Inauguration of a new Asian superstore in Bicester

A new supermarket is due to open for a ‘soft launch’ after construction delays pushed back the original opening date.

Village Super, an Asian hypermarket will open its doors on Saturday July 30 from 11 a.m., in the Bicester Shopping Park.

A spokesperson promoting the opening on Facebook said: ‘It’s been quite a journey as construction delays pushed back our opening date, but we are finally opening our doors for a soft launch, because we don’t want to make our customers wait any longer.

“This event will be an invitation only for the ceremony, but we would also like to invite the community to join us in having fun and watching our lion dance performance.

“We will also provide you with some light refreshments and don’t forget to pick up your voucher to use in our store; limited availability.”

The opening event will see a handful of special guests in attendance.

Kit Cheung, the founder of Perfume Trees, Craft Gin of Hong Kong, will make his first stop in the UK to present his gin.

Additionally, the event will see Trini showcase their Hong Kong Milk Tea, snacks from Banneton Basket and the store will also sell Tarsier’s Thai Gin once their new products are released.

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The spokesperson added, “The Village Super team will be working very hard to stock all shelves once we open.

“We will keep everyone informed by announcing on our social networks the release of new products.

“We look forward to seeing people again very soon.”

The new supermarket is delivered by Grand Village Imperial (GVI), a clever Chinese restaurant with traditional décor located in Bicester’s shopping park.

The restaurant opened in December 2020 but had to close a week later due to the lockdown.

Reopened after the series of closures, the food served on-site now includes a range of Dim Sum and an a la carte menu with traditional dishes such as crispy aromatic duck, won tons and ribs.

Additionally, the restaurant offers fresh cakes made to order by its own pastry chefs, who use a blend of traditional French and Oriental baking techniques.

Additionally, the restaurant claims that all of its cakes are baked and prepared on site the same day a customer picks it up, using the best ingredients and freshest fruit available.

An impressive drinks menu is also offered with white, red and rosé wines, champagne, beer, cider, cocktails, spirits, soft drinks and hot drinks.

This story was written by Matthew Norman, he joined the team in 2022 as a Facebook community reporter.

Matthew covers Bicester and focuses on researching stories from diverse communities.

Contact him by email: [email protected]

Follow him on Twitter: @OxMailMattN1

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