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Adrian Archie is the founder and CEO of petNmind Natural Nutrition, Supplies, & Hygiene, a one-stop-shop for holistic pet nutrition and care.

Archie is the first African American to launch and sell franchises in the $21 billion pet industry. The store’s small box concept model helps deliver the best quality products, services and experiences to the growing number of discerning pet owners who appreciate a more insightful, less intimidating approach to pet care.

For franchise owners, petNmind has created a simple and affordable concept of pet supplies and services. Its small footprint and simplicity are ideal for first-time entrepreneurs, but it’s also robust enough for experienced entrepreneurs and/or investors to capture the attention of the majority of pet owners in their communities and scale quickly.

Adrian Archie, CEO of petNmind Franchise (Image courtesy of petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash Franchise)

Archie launched the flagship Coconut Creek, Florida location in 2016. The natural and holistic pet food store focused on quality and nutrition as a healthier alternative to items found on the shelves of big-box retailers, with a focus on nutritional research. solutions to a range of problems often created by dietary deficiencies.

The first franchise location in Ft. Lauderdale, FL is expected to open in November. Additional locations are expected to open next year in Los Angeles and Orlando. Currently, petNmind is backed by a venture capital investment from Leap Partners, a pet industry venture capital firm.

In addition to dog and cat food and supplies, for a nominal fee, guests can take advantage of grooming services such as washing, shedding removal, ear cleaning and nail trimming. A monthly dental clinic without anesthesia completes the hygienic offer. And for customers interested in regular dog washing services, petNmind offers a recurring subscription program allowing unlimited use of the facility for a monthly fee.

(Image: PetNmind Franchise Retail Products/Courtesy petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash Franchise)

Turning passion into profit

Archie has always had a passion for animals. After college, he spent two years in the Canadian Football League (CFL) with the Montreal Allouettes, and briefly spent time in the National Football League (NFL) with the Atlanta Falcons in 2005 before moving on. embark on a more traditional career in corporate America.

After a career in health sales and marketing that spanned a decade, Archie finally decided to pursue his passion to open his own store offering holistic nutrition, all-natural treats and pet supplies.

When asked why he decided to franchise, Archie explains, “I wanted to support people who want to do more and take greater calculated risks.[s] in business but don’t know how or where to start or just need a strong team around them.

“The support we provide is based on what I’ve learned from doing it myself successfully for almost eight years. Everything from successfully transitioning from Corporate America – no easy task – to successfully launching, engaging customers, operating and scaling a profitable supply and hygiene business for pets.

He also shared valuable advice for business owners considering franchising.

“Get your systems in place first,” he says. “That’s what people really invest in. A turnkey system that reduces the risk of failure. Initially, I just thought it was all about numbers, especially profit, and yes, that matters. No one starts a business to not make money. However, I believe fit and industry are more important. What good is a profitable business if you hate doing it, if your kids don’t want to continue, or if the resale market is challenged by buyers who don’t want to belong to a particular industry? »

“So even as an emerging franchisor, it’s important to know the value of your industry, your concept, and the possibilities for success by being part of both simultaneously. Finally, have a solid plan or source for accessing capital, through debt financing, investors, or professional and personal networks. Ultimately, it’s expensive when you consider lead marketing, sales commissions, public relations, training, travel, key team salaries, and more.

While Archie planned to franchise the concept, there were always challenges along the way, both expected and unexpected.

“The biggest burdens of the transition were money and access,” says Archie. “It’s an expensive proposition to franchise your business and market it to attract leads and build brand awareness. As an emerging franchisor that has relatively mature competition in the franchise business, it’s not hard to break through the noise to get noticed. The biggest challenge is the cost involved in franchise marketing to break through the noise just to find interested people and then engage them through the process, which can be quite a long cycle from start to finish.

(Image courtesy of petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash Franchise)

petNmind is currently developing a digital platform called Pet Quotient or PQ, which will enable their customers, franchisees, as well as several in-house product lines focused on the specific health of pets.

BIPOC representation missing

The pet care industry is quite mature and reached a milestone in 2020, with total sales of $103.6 billion, an all-time high, according to the state of the industry report. American Pet Products Association (APPA). This represents a 6.7% increase from retail sales of $97.1 billion in 2019 (Supermarket News, March 2021).

But with all this success, there are very few BIPOC involved in ownership in the industry. Archie was delighted to have his say on this matter.

“This subject is near and dear to my heart and my personal purpose on this earth. Companion animals change lives and more and more communities need their healing presence.

“BIPOC customers and entrepreneurs are the biggest growth opportunity for the pet industry,” says Archie. “Ultimately, it comes down to a lack of exposure. BIPOC communities simply don’t have the same exposure to pets and animals. Socioeconomics plays a role because pets can be expensive. There are historical reasons why companion animals, dogs in particular, are feared by BIPOC communities. Cultural reasons also play a role.

