Les Belles Fleurs, in full bloom

Divergent worlds. Distinct experiences. After weaving it all together, concluded an introspection within Mylène Quito (b. 1986) as a self-taught painter. He came with both fire and ease. Memory is synonymous with his art. Some have described her life journey as a mother and daughter. In his heart was where the grass grew. And here we are, looking inside.

The Beautiful Flowers is proof of Quito’s mastery of pattern and the dance between sharp lines and waves. Its stratification, which we also see in the propagation of plants, means that growth is life. Quito’s transformation from realism to abstractionism underscores the necessary evolution. Quito is not one to stand still when the urge to travel calls. Even from a distance, she will hear the blooming of flowers. Calla lilies, roses, tulips, poppies, and sunflowers are representations of the sacredness of transmuting personal tribulations that are unknown to most. Colors yield to glorious epiphanies rather than succumb to grief. Some times demand that to happen.

The artist digs deep. In the earth, she does if need be, from where once the grass sprang into the air. Mylène Quito has earned her place among the brave. She is fearless in art where swatches of varying patterns seem to collide but don’t. Instead, it draws attention to the deepest space and the smallest detail. Her mother was once a part-time seamstress overseas and sent Mylène and her siblings colorfully patterned clothes. This done, the art of Quito reveals a complex but playful life. It is as contemplative as embroidery. Likewise, depicted on the petals is this tapestry of Eastern and Western cultures, which appeases an unbearable longing for afar. Maybe you have to realize that home could be anywhere. Once again, from where she stood, Mylène Quito dug into the earth, deeper this time, as life would demand.

The Beautiful Flowers, IN FULL FLOWER is his second personal exhibition. It relates to the virtuous qualities of his mother, which inspired the artist to persevere in life. For her, such maternal probity is not only worth remembering but timelessly honoring.

The exhibition runs from October 19 to 25, 2022 at Ground Floor, Ayala Malls, Manila Bay. For more details, visit us at www.artcircle-gallery.com.

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