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Magma Fincorp Limited, an RBI-registered non-bank finance (NBFC) company, was renamed Poonawalla Fincorp Limited and started rebranding business, following the acquisition of a controlling stake by Rising Sun Holdings Private Limited run by Adar Poonawalla on the 21st year.

At the same time, its wholly owned housing finance subsidiary Magma Housing Finance Limited is also renamed Poonawalla Housing Finance Limited.

A press release issued by Poonawalla Fincorp said that in its new avatar under the Poonawalla brand, the group will focus on the consumer and MSME segment. As part of the new strategy, the company will expand its product line to include personal loans, business loans, merchant cash advances, home loans, consumer loans and machine loans, as well as existing business loan products, used cars. loans and mortgages.

Co-branded credit card

Earlier this month, the board approved a proposal to enter into a co-branded credit card agreement for co-branded credit card issuance, subject to obtaining the necessary approvals from regulators.

Adar Poonawalla, President of Poonawalla Fincorp Limited, said in the statement, “This marks the start of not only a rebranding, but also the fundamental way we are going to do business. New products at new geographic locations across India; we hope to be of service to every citizen, helping them to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

Poonawalla Fincorp Limited started operations almost three decades ago and is listed on BSE Limited and the National Stock Exchange in India. Following the capital increase of 3,456 crore in May, the company is now part of the Poonawalla group with a majority stake held by Rising Sun Holdings Private Limited, a company owned and controlled by Adar Poonawalla.

The company operates in 21 states with 297 branches and has a customer base of approximately 5.4 million with a loan portfolio of over 14,000 crore. Poonawalla Fincorp offers a variety of financial products, including SME finance, mortgage finance, unsecured loans and general insurance.

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Priya Prakash Varrier sets the internet on fire as she dances the streets of Russia while popping “The Malayali” in her watch https://elixirzdravi.com/priya-prakash-varrier-sets-the-internet-on-fire-as-she-dances-the-streets-of-russia-while-popping-the-malayali-in-her-watch/ https://elixirzdravi.com/priya-prakash-varrier-sets-the-internet-on-fire-as-she-dances-the-streets-of-russia-while-popping-the-malayali-in-her-watch/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 06:43:09 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/priya-prakash-varrier-sets-the-internet-on-fire-as-she-dances-the-streets-of-russia-while-popping-the-malayali-in-her-watch/

The beautiful Priya Prakash Varrier often makes the headlines due to her prominent presence on social networks. The actress, lately, has stolen hearts with her incredible messages. Whether it’s her stunning photos or her dancing videos, Priya misses no chance to leave her fans in awe of her. On Friday, she set the internet on fire by showing off her dancing skills in the streets of Russia, and that, too, in a sari.

Priya, known as Wink Girl, took to her Instagram account and shared a video in which she is seen dancing to tunes from a Malayalam song. Sharing the post, she wrote: “Any apologies for bringing out the malayali in me #nammastories @netflix_in.”

Priya looked gorgeous wearing a stylish white saree while dancing. Needless to say, it’s hard to take your eyes off the actress in the video. Her fans and followers couldn’t help but gush about her sheer beauty and flooded the comments section with heart emoticons.

Check out the post below:

Professionally, Priya Prakash is preparing for the release of her upcoming film ‘Ishq – Not A Love Story’ starring Teja Sajja. The film was directed by SS Raju. The thriller, slated for release on April 23, will now hit theaters on July 30.

Announcing the new release date, Priya Prakash Varrier dropped the movie poster and wrote, “Let’s restart the theatrical experience on an exciting note! #ISHQ, not a love story only in CINEMAS from JULY 30, 2021!

Image source: Instagram / /priya.p.varrier

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5 best podcasts on fitness, nutrition, and period https://elixirzdravi.com/5-best-podcasts-on-fitness-nutrition-and-period/ https://elixirzdravi.com/5-best-podcasts-on-fitness-nutrition-and-period/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 05:39:40 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/5-best-podcasts-on-fitness-nutrition-and-period/

What are fitness podcasts used for? Are you screaming out of bed? Scream in your ear to go faster? If you think about it, it’s time to play shuffle.

Good health and fitness podcasts motivate us to live healthier lives, yes, but through education, encouragement, and empowerment.