“I grew up with pets from day one and know firsthand the positive benefits pets have on children and adults alike,” he adds. “Yet many of my friends and family haven’t, and as a result, the humanizing trend is just beginning to reach BIPOC communities. Owning a pet comes first, and from there, owning a business will follow. People need to be exposed and see living examples of the possibilities, then they see the way.

]]> Revue Cabaret ZaZou: ‘Luminaire’ offers a wildly entertaining evening of songs, circus and more https://elixirzdravi.com/revue-cabaret-zazou-luminaire-offers-a-wildly-entertaining-evening-of-songs-circus-and-more/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 22:15:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/revue-cabaret-zazou-luminaire-offers-a-wildly-entertaining-evening-of-songs-circus-and-more/

The Instagram-friendly crescent moon remains in the Cambria Hotel’s 14th-floor lobby, though the signage above now says Cabaret ZaZou rather than Teatro ZinZanni. The basic structure of the over two-hour spectacular “Cabaret ZaZou presents Luminaire” remains similar to the hallmark of Randolph Entertainment LLC, which has made it a point to bring world-class circus performers to the lavish “Spiegeltent” installed in the store. Hotel.

Like ZinZanni, “Luminaire” features a dazzling parade of extraordinary contortionists, acrobats, jugglers and aerialists in a venue so intimate you can see them sweating. As before, circus acts are woven together by an adorable clown (played by ZinZanni star Frank Ferrante) and live music. It’s all accompanied by a nice four-course meal and the chance to drop some serious coin on a gift shop tiara.

‘Cabaret ZaZou presents Luminaire’

But where Teatro ZinZanni was a substantial-as-bubble confection, Dreya Weber-directed “Luminaire” packs a punch with feel-good laughs and jaw-dropping acts of Dare-deviltry.

Nowhere is the change in tone more striking than in a juggling act by Ukraine-born Viktor Kee, who materializes on stage as a sort of untied, otherworldly, stone-faced Prometheus in a bodysuit. as fluid and molding as body paint.

Orbs of light the size of oranges materialize between his fingers, dance down his spine, tower above his head like fireflies in increasingly complex configurations before the circles of light begin to fall. from above like a hailstorm. Kee ends by rushing forward in a pose that is both defiant and pleading, one outstretched arm projecting an orb of light towards the audience before the power goes out.

The nominal theme of “Luminaire” is that we are all at a “feast of forgiveness”, and there are particular rites and rituals dealing with this. Thus explains Ferrante as Forte the clown. Ferrante is irresistible, works the crowd, and deftly handles cheekily maneuverable audience members as he gets everyone dancing to a Beyonce hit. The “At Last” slow-jam comes courtesy of Liv Warfield, who along with James Harkness provide powerful vocals throughout the show.

Musical director Chuck Webb and his crackerjack quintet create a palette of rhythm, blues, soul, rock and pop and old-school gems. The flurry of opening songs, including the playful “Minnie the Moocher,” make the place feel like a playful speakeasy.

Liv Warfield, who along with James Harkness provide powerful vocals throughout the night at “Cabaret ZaZou presents Luminaire”.

The music pivots in a flash as Warfield enters with an electrifying cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” Where Barkley’s original questions the sanity of two people, Warfield seems to blame the sanity of the whole world as she walks across the stage, a star in her element.

From there, we’re treated to a perky/thrilling roller skating number in which England’s Isis Clegg-Vinell and Nathan Price (two-thirds of England’s trapeze band Trio Vertex, which also includes Cornelius Atkinson) kick in as Olympic ice dancers on a platform the size of a backyard trampoline, less than five feet from crowded cafe tables laden with hummus and cocktails.

Mongolian contortionist Ulzii Mergen is also notable for her frolicking and arachnoid dexterity, in which she plays the piano for all four limbs from an angle that seems impossible.

With Warfield, Harkness raises the emotional stakes while accompanying circus acts and solos on his own arena-worthy charisma and a voice that can go from silk to growl to belt to falsetto without dropping a note.

Set designer/design director Shauna Frazier has the stage surrounded from above in (what looks like) stained glass. With candelabra and chandeliers giving the place the warmth of a brothel, there’s no bad place in the house.

Costume designer Debra M. Bauer designs stunning looks, whether they reference the elegance and swagger of the Roaring Twenties or pure fantasy. For their trapeze act, Bauer dons Trio Vertex in red and black flame-patterned units and leotards, their arms and legs bound in leather accents and straps evoking a Mad Max-style dystopian universe. No one smiles as they whirl straps above the diners, their spins, dives and falls get faster, farther and more frantic until we feel like we’re watching fire fall from the sky .

Weber has yet to time it perfectly. Meal service intervenes on some of the voice acts, forcing the actors to compete with newly plated salmon, chicken and steak for the audience’s attention. Don’t get distracted. “Luminaire” is fabulous.

