Kevin Costner’s New Daughter’s Ending Explained

Kevin Costner’s The New Daughter is a 2009 horror movie and here’s how the movie ends, who survives, and what the final scene really means.

Here is the end of Kevin Costner’s horror movie The new girl Explain. Costner had an extraordinary run in the late 80s and most of the 90s, with films like The Incorruptibles, jfk and dance with wolves, which he also directed. His career took a hit with water world, however, an expensive adventure that became well known for its messy production, and it received largely negative reviews. It’s a shame, because the film has been re-evaluated in recent years as an ambitious and unique blockbuster.

Costner’s star rose again thanks to a drama series Yellowstone — which has many spinoffs to come — a show that’s been running since 2018. While the star has appeared in everything from romantic comedies to post-apocalyptic epics, he’s not closely tied to the horror genre. That said, he’s made a handful of genre releases, including forgotten ’80s slasher Shadows run black and the underrated serial killer drama Mr. Brooks. Probably his most overt release in the horror genre to date is in 2009. The new girl, where he plays the father of a teenage girl undergoing a terrifying transformation.


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In The new girl, Costner plays a divorced novelist who moves into a new home with his daughter Louisa (played by Pan’s Labyrinth Ofelia actor Ivana Baquero) and her son Sam. John de Costner struggles to deal with the stress of being a single parent, which isn’t helped when Louisa starts acting strange. It seems to be tied to a huge mound near their house, and John learns that the house’s previous owner disappeared years before and he begins to investigate the dark history of his new house. Jumping forward for the final, The new girl reveals that a race of mysterious beings nicknamed “mound walkers” live in the ground and have chosen Louisa as their new queen.

the new girl kevin costner ivana baquero

things are speeding up The new girl ending, where the mound walkers – who look a bit like the Moulés who Resident Evil 7 hero Ethan Winters fights – besieges the house. Louisa is also fully in thrall to the creatures and apparently killed Sam’s teacher, Cassandra (Samantha Mathis). John kills several of the creatures and descends into the mound with his shotgun to rescue Louisa. He finds her inside and pulls her out as the monsters chase her, but as he plans to burn the mound, he sees her transform into one of the mound walkers.

Recalling an earlier scene in The new girl where John has promised not to leave his daughter like their mother did, he tearfully launches a flare at the fuel canister, causing the mound to explode. This causes an explosion, but while it almost certainly destroyed the moundwalker’s nest, it is unclear whether John or Louisa survived. The new girl ends with a very ambiguous ending, as Sam watches the fire from afar and a figure is reflected, walking towards him. Sam says “Dad?as the figure approaches, but the characteristic growl of the creatures is also heard, and a mound walker appears behind Sam as The new girl credit cuts. It’s up to the viewers to decide what happened, but it seems unlikely that John would knowingly kill himself while Sam was still in danger, so maybe that figure is really Kevin Costner’s character coming to the rescue.

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