Luckily, there’s a podcast for just about everything these days, so we figured we were going to cut back on some of the best to cultivate better relationships with our bodies.

Whether it’s feeding ourselves properly to exercise or figuring out what it means if our period suddenly stops, there is so much vital information to absorb from these five podcasts alone that you will want to take time for them all – then take a mental rest the next day.

Your pace …

Run for real

Run for real
Health & Fitness Podcasts: Running For Real

Since elite marathon runner Tina Muir shared her story of eating disorders and amenorrhea on her website, thousands upon thousands of women with irregular or missing periods have contacted her. Thanks to her open-mindedness and honesty, this taboo subject in the running community has gradually come to the fore, with more and more women seeking help and eventually recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Since 2017, Muir’s Run for real The podcast kicked off even bigger conversations, as she interviews her fellow runners, as well as psychologists, nutritionists and sports scientists. Her episode with eating disorders specialist Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani is particularly inspiring.

RD Real Talk

RD Real Talk
Health and Fitness Podcasts: RD Real Talk

The same diet will have different results for different people. It’s so important to remember that in an industry where everyone has an opinion about what / where / when you should eat.

One dietician whose opinion we particularly like is Heather Caplan, a so-called “anti-diet dietician”. She uses weight-promoting practices and intuitive eating principles to help people heal their relationships with food and their bodies. On her Real conversation podcast – created for dieticians but also loved by athletes – Caplan sits down with fellow anti-diet practitioners to dissect the food industry and discuss their philosophies.

Perform the selfie repeat

Perform the selfie repeat
Health and Fitness Podcasts: Run Selfie Repeat

If you’re looking to get back to (or resume) running, Kelly Roberts Perform the selfie repeat will take you there at your own pace. Full of Guided Runs, Fitness 101, and expert advice, his podcast invites you to embrace fitness as a feeling and join his gang as they “get real, get ugly, eat ass and take names. “.

Oh, she means a real gang. Roberts is the founder of Badass Lady Gang, the kind of running community created by women for women that makes you want to hit the air without a single hint of #GirlBoss. If you are looking for the right motivation to put on your sneakers, take Perform the selfie repeat with you on your next walk and see what happens …

The period of the period

the period of the period.
Health & fitness podcasts: the period of the period.

If you have a period, you may already know how your cycle affects your workouts. However, has it ever occurred to you that you can use this knowledge to your advantage and tailor your exercise programs to better match your hormones? At the same time, if you have a missing or irregular period, have you given any thought to how your relationship to exercise contributes to it?

Through no fault of our own, there is a general lack of awareness and support around specific performance for women, which is why Kelly McNulty created the period of the period. Podcast. McNulty is a doctoral candidate examining the effects of the menstrual cycle on performance and recovery, and it’s here that she begins these important and necessary conversations with leading experts on topics ranging from breast health to contraceptives. hormonal. Watch out for episode six, where she interviews Strong Stylist Renee McGregor, a leading sports dietitian and specialist in RED-S.

Eat the rules

Eat the rules
Health and Fitness Podcasts: Eat the Rules

What is the impact of medical fatphobia on black communities? What does body acceptance really mean? What do you do when you “understand intellectually” but still feel bad in your body? Answering questions like these in this empowering podcast is by confidence coach and bestselling author Summer Innanen.

In Eat the rules, Innanen hears stories from real people and interviews experts in the fields of body image and intersectional feminism to help us “live a life beyond the scale.” Her Mega Chest of Episodes also includes practical tips and tricks to help us not only come to terms with our bodies, but celebrate it… way beyond Hot Girl Summer.

Images: Courtesy Podcast

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National Zoo asks public to name 3 cute black-footed ferrets https://elixirzdravi.com/national-zoo-asks-public-to-name-3-cute-black-footed-ferrets/ https://elixirzdravi.com/national-zoo-asks-public-to-name-3-cute-black-footed-ferrets/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:00:44 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/national-zoo-asks-public-to-name-3-cute-black-footed-ferrets/ The National Zoo is asking the public for help in naming their three new black-footed ferrets.

The National Zoo is asking for help naming its three new black-footed ferret kits. (Courtesy of the National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute at the Smithsonian)

The National Zoo is asking the public for help in naming their three new black-footed ferrets.