The Soft Moon’s Luis Vasquez Discusses Influences Behind New Album “Exister” https://elixirzdravi.com/the-soft-moons-luis-vasquez-discusses-influences-behind-new-album-exister/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 15:43:23 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/the-soft-moons-luis-vasquez-discusses-influences-behind-new-album-exister/

To exist is the first of Luis Vasquez sweet moon album in four years, and while he’s still working under the umbrella of gothic dance music, it’s a different record than he’s ever done before. Returning to California after living in Berlin, Vasquez wrote and recorded the album in Joshua Tree during the pandemic. “I always complained that I never had enough freedom to do whatever I wanted,” he says. “This time, I literally had everything at my disposal. The whole point of this record was to share all the emotions I feel. No two songs are the same. It’s about existing in the world as a human being and experiencing many emotions and experiences throughout life. Where previous Soft Moon albums fell into a very rigid style — driving motorized beats, vocals that sounded like screamed whispers, ghostly effects — To exist has a much fatter, more melodic sound and, above all, finds it on full vocals. You can listen to the album below.

We asked Luis to tell us more about the inspirations behind To exist, and its list includes music (Swans, Einstürzende Neubauten, more), Joshua Tree, books, movies and more. Read his annotated list below.

The Soft Moon will also be touring this fall, including a show in Brooklyn at Williamsburg Music Hall on November 10 with LOTION and Tracking amount. All dates are listed below.


Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree was as inspiring to me as it was challenging. Being able to go out and explore nature, being active (especially during confinement) has been a major source of inspiration for me. Whenever I felt stuck, I drove into the desert to recharge my batteries. Although after a while a feeling of isolation started to set in and I found myself craving the city life. Yet this experience played a major role in the writing of To exist.

Burn your sins in the desert
I was standing in line somewhere and the back of someone’s t-shirt said “Burn your sins in the desert”. It had an impact on me. It was at the very beginning of To exist when I was looking for direction and purpose. Something in the desert brings you back to the center of yourself. There is no escape, no distractions. You just have to face the truth about who you are, and it’s both exhilarating and terrifying.

My uncle
He was released after forty years in prison when I was halfway through writing the album. Finding him outside of prison was really special because he was the one who bought me my first guitar with drug money when I was twelve. He was the first person to notice that I had a talent for music and he was the only person who always believed in me. He will see me on stage for the first time in November.

The subtle art of not giving a damn by Mark Manson
I’m someone who cares a bit too much, and that’s a problem. I’m sure any artist is prone to self-doubt, but I have a really bad case of it. It constantly disrupts my creative flow to paralysis. So I chose this book as a way to change my mindset, but caring too much about what other people think is still an ongoing battle.

Attachment – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Crap – A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

“Don’t Try”
I got this tattoo in the desert. I remember that day: I was (still) stuck and went to the tattoo shop in the next town and got it. It’s a quote from Charles Bukowski, and goes back to what I described above: excessive self-doubt quickly becomes toxic. I had to learn to let go of expectations, stop caring so much, and do my thing.

Oxygen is this superb French sci-fi thriller from Alexandre Aja. It’s super tense and claustrophobic. I have a thing for outer space movies and survival movies in general, but this one really stuck with me. And Rob’s soundtrack inspired me. Most of my sound inspiration comes from film scores and sound design.

Einstürzende Neubauten
I always find myself listening to the entire Neubauten discography before the creation of my albums. I am a percussionist at heart but what naturally wants to come out of me in terms of rhythms comes from my Latin heritage. Studying Neubauten’s rhythmic approach and use of industrial drums takes me out of convention and creatively inspires me to push the boundaries.

Swans – Dirt
I love the overall production of this particular Swans album. I was inspired by the raw, aggressive sound of the drums. I did a lot of experimenting at home with different mics, different mic placements, unconventional drum tuning, using broken drum heads, and experimenting with many unusual drum production techniques in my drum software. recording to get something inspired by “Filth” but also something different and New.

It kind of ties in with what I mentioned above in terms of finding new drum sounds. Often I get frustrated with everyday instruments. For example, when I bought my first synthesizer, I always found myself trying to create sounds that a synth wouldn’t normally produce and asking the listener which instrument produces which sound. With To exist I tried the same thing, but this time with percussion. I ended up looking for weird and unusual percussion instruments from all over the world and also had a few percussion instruments made especially for this album.

Believe it or not, what really helps inspire creativity is getting completely out of my mind. My thoughts are like an endless nightmare and even worse during the process of writing a new album. With To exist in particular, I needed a break from time to time so as not to be eaten alive. Cooking is the only time I feel a sense of calm and the only time I can focus on one thing. When I’m writing an album, it’s the only thing I think about day and night, so the separation helps.

