit of shopping and some good food, certainly to drink. I love the rooftop of Mockingbird for a drink. I also like a sneaky dance at Dirty Little Secret in the evening.

When you need to learn your lines or clear your head, where do you go?

To be honest, learning the lines is the bane of my existence. I usually pace around my apartment, but to clear my head I go to this amazing dance company called More Than Moves, and they work in a studio right above Sweet Mother’s Kitchen and every time that I can go to a class, I go there because it’s just the most fun and amazing community.

If you could play any role or be in a movie or play, who or what would it be?

There’s a play that was staged in Auckland this year called The Writer. And the lead role of this one is super amazing. The cast has just been announced, and they’re all amazing. But at some point in my career, it would be super exciting. And in terms of film – something on a whole different tangent – ​​working with Kristen Wiig on a film like Bridesmaids. I would love to do something like that, just something completely hilarious, delicious and silly, it would be really, really fun. – as said to Bronte Metekingi

  • Susie Berry performs in an interactive play called The Trojan War at Wellington’s BATS Theater August 16-20

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