IMC successfully achieves the largest digital transformation in healthcare services

Jeddah International Medical Center has pioneered a proactive approach to providing innovative and creative digital channels unparalleled in the healthcare industry, demonstrating its commitment to listening to the opinions of its patients and facilitating every step of their treatment. in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

Through its “Digital Door” strategy, IMC has developed a series of digital products – My IMC App, Women’s Health App and IMC Doc – that provide patients and clinicians with access, convenience, speed and efficiency. Providing patients with greater control over services has always been a priority at IMC, given its commitment to putting patients first and facilitating their recovery.

How do we do it? E-channels facilitate hospitalization: the My IMC application, the e-patient portal, the personal assistant, the WhatsApp service, the Women’s Health application all contribute to improving the patient journey. Through these channels, patients can book appointments in a minute, reschedule or cancel them around the clock based on their needs, view test results, radiology reports, and medical diagnostic documents. They can also view sick leave notes and prescriptions, access a list of medical services and their specialties, get an instant view of doctor profiles with their credentials with the aim of finding the right doctor with the good specialty to make an appointment.

One of My IMC’s most unique services is “Smart Reports”. The “Request a Report” feature is another step forward in improving the patient experience. Patients can access their reports at any time, easily and quickly. They can download them directly via the application without having to go to the hospital. Once the request is created, it is forwarded directly to IMC’s medical records department. Our team executes the request and returns the necessary reports. Additionally, Smart Reports are designed to be easy to read and provide patients with explanations to help them understand the results and information related to their condition without waiting for the doctor’s review.

Using the International Medical Center’s Women’s Health app, which is currently only available to IMC patients, users can track everything related to their health. Expectant mothers can track every stage of pregnancy, from preconception to planning, weekly pregnancy tracker, fetal development, delivery, breastfeeding and child care. The app also provides detailed information and advice on women’s health issues to our doctors and medical teams. They can also track their medications, nutritional needs, preventive measures, dates of relevant tests and examinations, etc.

As the products align with IMC’s vision of putting patients at the center of care, the positive feedback has been overwhelming. In our “Digital Door” strategy, we engage patients in meaningful ways, engage them where they are, engage them early in the design process, and engage them first as individuals.


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