Mike Tomlin names Sean McVay and Raheem Morris among the best coaches in the NFL

Sean McVay is entering only his sixth season as NFL head coach, but he’s already earned the respect of some of football’s top coaches. Recently, Mike Tomlin was asked to name the coaches he would target if he were general manager.

He mentioned McVay in his top five, and with good reason.

“I love my young go-getters out west, McVay and Shanahan,” Tomlin said on the “I AM ATHLETE” podcast. “Man, I was boys with these guys for a long time. They dispute schematically. They take it personally. They try to put their foot on your throat every week, and I think their players sense that and buy into it.

McVay wasn’t the only Rams coach to receive praise from Tomlin. The Steelers head coach, who is one of the best in NFL history, also mentioned Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris.

“I think he played a big part in terms of passing this year,” Tomlin said. “His presence is always felt. Wherever he is, whatever side of the ball he is working on, he is always looking.

This offseason, Tomlin said Morris was the best coach who didn’t have a head coaching job in the NFL. It was surprising to see Morris not land a head coaching job this offseason, even after being a finalist for the Vikings job.

He’ll likely get even more looks next offseason if the Rams defense continues to dominate like last year.

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