More than half of Londoners say they wouldn’t date a vegan

London is home to more vegans and vegetarians than elsewhere in the UK, but more than half of Londoners say they wouldn’t date a vegan.

One in 10 people in London are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, compared to 7% nationally, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll for the No Meat May campaign.

Three-quarters of Londoners say they are interested in reducing their consumption of meat and dairy products and around a third of Londoners recognize the benefits of a plant-based diet for the environment and their health.

But townspeople are more concerned about the potential impact on their love life.

Although 20% of Londoners said they believed a plant-based diet would improve their sexual performance, more than half (55%) said they would prefer not to date a vegan.

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While they recognized the benefits of a plant-based diet, many Londoners also said they would be happier to sacrifice something else in order to keep eating meat.

About 17 percent said they would prefer to have less sex.

Londoners also seemed concerned about what others would think of them.

A significant proportion (13%) said they thought people would be less likely to date them if they were vegans, and one in five said they feared family and friends wouldn’t cook for them if they became vegans.

Ryan Alexander, the founder of No meat in May, a campaign challenging people to give up meat for 31 days, said: “Of all parts of the UK, London is the most complex in its attitudes towards meat consumption.

No meat in May
No meat in May

“It is clear that a high proportion of Londoners want to reduce their consumption of meat and other animal products, which is really encouraging to see, but there also seems to be a lot of stigma around vegetarianism and veganism. , which leads to a disconnect between Londoners’ beliefs and their actions.

“We want to show Londoners that giving up meat, putting their health first and protecting the planet is something to celebrate, without being ashamed of it.

The campaign aims to show people the benefits of giving up meat for health, environmental and social reasons – and expects 100,000 people to participate this year.

Alexander hopes Londoners will be encouraged to participate in No Meat May by participating alongside thousands of others and sharing their culinary discoveries.

Free cooking demonstrations, nutritional tips, and hundreds of easy recipes are available on the website to inspire attendees.

Alexander added: “This is a really fun and fulfilling trip – for your health, your soul and your taste buds.”

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