attachment – the sweet moon ride

The Sweet Moon – 2022 Tour Dates
September 26 Hamburg, DE – U&G*
September 27 Berlin, DE – So36*
September 28 Leipzig, DE – UT Connewitz*
Sep 29 Cologne, DE – Gebaude9*
September 30 Poznan, PL – Próżność*
October 01 Warsaw, PL – Praga Centrum *
October 02 Krakow, PL – Klub Muzyczny Poczta Główna*
October 03 Prague, CZ – Futurum *
October 04 Munich, DE – Hansa 39*
October 05 Pordenone, IT – Capitol *
Oct 06 Rome, IT – Monk*
October 07 Milan, IT – Santeria *
October 8 Bologna, IT – Covo *
October 10 Toulouse, FR – The Connection *
October 11 Vigo, ES – Master Club*
October 12 Lisbon, PT – LAV 2* Room
October 13 Madrid, ES – La Casa Encendida*
October 14 Zaragoza, ES – Jardín de Invierno
October 15 Barcelona, ​​ES – Nitsa Club (Apolo’s (2))
October 17 Lyon, FR – Modern Epicerie #
October 18 Zurich, CH – Mascot Club #
October 19 Ghent, BE – Handelsbeurs #
October 20 Lille, FR – Le Grand Mix #
October 21 Luxembourg, LU – Kulturfabrik #
October 22 Brussels, BE – Beursschouwburg #
October 24 Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso Noord #
October 25 Nijmegen, NL – Doornroosje #
October 26 Groningen, NL – VERA#
October 27 London, UK – The Garage#
October 28 Amiens, FR – The Pirates’ Moon #
October 29 Paris, FR – Trabendo #
November 9 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Underground Arts %
November 10 Brooklyn, NY – Williamsburg Music Hall √
November 11 Washington, DC – The Howard Theater %
November 12 Richmond, Virginia – The Broadberry %
November 13 Asheville, NC – The Gray Eagle %
November 14 Atlanta, Georgia – Masquerade (Hell Stage) %
November 16 New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jack’s ¥
November 17 Houston, TX – ¥ Figures
November 18 Dallas, TX – Deep Ellum Art Co¥
November 19 Austin, TX – Mohawk ¥
November 21 Phoenix, Arizona – Crescent Ballroom ¥
November 25 Los Angeles, CA – The Regent Theater †
November 26 San Francisco, CA – The Independent †
November 29 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom †
November 30 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater †
December 01 Seattle, WA – Neumos †
December 02 Boise, ID – The Olympic †
December 3 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Fair †
December 04 Denver, CO – The Oriental Theater †
December 6 Minneapolis, MN – Fine Line †
December 07 Chicago, IL – Subway †
December 08 Detroit, MI – El Club †
December 09 Toronto, ON – The Opera House †
December 10 Montreal, QC – SAT †
December 11 Boston, MA – The Sinclair †

* with Fata Morgana
# with Pyrite
√ w/ LOTION, trace amount
% w/ Model/ Actriz
† with New Testament

]]> Maltz Museum explains the benefits of changing your name | Guest columns https://elixirzdravi.com/maltz-museum-explains-the-benefits-of-changing-your-name-guest-columns/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 15:00:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/maltz-museum-explains-the-benefits-of-changing-your-name-guest-columns/

Recently, the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage announced that it had updated its logo. As part of this new graphic presence, we have adopted an abbreviated name. The museum is also currently exploring ways to rejuvenate and revamp its exhibits, with a bigger role for its well-established Stop the Hate program. Periodic review and revitalization is essential and normal for museums, which must periodically dust off their exhibits, update their media and technology, and revamp their facilities to meet the needs of the community and the tenor of the times.

Current graphic changes mean that the museum refreshes our appearance. These changes do not mean that we change our mission or our message. And that certainly doesn’t mean it will be any less focused on its core commitment to celebrating, preserving and promoting Jewish heritage.

The updated logo design shortens the museum name from the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage to the simpler and clearer Maltz Museum. Does this shortened name mean he no longer explores and celebrates Jewish heritage? No way. Quite the contrary: this change and the changes to come reflect a determination to more effectively bring our uniquely Jewish perspective and our powerful stories to new audiences and a new generation of visitors.

In 2016, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York replaced its more cumbersome five-word logo by simply becoming: The Met. Abandoning the term “Art Museum” did not mean that he was throwing away his Picassos or his Greek pottery or that he was abandoning his sculpture rooms. The Met created a simpler logo and shorter name to nurture a more welcoming personality in tune with the times. The rebranding of the Maltz Museum has similar goals.

The mission of the Maltz Museum has always been to celebrate the Jewish experience. It tells a Jewish story, but it is a museum for people of all backgrounds and faiths. Anti-Semitic crimes and other hate crimes are on the alarming increase. For the Jews, this is a story we have seen before and we know the dangers it entails.

We spotlight the individuals and institutions that have tirelessly fought anti-Semitism, finding creative ways to preserve our unique identity and values ​​while adapting to, and even thriving in, the wider culture. These are themes that speak to everyone, Jews and non-Jews, and which may have particular resonance for other marginalized groups. And it’s a voice we need more than ever.

In the years to come, the Maltz Museum plans to greatly expand its exploration of the Holocaust, using this horrific experience as a powerful lesson highlighting the dangers of leaving hatred unchallenged. The Maltz Museum will remain deeply rooted in Jewish values, traditions and teachings. Jewish heritage remains at the core of who we are, and the museum will continue to weave it through every aspect of our existence – both implicitly and explicitly – as we have since our opening in 2005. We will simply grow our foundation by supplementing the current narrative with additional stories, enhancing them with the latest media technology.

