Max Durpi officially changes his name to LA Knight in WWE

After officially breaking through the cracks in his previous faceplate to reveal the leather jackets and the Dr. Dre-style “West Coast Whistle” underneath, Max Dupri officially left Max Dupri in the past to give fans what they want. : LA Knight, yeah.

Taking part in a surprise segment which saw the ‘Namer of Dummies’ feature the duo of Mansoor and Mace as his possibly still sister Maxxine Dupri looked on, Knight took issue with being called by his former name and cut one of those good old-fashioned promos that fka man Eli Drake fans have seriously missed since he was trapped under the tight-fitting suits and unsettling eye contact of a seriously misplaced gimmick.

“Don’t call me that again,” Knight told Maxxine. “I gave you and them gold, and you all turned it into trash. And you think I’m just gonna hang around here and be what I’m not? Nah nah! I’m not Max, what am I, who am I? LA Knight, yeah!

As Knight walked out of frame, the crowd went wild with delight, which is an equally loud but very different reaction to what he was used to when Dupri made his national TV debut. With a match reserved for the post-Extreme Rules spinoff edition of Smack down against Mansoor, fans of WWE proper who don’t usually watch NXT, Impact or any of Knight’s other previous promotions will finally be able to see what the former Million Dollar Champion brings to the ring as a wrestler, instead of just a goofy presence that acts mindlessly outside of it.

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