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MIDDLE CITY – The Lord Fairfax Community College will hold a town hall by telephone on Thursday regarding the name change plans.

The event will start at 6.30 p.m. and will include a question-and-answer session with LFCC officials.

LFCC President Kim Blosser will speak at the event.

Those interested in attending the town hall must register online at lfcc.edu/name.

Over the winter, the LFCC board decided to seek a new name for the 50-year-old college after the 23 colleges in the Virginia community college system were tasked with reviewing their names by the Board of Virginia State Community Colleges.

Since then, a naming task force has looked at the names, many of which have been suggested by LFCC students, staff, alumni and community members, while working with a renowned naming specialist. national. About five or six names passed the final exam, Blosser said Thursday.

The new name must be approved by the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges, which is the only entity authorized to change the name of the college.

LFCC announced the tele-town hall on the same day that the Frederick County Board of Supervisors voted to send a letter to the Virginia State Council for Community Colleges opposing the name change. Back Creek Supervisor Shawn Graber, who brought the motion, also suggested the possibility of withholding county funds from the college if he goes ahead with the name change.

LFCC opened in 1970 in Middletown, Frederick County. It has since spread to other places in the region.

Blosser said no local funds would be used to change the name of the college. A task force involved in researching the name change estimates it will cost $ 115,400 to $ 297,950, she added.

The money to change the name would come from the LFCC’s ancillary fund, said Blosser, which includes the college’s income from its campus bookstore, vending machines and the rental of campus space for events. Student tuition fees will not be used for name change fees, she said.

For the current fiscal year, Frederick County has allocated $ 81,308 to the LFCC. Just over 50% – $ 40,624 – goes towards scholarships for Frederick County high school students to attend the LFCC.

“That would mean $ 40,000 in scholarships that Frederick County students wouldn’t get next year if you don’t fund it, that’s what is happening, they just won’t get any,” said Bloss. “Nothing comes out of that [separate local] budget that has something to do with the name change. “

The LFCC’s overall operating budget is funded 45% by the state and 55% by student tuition fees.

A resolution passed by the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges demanded that the LFCC board of directors revisit the college name. Now that the LFCC Board of Directors has decided to seek a new name, all final decisions rest with the Council of State.

“As a college we have to move forward assuming we need a new name, that’s what we’re doing,” Blosser said. “The Council of State will always be the one who accepts [the name change] in May or not.

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