The promotion of respect for all humanity and the denunciation of hatred are deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, from Rabbi Hillel’s famous summary of the Golden Rule to the simple eloquence of Psalm 133, “Hinei ma tov u’ma na’im shevet achim gam yachad – See how good and pleasant it is when all people live together as one.

The Maltz Museum looks forward to joining our allies and warmly welcoming new friends to ensure that our Jewish Heritage Museum continues to meet the needs of all.

Grant Dinner is the Chairman of the Board of the Maltz Museum at Beachwood and David Schafer is the Managing Director.

1 in 5 teens have symptoms of depression, what we know https://elixirzdravi.com/1-in-5-teens-have-symptoms-of-depression-what-we-know/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 22:26:20 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/1-in-5-teens-have-symptoms-of-depression-what-we-know/

  • Researchers found that in 2020 the rate of depression was around 9% for Americans 12 and older.
  • However, it rose to 17% when they looked at teenagers and young adults.
  • Depressive symptoms were most common among people aged 18 to 25, with the number of people seeking help still low.

New research reveals that nearly 10% of Americans live with depression, with rates about twice as high as in teens and young adults.

“Our study updates depression prevalence estimates for the U.S. population through 2020 and confirms the growing increase in depression from 2015 to 2019,” said study lead author Renee D. Goodwin, PhD, adjunct professor in the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia Mailman School. public health in a press release.

The study was published this week in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

She noted that this reflected an escalating public health crisis in the United States even before the pandemic began.

The researchers used data from the 2015-2020 National Survey of Drug Use and Health, a nationally representative study of American individuals aged 12 and older.

They found that in 2020, the past-12-month rate of depression was about 9% for Americans in this age group; however, it rose to 17% when they looked at teenagers and young adults.

“Major depression is a clinical disorder, so it is characterized by persistent sad or depressed mood, loss of interest in activities,” Dr. Shawna Newman, a psychiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, told Healthline.

While the prevalence of depression was unchanged among adults aged 35 and older, the condition was more common among people aged 18 to 25, with the number of people seeking help remaining consistently low.

“Our results showed that most adolescents with depression neither spoke to a healthcare professional about symptoms of depression nor received pharmacological treatment from 2015 to 2020,” Goodwin said in a statement.

The researchers also found that:

  • Rates of depression among non-Hispanic white individuals exceeded all other racial/ethnic groups.
  • Depression was higher in women than in men, and in adults who were not currently or previously married.
  • Although depression increased for all income groups, the greatest increase was seen among those with the lowest household income.

“The key here to meet the criteria, they must have a consistently low depressed mood,” Newman explained.

Newman said while the official criteria is two weeks, it’s more typically a month or two.

“Two weeks, a month or maybe even two months and that makes things clearer,” she explained. “So it’s persistent. It’s different from distress or being upset – often people use that kind of language, everyone does, ‘I feel down today.’

Dr. Noshene Ranjbar, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson, said potential causes for the increased rates of depression include genetic factors, substance use (such as alcohol) and environmental or social factors.

“These include loneliness, loss of loved ones, job, finances or anything else particularly stressful, having an illness, being affected by racism or prejudice against their gender, sexuality, beliefs, culture or way of life,” she said. said.

According to Ranjbar, it can also include any other change in life that disrupts our ability to cope.

“Negative childhood experiences and trauma can also increase a person’s risk of developing depression later in life,” she added.

Stephanie G. Thompson, LCSW, director of San Diego adolescent clinical operations for Lightfully Behavioral Health, said the pandemic has played a significant role in stressing mental health.

“Rates [of depressive symptoms] triple when the COVID pandemic first hit, growing from 8.5% of the population to 27.8% in 2020, 32.8% in 2021, and continues to rise today,” Thompson said

She pointed out that the pandemic has caused a global crisis in all aspects of life for many reasons, including isolation and anxiety fueled by the unknown of the pandemic’s trajectory and ultimate outcome.

“While aging adults have historically suffered from depression at higher rates than most, adolescents are more susceptible to major depressive disorder, ‘severe’ type, these days,” Thompson said.

Newman said one of the reasons is that their social and developmental demands are greater.

“The developmental imperative in this age group is so focused on socialization and emotional growth that isolation, limitation, estrangement, hiding – it’s profoundly difficult for adolescents,” he said. she declared. “Because they biologically need facial expression, body language; they are very social because humans are very social animals – but teenagers want them, they need them.

She pointed out that the loss of peer interaction, reduced contact with supports like teachers, group activities, even just walking down the hallway of a normal high school suddenly disappeared.

“It is a disaster!” says Newman. “You think the school is almost the main place where we get assessment and treatment for psychological services, and often psychiatric services as well.

Newman thinks that perhaps 80% of children who rely on school services to meet their needs don’t get them.

“They are at home with their thoughts and a computer,” she says.

“But the experiences that are supposed to be three dimensional in nature, or four dimensional if you’re counting time, where you’re in a space that has a purpose and a purpose, and you have groupthink and the teacher and a whole interaction , it’s vital and it was gone in a second,” Newman continued.

