Joel Cano’s new book, Sin Is My Name, a stimulating exegesis of the human psyche and the dangers of sin and depravity

Cano said this about his book: “We live in a very decisive time when the human being is simply betting his life in eternity in an alarming way. It is necessary that we stop to question ourselves, What happens to us? If we go back to see our history, we see that we have only had twenty-five to thirty years of peace. It seems that we have always been at war – at war between countries , at war with ethics, at war between social classes, at war with gangs, at war between families and even at war with ourselves. There is a point where you argue with yourself and hatred grows all around us and we are wondering what is going on with humanity? might have the answer to this question? is there someone who will end the hostility? i believe all of these questions deserve a reasonable response so that we can unmask who is to blame. “

Published by Page Publishing, Joel cano new book Sin is my name hopes to enlighten readers on the damage humanity suffers by giving in to lawlessness and the loss of emotion and critical thinking.

Consumers who want to understand the deepest feelings of the human heart and mind can buy Sin is my name in any bookstore or online at Apple iTunes,, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries, you can contact Page Publishing at the following number: 866-315-2708.

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