How Manchester United fans should pronounce Erik ten Hag’s name

Erik ten Hag has been named Manchester United’s next permanent manager and will sign a three-year contract with an option for a one-year extension. It is hoped the Dutchman can bring success back to Old Trafford after five years without a trophy – and nearly a decade without a league title.

If he succeeds in this endeavor, it is hoped that he will remain in the United States for a long time. But over the next few years, hopefully, fans will read and hear his name a lot.

This means fans and journalists will have to get used to spelling Ten Hag’s name correctly and saying it correctly. So here is a quick guide to the two from MEN Sport:

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Let’s start with knowing how to spell it correctly, because getting off Twitter is something that is constantly a problem. Let’s take a look at some examples:

The correct spelling is Erik ten Hag. A ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’ at the end of his first name and the ‘t’ in his middle name is always lowercase when spelling his full name and uppercase when using only his last name of Dix Hag.

And as a lot of people have pointed out, there’s only one “a” in Hag and that’s constantly a problem because you often see the “Ten Haag” trending on Twitter. His assistant at Ajax and potentially United – Mitchell van der Gaag – has two ‘a’s.

And when it comes to how you pronounce Ten Hag, a native Dutch speaker put it simply. As shown below, you pronounce the manager’s name like this:

So now all the fans know how to spell it and say it, there are no more excuses. Hopefully for United fans, Ten Hag will be at the club for a long time so we don’t have to start the process all over again in the near future. And anyway, let’s all be equally grateful that we’re not supporting Celtic and having to regularly spell the name Ange Postecoglou instead.

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