Konica Minolta Precision Medicine Announces Rebranding of REALM IDx ™

ALISO VIEJO, California, Sept. 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Konica Minolta Precision Medicine (KMPM), a majority-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta, Inc., today announced that it has changed its name to REALM IDx, Inc. The name change reflects the company’s focus on integrated diagnostics, an advanced area of ​​clinical science that brings together genomics, radiology, pathology, and artificial intelligence to gain actionable insights that can enable healthcare providers to health to predict, diagnose and treat disease.

“We are delighted to announce the name change,” said Dr. Aaron Elliott, CEO of REALM IDx, Inc .. “Our new name reflects not only our focus on advancing integrated diagnostics, but also the bringing together of the rich multimodal data generated by our subsidiaries – Ambry Genetics genomics and radiology and pathology of Invicro. Combined with our proprietary software platforms, this integrated approach opens up a new world of diagnostic information that supports our mission to advance patient care.

About REALM IDx, Inc.

REALM IDx, Inc. is a pioneering healthcare company in integrated diagnostics (IDx), an advanced field of clinical science that brings together laboratory medicine, radiology, pathology, and sophisticated artificial intelligence to achieve actionable information that predict, diagnose, and treat disease. Powered by proprietary software platforms, state-of-the-art genomic technology from Ambry Genetics Corporation, and state-of-the-art radiology and pathology services from Invicro, LLC, the company is uniquely equipped to collect, analyze and report data multimodal precision diagnostic sets. REALM’s vast network of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical partners will promote clinical access to innovations that will lead to better medical solutions for patient care. To learn more, visit REALMIDx.com.

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