Houston Favorite Changes Its Name With A Musical Gala That’s Anything But Sleepy – Say Goodbye To SPA

Ooh what a night! Asleep at the Wheel kicking up musical dust on the Wortham Theater Center Grand Foyer dance floor, the Westbury High School marching band and twerk dancers strutting across Fish Plaza, and the unveiling of a new logo and name for Society for the Performing Arts. It was a black tie gala like no other.

Although not officially announced until April 12 (Tuesday), SPA is changing its name to become more inclusive and more 21st century: Performing Arts Houston. No more confusing nonprofit with spas, joked SPA CEO Meg Booth as she featured a video showcasing the new name and logo.

The “Bal Kaleidoscope”, chaired by Christina and Paul Somerville, was so named because of the varied entertainment that carried guests throughout the night. The high school band kicked off the evening which began with sunset cocktails in the square. Once inside, guests were entertained by the smooth jazz beats of students from Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. The energy kicked up a notch when the fabulous Asleep at the Wheel crank up their popular country sounds. For the after party, DJ Corey Green took control at the turntable.

Kristina Somerville, president of the Society for the Performing Arts gala, launches with dancers accompanying Asleep at the Wheel. (Photo by Priscilla Dickson)

Visual entertainment included an exhibition of jewelry to die for from Tenenbaum Jewelers who did more than his share to add dazzle to the evening. Phoebe Tudorwho was honored with her husband Bobby Tudorwas adorned with stunning strands of diamonds while Kristina Somerville wore her share of Tenenbaum bling that shimmered with her dress by the designer David Peck.

Jackson and company delivered on another spectacular meal while Rebekah Johnson of Bergner & Johnson dressed the Grand Foyer with floating overhead kaleidoscope lanterns, dogwoods and mesmerizing tablecloths that enhanced the ambiance.

“Last night was a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate Houston’s cultural richness through the arts as well as the contributions of Phoebe and Bobby Tudor,” Booth noted in a statement. “We are grateful to those who have continued to support us and our efforts to deliver top-notch performances for all Houstonians.”

The evening enriched the non-profit organization with the new name with nearly $600,000.

Seen on PC: Margaret Alkek Williams, Hallie Vanderhider, Leticia and Steve Trauber, Linda and Willie Chiang, Amy and Rob Pierce, Jay Jones and Terry Wayne Jones, Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro, Reagan and Doug Bauer, David Wuthrich, Lilly and Harrison Cullen Rachel and Jeff Ball, David Peck, Heather Almond, Julie and Gary RobertsCarrie and Sverre Brandsberg-Dahland master of ceremonies linda lorelle and husband Lou Gregory.

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