Frankie Bridge says living with her in-laws doesn’t mean more nights out with Wayne


Frankie Bridge has opened up about her unusual lifestyle – but that doesn’t mean she’s been spending less time with her two sons, six-year-old Carter and eight-year-old Parker.

Frankie Bridge has a busy home and family life, but doesn’t miss dressing up for date nights with hubby Wayne

Frankie Bridge couldn’t look more relaxed when we caught up with her.

After a crazy few weeks at work, she was able to jet off to sunny Bermuda during the mid-term break with her husband Wayne, 41, and their two sons, Carter, six, and Parker, eight.

“Usually my work ramps up, which gives me the usual mommy guilt, but actually this semester we went to Bermuda to see my sister Victoria and my twin nephews, who live there,” said the 33-year-old man at Notebook in an exclusive interview.

“I want them back here. I missed them so much. »

The former Saturdays singer has kept busy and in January she launched Results With Frankie: Health & Happiness – a mix of exercise, nutrition advice and life coaching – through a website that has helped her cross the lock.

Frankie and Wayne are more likely to spend time together while the kids are in school



Frankie Bridge with husband Wayne and sons



And it does not stop there. Over the past year, Loose Women panelist’s fashion brand FW Bridge has gone from strength to strength. Additionally, she now has collaborations with Next and Tesco.

But despite her seemingly perfect existence and enviable life, she quickly brings us back to reality when we suggest that life should be a bed of roses. In fact, we love it all the more for its searing honesty.

“Honestly, I barely got some air,” she tells us how busy she’s been.

“As soon as we conquer one thing with the fashion brand, we move on to the next. Then the moment it comes out, I’m like, ‘Is this still cool?’ because I’ve been watching it for so long. It’s quite nerve-wracking.

Frankie lives with her husband Wayne, their children and her parents



And with all of her work, Frankie admits it’s hard for her and Wayne to find time for each other.

“We’re really lucky because his mum and dad live with us, but that’s usually when the kids are in school,” she said.

“So on Tuesday we had a nice walk with the dog. We went to the pub and had a little diet coke together, chilled out, then came back to pick up the kids and it was so nice.”

So fancy date nights are still not scheduled despite the extra help around the house.

Frankie says there’s no way the Saturdays will get together even though they’re all friends

“It’s actually really nice to be makeup free and dress up all the time because I do that so much with work,” she said.

But they still manage to keep the spark alive.

“No relationship is ever perfect, but we’ve been together a very long time and we’re still very attracted to each other,” she said.

“He saw me during my pregnancy and everything. We really support each other in everything we do too.”

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And Frankie admits she still lets the boys get into bed with them after recently saying on Loose Women that they all slept together on a mattress on the floor while you sorted out a new bed.

“The boys are back in their beds now, but we’ve gotten used to them coming with us so we all end up at night together and to be honest, I love it!”

Frankie also told us that there were still no plans for a Saturday meeting – although they were still friendly.

“I’m lucky because we get along really well compared to other girl groups,” she said.

“We keep in touch, but no, we don’t. Honestly, it’s been a whirlwind with the fashion label and my dream. I’d love to consider getting into accessories next. Wayne and I are also doing a children’s range for Tesco. It’s so nice to do things we love together. It really was a dream and exceeded all my expectations.”

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