“I struggled to get pregnant – nothing worked until I bought a £500 home kit”


Sophie Harper says she struggled for over a year to conceive and was considering trying IVF before buying a £500 home fertility kit that changed everything for her

Sophie Harper and her husband Andrew spent a year trying to have a baby

A woman who claims to have had a ‘worrying time’ trying to have a baby has revealed she was finally able to conceive naturally with the help of a £500 home fertility kit – and she is now the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy.

Sophie Harper, 31, and her husband Andrew, 32, began to doubt their ability to have children when they spent more than a year trying to get Sophie pregnant to no avail.

The couple, from London, were considering trying IVF treatment to help them achieve their dream of having a family, but were concerned about the financial costs – as a round of treatment can cost up to £5,000.

Sophie sought medical help and underwent blood tests with her GP, but they found no reason for her inability to conceive. So when the new mum came across a home fertility kit online, she knew she had to try it.

Sophie is now the proud mother of baby Kian


Sophie Harper / SCS Marketing and PR)

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The kit, made by ScreenMe, provides fertility testing as well as personalized nutrition and wellness advice to help women improve their reproductive health – and Sophie believes it has helped her get to the root of the problem. in a way that the NHS could not.

She said: “When we took the plunge to start trying, we were surprised that it took a year, which is longer than the normal expected time to conceive.

“The doctors did some initial blood tests, but no reason was given as to why we couldn’t conceive. We were eating healthy and feeling well overall, and I was taking a general pregnancy supplement.

“We were thinking about having IVF, but we wanted to do our part first to make sure we had done everything we could to improve our chances, so we decided to give it another six months.”

New mum says ScreenMe kit helped her conceive



Sophie spent £500 on the fertility kit and says it helped her discover how her body’s nutrient levels impacted her ability to conceive and make changes in her daily life.

Less than a month after changing her diet and lifestyle, Sophie got pregnant naturally, and she and her husband welcomed their son, Kian Faizal, in February.

She continued, “We started the ScreenMe journey with a couples preconception package and after a month I was pregnant.

“ScreenMe offered us a variety of support services, helping us recognize areas of our lives that were potentially impacting our fertility.

The NHS could not offer the same level of comprehensive testing as ScreenMe, including hormones, nutrients, health markers, and gut and vaginal microbiome testing. »

The mom added: If I hadn’t known the state of my gut microbiota and the state of our nutrient levels, markers of health and the impacts of our lifestyles on my ability to conceive and grow a healthy baby , I believe we would always be looking to find out why I can’t conceive and would have gone through treatment, like IVF, without preparing my body.

“The process was so simple and non-invasive and improved our overall health based on sound science. I’m giving our baby the best start in life and reducing the likelihood of non-communicable diseases for the baby and me afterwards. birth as well.”

ScreenMe was created by Dr Golnoush Golshirazi, a graduate of the University of Cambridge,who had experienced extreme pain before and during menstruation all her life.

The kit includes tests forovulation health, egg supply, PCOS and nutritional deficiencies.

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