He saw her at the pool and decided to jump in

David Martinous wanted to know who Cynthia McCorkindale was after he saw her do a swan dip in the pool at the Little Rock apartment complex.

He asked around to find out her identity and in doing so learned that she was dating a guy he knew. Towards the end of their first conversation, he suggested that when – not if – she stopped dating this guy, she should let him know.

“There were two things I loved about it. The first was that he knew this guy and I weren’t right for each other. I appreciated that,” Cynthia said. “The other thing is he didn’t say, ‘Do you want to go out with me?’ because he knew I was in a relationship and he didn’t want to interfere in that relationship, and I admired him for that.”

David was playing tennis on Saturday when he first saw her.

“I had just come off the tennis courts and was leaning against a fence, having a beer with some friends,” he says. “All of a sudden this beautiful person in a dark green bathing suit stands up on the diving board.”

He saw her again later that evening.

“We had a neat club in our apartment and everyone would come up to the club room, have a drink, play games, visit, all that stuff,” he says. “I walked in and was standing in the doorway and noticed Cynthia was sitting at the bar by herself.”

He introduced himself and sat down, and they chatted for a while. That’s when he told her that he would like to date her one day, when she wasn’t dating the other guy anymore.

A year passed and Cynthia bought a house with her brother and left the apartments.

David stopped for a bite to eat before going to mass one day and that’s where he met Cynthia.

“I was with my brother – one of my brothers was getting married – and we went to have a breakfast meal,” she says. “David was sitting in the dining room with an older gentleman who I later found out was someone he would drive to church.”

Remembering David’s words, Cynthia walked over to him.

“I said, ‘I just wanted you to know that Tom and I aren’t dating anymore,'” she said.

David remembered her, but he couldn’t remember her name. He had to do a bit of research but he tracked her down to St. Vincent’s Infirmary where she was a nurse to ask if she would go to a Razorbacks football game with him.

“I said, ‘I have good tickets,'” David said.

They dated for several months before getting engaged.

“One of the things we’ve always loved to do is dance,” says Cynthia. “We loved to dance all kinds of dances. We did swing, we did rock, we did country – you name it, we did.”

They were in Merchandise Department one afternoon when they made an impromptu decision to buy rings.

Cynthia remembers the jewelry counter being near the entrance to the store.

“It was right where you enter the doors and like most jewelry, it was one of the first things I saw. I love rings, and it’s like, ‘Come here , come here and watch “”, she says.

As she admired the trinkets in all the shop windows, their jokes turned to the future.

“David and I were just watching and talking about our plans, and we just decided to get our rings, and I think we were engaged from then on,” she says.

They bought white gold rings that day – simple for him and one adorned with tiny diamonds, she said.

“It lasted until last year,” she says. “Last year I lost the middle stone.”

They married on May 31, 1980, in a small ceremony on their friends’ beautifully landscaped lawn.

“We just had family and friends, and yet people said it was the nicest, most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to,” she says. “It was.”

Cynthia worked for many years as a nurse. David has run Martinous Oriental Rug Co. since he was 21 years old.

“People think if you’re going through a tough time, your marriage isn’t good,” Cynthia says. “We’ve been through a lot of tough times. You go through good times, you go through bad times. There are people who have easy relationships but I don’t think they’re having as much fun as David and me.”

David recalls that while they were dating, she brought a rug to her store to have it cleaned.

“She was so excited she kissed me on the cheek,” David said. “Not too many of my clients do, and of course today I don’t think Cynthia would allow it.”

David and Cynthia haven’t quite worked out their plans for an anniversary celebration this year.

“Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else,” she says. “There’s no one else I want to be with.”

“We’ll find something,” David said. “The main thing is that we are together.”

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The first time I saw my future spouse:

She says, “I was interested from the start.”

He says: “She was on a diving board. I think I fell in love with her then.

Our wedding day:

She says: “It looked like it was going to rain, and a big dog got loose and ran around me in my white dress. It broke the ice and everyone was laughing.

He says: “I was very nervous. But she looked beautiful in her wedding dress. And I said, ‘She’s a beautiful woman.’ “

My advice for a long, happy marriage:

She says, “I respect my husband in business. If I couldn’t respect him in the way he does business, I couldn’t stay married because if he wasn’t respectful in business, he wouldn’t be respectful in marriage, right? not ? »

He says, “You’re going to have ups and downs. There will be times when you don’t really like each other but you respect each other. Marriage is work, but trust is so important.

David and Cynthia Martinous aren’t sure how they’ll celebrate their 42nd birthday on May 31, but they say it doesn’t matter what they do as long as they’re together. When they were younger, maybe they went dancing. “We liked to dance,” she says. “You want it to be fun. That’s what dancing is to us, it’s always been fun. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Kimberly Dishongh)

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