Inside the twisted mind of the ‘boyfriend in the basement’ who killed his mother and two children

The Sedona Spa in Ajax, Ontario, promised visitors escape and relaxation, and skilled esthetician Krassimira “Krissy” Pejcinovski was beloved by her clients and popular with her colleagues as well.

As a 39-year-old single mother, Krissy has worked hard to support her three children – daughters Victoria, 16, and Venellia, 13, who were named Vana, and son Roy, 15.

Krissy was so proud of their achievement. In 2018, Vana was in eighth grade, months away from high school, and Roy was a talented hockey player.

But in 2016, Krissy met Cory Fenn at a local gym, and her world began to change. Fenn was 10 years younger than her. He was an imposing figure with his tall and muscular physique, took steroids and could be aggressive, by some accounts.

While their relationship was on and off, Krissy allowed Fenn to live in the basement of her house.

The friends could see changes in the hardworking mother, under Fenn’s control. He was jealous of her job at the spa – refusing to let her have male clients. And while he was rumored to be unfaithful, he accused Krissy of seeing other men.

Colleagues also noticed that Krissy had stopped wearing makeup and started dressing in baggy clothes that hid her figure.

Fenn had a criminal history for assaulting a police officer and he was addicted to cocaine. He and Krissy were doing cocaine together, which was so different from his usual behavior.

Krissy, her son Roy and her daughter Vana were killed in their home

He seemed to get along well with Krissy’s children. But on March 13, 2018, Krissy’s daughter Victoria found drugs in the house and told her mother that Fenn had to leave. Krissy agreed to end it for good. Around 9:30 p.m., Victoria left for her father.

Vana had a friend over for a sleepover and they were watching movies in her room. Roy was playing video games in his mother’s bedroom. Krissy went to the basement to talk to Fenn.

The next morning, Krissy was supposed to pick up Victoria to take her to a driving lesson, but she didn’t arrive, so Victoria phoned her sister.

The call woke Vana up and she agreed to come downstairs to see her mother. Vana left her friend in her room and headed downstairs.

Meanwhile, Krissy’s co-workers feared she hadn’t shown up for work. They had heard that Krissy was having issues with Fenn, so Krissy’s boss, Sherry Robinson, went to her house.

She arrived about 10 minutes after Vana left to pick up her mother. Fenn answered the door and said that Krissy wasn’t very well.

Sherry asked to see her, but he refused to let her in. When she saw blood on Fenn’s arm and foot, she quickly left and called the police. When officers arrived, Fenn was gone but they found the house covered in blood.

Horrible discovery

Beneath tires and trash bags, police found Krissy’s body in the garage. She had multiple head fractures, 17 broken ribs and there were also stab wounds to the chest with a serrated knife. There was even a patterned wound on his neck and a trainer’s upper chest. A knife lay nearby.

Upstairs, Roy was found dead next to Krissy’s bed. He had been strangled and suffered blunt force trauma to the head. They had both been dead since early morning.

Vana was in the basement, under a bed, clinging to life. She had been beaten and stabbed in the chest and neck with a butter knife.

Her friend is unharmed. She said Vana went to pick up her mother but did not return. Fenn had run up the stairs breathlessly, as if to run, ask where Victoria was, then disappear.

Vana was rushed to hospital, but died of her injuries that evening. The pathologist said she could have been saved if she had received medical attention sooner.

The police tracked down Fenn. He fled in his car, which he abandoned at a gas station before taking a taxi to nearby Oshawa, where he was found hiding in a shed.

Krissy was a popular beautician


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She met Fenn in a gymnasium



In police custody, Fenn said he was in a “cocaine psychosis” after five days of heavy drug use. He said he attacked Krissy in the garage. “The knife was after,” he said.

“I just strangled her in the garage…because she kept breathing and breathing…I went there and got a knife. I just wanted her to die.

Fenn admitted to kicking Vana but said he looked away when he did. Although he didn’t say why he killed Roy, he did put a blanket over him and said he believed the teenager was still breathing when he left.

As for a motive, he said Krissy would become paranoid when she used cocaine and searched the house for other women. “She started fucking my head off so much with her psychosis,” he said.

Investigators who spoke to Vana’s friend learned that Fenn was calm when they spoke. The taxi driver who drove Fenn said the same thing. None of this matched the story that he had been in a state of psychosis.

Fenn has been charged with three counts of second degree murder. He pleaded not guilty and ahead of his trial this year fired his lawyer and announced he would represent himself. In court, he was erratic and constantly interrupting people.

The prosecution said Fenn killed Krissy because she wanted to break up with him.

Krissy’s boss Sherry feared for her safety


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While Fenn said he had memory loss, the court heard that cocaine was not known to cause memory loss.

Fenn said he was like “the living dead” at the time of the murders. “The mental element wasn’t there,” he said. “It’s like The Wizard of Oz walking down the path, ‘if only i had a brain’ – i didn’t, guys.

In February of this year, Fenn was convicted of three counts of second degree murder. The judge called the attacks “vicious and brutal”. When he began discussing a possible sentencing with the court, Fenn, now 33, remarked, “Ten years would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

Then, at a sentencing hearing in March, he once again intervened when a family friend was reading a statement from Vana and Roy’s paternal aunt, Natasha.

She described choosing a pink and white dress for Vana to wear in her casket. “I had to look for a scarf to go with her outfit because the funeral home told me her throat couldn’t be exposed due to horrible injuries,” Natasha wrote.

Fenn interrupted him, saying, “Don’t blame me, ma’am.”

A destroyed family

At sentencing in April, a moving statement from Krissy’s daughter, Victoria, was read in court, saying her mother had been beautiful inside and out. “She was so strong and worked hard to make sure we had a better life than she did growing up,” she said.

Victoria described her brother as good and respectful and said that Vana, who died in his arms, was her best friend.

“She knew how to brighten anyone’s day with just a smile and a few jokes,” she wrote.

The judge said Fenn destroyed Krissy’s family and caused significant harm to the community. He sentenced Fenn to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

Krissy had unwittingly invited danger into her home and tragically, it proved fatal.

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