According to Thompson, teenagers face serious challenges as they grow into adulthood, including inflation and student debt.

“However, teens face a very different dilemma due to rising student debt and the cost of living,” she said. “These alone are creating their own national crisis and teenagers are extremely nervous about making decisions and taking on responsibilities that they are no longer sure they can handle.”

She added that they are also deciding to avoid getting involved due to rising divorce rates, longer lifespans and frequent changes in interests in relationship types.

“The unknown of the future has created an overwhelming sense of anxiety surrounding decision-making in all aspects of their lives,” she continued.

Thompson thinks it’s critical to focus on ongoing efforts to normalize the receipt of mental health services, talk about them, and create more easily accessible mental health resources.

She said school was one of the best places to find easily accessible resources.

“While some public school districts have guidance counselors or a social worker on staff, this is not enough to address the prevalence and severity of adolescent mental health needs today,” a- she continued.

Offering courses in “brain health,” personal wellness, and offering therapeutic services in public schools where teens can easily see a licensed therapist could have a “huge” impact on the number of teens, Thompson says. able to access care.

“Teen-accessible therapy will reduce the need to take time off work to bring teens to as many care appointments,” she said. “And having more professionally trained mental health professionals in schools and better-prepared caregivers will give adults more opportunities to catch the signs and symptoms of adolescent depression earlier.”

A recent study finds that rates of depressive symptoms have risen dramatically, with teens and young adults particularly affected.

Experts say that while many factors could be responsible, the COVID-19 pandemic likely played a big role in the rise.

They also say more mental health resources are needed, especially in school settings, to make treatment accessible to those who need it.

Where you’ve seen the cast of The Serpent Queen before https://elixirzdravi.com/where-youve-seen-the-cast-of-the-serpent-queen-before/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 15:25:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/where-youve-seen-the-cast-of-the-serpent-queen-before/

Samantha Morton plays the Serpent Queen herself, Catherine de’ Medici, and the actor’s role as the Machiavellian Medici isn’t his first turn at wearing a crown. In 2007, Morton played the unfortunate Scottish queen Mary Stuart in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”. She has also appeared in a number of other films, including “Minority Report”, “The Libertine”, Synecdoche, New York”, “John Carter” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. appeared in ‘The Whale’, a film notable for earning Brendan Fraser wide critical acclaim.

Millennials may recognize Morton’s voice from her role as Ruby in Rosemary Wells’ “Max & Ruby” children’s series, which aired on Nick Jr. in the early 2000s. On the other end of the entertainment spectrum, Morton starred as 18th-century Madame Margaret Wells on Hulu’s “Harlots,” telling Decider she relished the madam’s “really dirty, dark sense of humor” and found the script “just brilliant.” She went on to play the completely maniacal leader of Whisperer Alpha in “The Walking Dead,” a role that earned her praise from critics like Collider’s Vinnie Mancuso, who praised the “unpredictable performance” and “energy there.” from Morton, comparing the role to “Marlon Brando’s psychotically magnetic Colonel Walter Kurtz.” In many ways, her role in “The Serpent Queen” comes across as a marriage between Alpha’s ruthless, unpredictable nature and Margaret Wells’ cynical, sarcastic pragmatism, making it one of her most delightful performances to date. this day.

World-renowned band Earth, Wind & Fire perform a show for Tallahassee residents https://elixirzdravi.com/world-renowned-band-earth-wind-fire-perform-a-show-for-tallahassee-residents/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 05:47:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/world-renowned-band-earth-wind-fire-perform-a-show-for-tallahassee-residents/

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — Wednesday night, Tallahassee became a Boogie Wonderland as Earth, Wind and Fire took center stage at the Cascades Park Amphitheater.

The sold-out event drew many people to Tallahassee eager to see the award-winning band.

People were ready for Just Groove Wednesday night in Tallahassee as people of all backgrounds and ages were thrilled to experience the elements, Earth, Wind and Fire.

The shining stars themselves put on a show Wednesday night in Tallahassee and with them came fond memories.

“It’s the vibe and being able to remember what happened from when I was growing up in high school to today,” said Tallahassee resident Angel Lluveras. “Being able to live with the band, dance with the band and enjoy the time we spent together for a while.”

The band’s music spanning a period that one couple said was a big part of their relationship.

“We’ve been married for over thirty years, so this is part of our beginnings, you know. Earth, Wind & Fire have been a part of our lives for some time,” explained Tallahassee residents Rich and Jakki Smith. “I grew up enjoying Earth, Wind & Fire and haven’t seen them in over forty years, so this is just a chance to get out and relive some old memories.”

Hundreds of people of all ages gathered to watch the legendary band whose impact spanned generations.

“Their music is just awesome, it speaks to everyone and it’s very relaxing and just relaxing and it’s just timeless,” said Tallahassee resident Lori Huskisson.

Huskisson was unable to enter the sold-out event, but that didn’t stop her from sitting in her own lawn chair enjoying the music just outside the premises.

