‘How to make fireworks season not a fearful time of year for pets’: Northampton veterinary practice offers advice

Caroline Longdon, Practice Manager at Spinney Vets, says there are many steps you can take to keep your pet calm and safe

A leading vet practice in Northampton offers help and advice to make sure that with Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night on the horizon, it’s not a time of year for pets to fear.

Spinney Vets, who has practices in Spinney Hill and Wootton Fields, has issued a warning to all animal lovers to help ensure their pets are comfortable over the next several months.

Whether it’s a ride or healers knocking on doors, Bonfire Night revelers throwing fireworks or other seasonal celebrations through Christmas and New Years, Fall and Winter. winter can be an anxious time of year for pets.

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However, Caroline Longdon, Practice Manager at Spinney Vets, says there are many steps you can take to keep your pet calm and safe.

“This is the most difficult time of year for pet owners because there are so many potential pet stress triggers to come over the next few months.

“There are the blasts of fireworks, the loud and eventful festive season, including unfamiliar faces and smells.

“All of this can cause stress for our pets, and while some owners ask for advice and guidance, we also know that many other people simply suffer from this period.

“There are a lot of things pet owners can do to help their pets, like distracting them with active play, television, or calm, soothing music.

“We also recommend owners of young dogs who are experiencing their first Halloween, bonfire and fireworks season to start a counter-conditioning program with the first fireworks display.

“However, one of our top recommendations for pet owners is to stay calm. While it can be tempting to comfort a scared cat or dog, it can actually be counterproductive.

“If owners don’t seem to be affected, pets will feel more secure and confident. Some pets might also benefit from pheromone diffusers and nutritional supplements.

“Don’t forget your little furry ones outside either – the sound and smell of smoke from fireworks, as well as flashing lights can trigger a stress response. Provide extra blanket and hay or try moving them to a quiet room in the house.

“Remember we are here to help and please contact us if you need any advice for the fireworks season.”

Spinney Vets’ top tips for keeping your pet safe during fireworks season:

Always keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are fired

Close all windows and doors, draw curtains and lock pet doors

Provide a den, or safe space, for your pet

Distract your pet with relaxing games, TV or music

Keep calm, don’t punish them or praise them for their scary behavior

· Let your pet pace, moan, meow and hide if he wishes. Don’t try to coax them – they’re trying to find safety and shouldn’t be disturbed

Hutches and cages should, if possible, be placed in a quiet room indoors or in a garage or shed

Give your little pet extra litter to burrow into to make them feel safe

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