“I’m having a great time! It’s a beautiful night, beautiful weather and it’s just a wonderful concert that sounds great and I didn’t have to pay for it so it’s great,” exclaimed Huskisson.

The band gave a timeless performance on one of the most fitting days of the year, much to the delight of their fans.

“Oh my God, just like the song! Oh wow! Yes yes! It’s amazing! It’s perfect! That will come to mind when we sing September,” the Smiths enthused.

And after love and music ended Wednesday night in Tallahassee, people say they’ll never forget September 21.

Considering it was the night of September 21st, the iconic group wrapped up their performance with their mind-blowing song “September”!

A professor from UNR will sit on the National Names Committee https://elixirzdravi.com/a-professor-from-unr-will-sit-on-the-national-names-committee/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 23:20:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/a-professor-from-unr-will-sit-on-the-national-names-committee/

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Squaw Valley Ski Resort was established in 1949 and is known for hosting the 1960 Olympics. But in the spring of 2021, the resort changed its name to Palisades Tahoe.

Over the years the word ‘Squaw’ has been accepted as a racial slur – so much so that earlier this month the Home Office declared the word ‘Squaw’ a derogatory term and removed it. removed from federal use.

A list of over 600 geographic areas nationwide with the word “Squaw” was released with name replacement. Here in Nevada, that meant a geographic name change to 34 sites.

“Alternate names for all of these sites were created and it was a fairly quick and little-publicized turnaround,” says Christine Johnson Ph.D., professor of geography at UNR. “Officially all terms changed on September 8, this month only,” she says.

Johnson, a member of the Nevada State Board of Geographic Names, says that’s not the end.

Now, the Department of the Interior has set up a 17-member committee to review other federal sites with possibly derogatory names. Johnson was chosen as one of these committee members.

“We’re supposed to focus only on derogatory terms at this time,” she says. “Something that is intentionally hurtful, a slanderous word for most likely an ethnic group,” Johnson says.

Depending on the committee’s findings, name changes could be made to federal forests, parks, wildlife refuges, to name a few.

Johnson says the moves will be controversial to many who believe such changes will alter the story and the reasons behind the names.

“The understanding of some of the history has already been erased with the presence of modern maps and the English language on the landscape in the first place,” says Johnson. “The cartographers spoke English. Very often there was knowledge of traditional names. They just got forgotten on the cards,” she says.

The committee will be deliberative, she said. And the changes will not happen quickly.

While the National Names Committee will certainly attempt to identify derogatory geographic names on federal lands…this same committee is not responsible for name replacement.

That will be left to others with input from the public. A federal database archives geographic name variants for quick reference of old site names. Thus, someone looking for an alternative name to a site will be able to find it.

Johnson says the committee will meet in November for the first time. The task at hand, finding nationwide derogatory names on federal sites could take 2 years.

What Multivitamins Really Mean For Your Health – According To Experts https://elixirzdravi.com/what-multivitamins-really-mean-for-your-health-according-to-experts/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 07:00:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/what-multivitamins-really-mean-for-your-health-according-to-experts/

In the fight against dementia, there may be one simple weapon we’ve always had in our arsenal: take a daily multivitamin. New scientific research has suggested that a dietary supplement may prevent cognitive decline in people over 65, keeping their brains sharp for two more years.

The study of 2,200 men and women found that those who took a multivitamin every day slowed their aging by 60%, or 1.8 years. They had improved overall cognition, episodic memory and executive function, compared to those taking a placebo. Multivitamins contain vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B, minerals such as zinc, selenium and magnesium, and some antioxidants.

“We knew these supplements could benefit brain health, but no one had ever tested them in the way we proposed,” says study author Laura D Baker, professor of internal medicine, neurology and Public Health Sciences at Wake Forest University, North Carolina. “This amazing finding needs to be replicated in further studies, but if true, the treatment could be available to everyone around the world. Multivitamins are inexpensive and accessible.

According to YouGov, about half of us already take a supplement once a week or more and the supplement market is on the rise; it is expected to reach £559m in 2025.

Yet, for many years, the debate has raged over the use and effectiveness of supplements.

The only previous study of long-term multivitamin use, the Physicians Health Study II, which ran from 1997 to 2011, showed no particular protection against cognitive decline. Earlier this year, an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association said: “People are wasting money thinking there must be a magic set of pills that will keep them healthy when we should all be taking evidence-based healthy eating practices. and exercise.

At present, the only recommendation the NHS makes for adults in general is to take 10 micrograms of vitamin D in autumn and winter. So why might these findings – published in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association – change the approach of the medical community?

“The educated guess is that those over 65 have suboptimal micronutrient status for a variety of reasons,” says Baker. “We don’t absorb nutrients the same way we age. In general, in the United States, we eat a terrible diet of processed foods, carbohydrates, and saturated fats, but not a lot of nutrient-dense foods. The UK will face similar problems – not only are our diets increasingly transformed, but we face the same problems as we age: reduced ability to chew, loss of appetite, slowed metabolism and decreased production of stomach acid which helps break down food.

Research has shown that multivitamins particularly lead to improvements in people with cardiovascular disease. “Cardiovascular disease is consistently associated with more rapid cognitive decline,” says Baker. “The disease itself can deprive the body of micronutrients at a faster rate, so you need to consume more of them. Secondly, drugs alter the absorption of micronutrients.

“Our hypothesis is that regular multivitamin intake helped heart patients overcome some of their medical conditions.”

However, Baker cautions against further research, with a larger and more diverse group of participants needed before recommending that all midwives start taking supplements. “This study was carried out through a nationwide recruitment campaign by mail or media advertising that tends to recruit a certain type of person. We want to ensure that our sample is diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, but also rural background.

The multivitamin involved in the research was Centrum Silver, containing the aforementioned broad-spectrum blend of vitamins and minerals, plus carotenoids, lutein and lycopene – antioxidants believed to protect the skin and eyes. This specific combination was not present in the doctors’ less optimistic study, and there are studies that support the effectiveness of the ingredients found in the formulation.

“There’s enough evidence to say, with the high doses of B vitamins and the addition of lutein and lycopene, that it’s a pretty decent mix,” says Baker. “You also have to consider the possibility that it’s not just one ingredient, it’s the combination.”

Nishtha Patel is a clinical nutritionist, who thinks adding B vitamins can be helpful. “A lack of B12 – vital for keeping red blood cells and nerves healthy – can give symptoms of dementia-like cognitive decline,” she says. “And if you’re on medication, that makes a difference in how the nutrients are assimilated.” For example, drugs such as metformin, which are used to treat type 2 diabetes, deplete vitamin B12.

“B vitamins have been extensively researched to maintain levels of the compound, homocysteine,” says Dr. Emma Derbyshire, public health nutritionist, Health & Food Supplements Information Service. Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid and high levels are a risk factor for heart disease. “If homocysteine ​​levels rise too much, for example, it can impact the health of blood vessels in the brain, with potential impact on blood flow,” says Derbyshire. “Vitamins may also act as antioxidants in the brain and reduce the risk of inflammation, which may increase the risk of poor brain health.”

However, warns Derbyshire: “Multivitamins are not intended to treat disease, they are intended to help fill nutritional gaps in the diet. In this current study, participants did not have dementia. It may be that micronutrient levels were low in these participants and that the intake of vitamins and minerals helped improve brain health.

Moon-themed Jazz Festival in Pangkor from October 7 https://elixirzdravi.com/moon-themed-jazz-festival-in-pangkor-from-october-7/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 23:10:34 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/moon-themed-jazz-festival-in-pangkor-from-october-7/

IF JAZZ is what you dream of, don’t miss the Pangkor Island Jazz Festival 2022.

Inspired by the popular jazz number Fly Me to the Moon, jazz lovers are invited to the inaugural event at Sungai Pinang Kecil on Pangkor Island in Perak. The festival runs from October 7 to 9.

Organized by Oriental Art & Cultural Association (OACA), the “Jazz Meets the Island” themed event serves as a platform for local musicians to showcase their talents and make live jazz accessible to the local community.

Pangkor Island Jazz Festival Director and OACA Executive Director Eric Ch’ng said, “The three-day festival program cultivates appreciation for music and encourages dialogue through concerts, talks and workshops.Junji Delfino will be on stage.

“Pangkor Island is a heritage-rich fishing village with a population of 25,000.

“With the perfect backdrop of a near-full moon over the weekend, the jazz festival opens with a concert titled ‘Purnama over Pangkor’.

“The word ‘purnama’ which means full moon in Malay, is appropriate because the moon is full during the weekend.

“We hope to create an appreciation for live jazz music within the local community, and also deepen conversations between artists and aficionados by giving them a platform to showcase their art at the festival,” he said during of a press conference in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Jazz aficionados can expect songs in different languages ​​and multiple dialects performed by local artists at three concerts, four sharing sessions and showcases as well as two jazz exhibitions during the festival.

Expect big-name vocalists like Asia’s leading Chinese female jazz vocal trio The Shang Sisters, presenting reinterpretations of Shanghai classics through song and dance.

Other performers include singers Junji Delfino, Janet Lee, Winnie Ho, and Mian Tan who sing moon-themed crowd favorites like Fly Me to The Moon, Terang Bulan, and Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (The Moon Represents my heart).

There will also be an Afro Cuban Percussions showcase, an acapella workshop as well as exhibits on Jazz Heritage and Terang Boelan.

Festival curator and music director Tay Cher Siang said “jazz should be experienced live”.

“Each performance will feature improvisation of beats and songs,” he said.

The opening concert on October 7 titled “Purnama Over Pangkor” and the jazz concert on October 8 titled “Moon Dance with The Shang Sisters” to be held at Voyage Retreat are priced at RM100 each.

Meanwhile, admission to the October 9 closing charity jazz concert titled “Sunset x Moon Rise” is by donation.

Proceeds will be donated to the island’s Music Development Fund.

For details, visit facebook.com/PangkorIslandJazzFestival

Tickets are available at cloudtix.co/shows/pangkor-island-jazz-festival-2022