The adorable kits – a female and two males – were born on May 16 to mother Potpie, three, and father Daly, one year old, at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va. The public can see the kits growing in the zoo Black footed ferret webcam.

The public will choose from a list of names provided by the institute’s carnivore keepers, which reflect the animals’ importance as a “distinctly North American species,” according to A press release.

The vote, which runs until Sunday, will take place in three different ways. To name the female ferret, people can vote by day on the zoo website. One of the man’s names will be selected by current members of the Smithsonian National Zoo via an e-newsletter poll. The other male will be named by the players of the Zookeepers, the educational mobile app for the zoo.

The name choices for the female ferret are as follows:

  • Americana: Scientific names for many prairie species include Americana;
  • Aster: A purple flower native to the American prairie;
  • Prairie Rose: Species of rose native to central North America.

The name options for the male ferret selected by the members of the National Zoo are as follows:

  • Albus: In honor of the pale sturgeon (Scaphirhychus albus), an endangered fish;
  • Cupido: In honor of the great prairie chicken (Tympanuchus cupido);
  • Swifty: In honor of the swift fox.

The naming choices for the male kit named by Zoo Guardians players are as follows:

  • Aspen: Short for “trembling aspen” – a plant native to the American prairie;
  • Cottonwood: A plant native to the American prairie;
  • Falco: In honor of the prairie falcon (Falco mexicanus).
The public will have until Sunday to choose their favorite names for the zoo’s three black-footed ferret kits. (Courtesy of the National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute at the Smithsonian)

The announcement of the baby ferrets’ name changes comes a month before the 40th anniversary of the discovery of their species, said Will Pitt, acting deputy director of the national zoo. The black-footed ferret was originally thought to be extinct.

“This species has made a remarkable recovery through the power of collaborative conservation and breeding science,” I am delighted that we can honor this milestone and success by inviting our fans to help name the Potpie kits. ” , Pitt said.

In August, the Black-footed Ferret Species Survival Plan will conduct a genetic evaluation of the entire human-managed population. This assessment, the statement said, will determine whether the kits stay at Front Royal, move to another breeding facility, or join the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s preconditioning program to prepare for release to the wild.

The winning names will be announced on July 27.

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Halfway and Livin ‘on a Prayer https://elixirzdravi.com/halfway-and-livin-on-a-prayer/ https://elixirzdravi.com/halfway-and-livin-on-a-prayer/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 05:56:47 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/halfway-and-livin-on-a-prayer/

I turned 27 at the PCT! We spent my birthday in South Lake Tahoe, riding scooters, lying on the beach, and eating in town. It was a welcome break from the trail and the chores that normally fill my time in town. After the celebration was over, we asked a trail angel to take us back to the trailhead and begin the next leg of our journey.

The first days back on the track were extremely hot. Like over 100 degrees kind of hot. I’m a girl from the south who promised herself not to complain about the heat because I would rather be hot than cold, but let’s say it was hot. Luckily we passed several lakes so naturally we went for a swim to cool off in (almost) all of them.

During this section the trail begins to climb mountains with ski lifts on the horizon. So weird to stand on top of this rocky mountain with sweat running down my face and imagine people rolling down the snow covered slopes. I need to come back in the winter, I tell myself. The trail then opened up to an epic ridge with drop offs on either side. That’s why they call it the Pacific Ridge Trail. We spent this evening enjoying free beer for hikers at Donner Ski Ranch and hanging out with other hikers.

The next two days passed in and out of the forests with every shade of green you could imagine. Dark green of pine needles, lime green of wolf lichen lining tree trunks, light green of ferns lining the forest floor. The girls all hiked together these few days as our time with our friend Caterpillar was coming to an end as she is about to start her graduate studies soon.

We made the 5,000 foot descent to Sierra City just in time for July 4th. Boy was it a blast. There was live music in the local cafe with a band which included a banjo and a violin. We had a California Hoedown ourselves. The Alabama summer camp counselor in me couldn’t help but run the whole room full of people in line and couple dancing. We all had so much fun that the band ended up playing an hour longer. God bless America, folks.

How does the saying go? What goes down must go up? Because the trail went down 5,000 feet to town, then we had to go up 5,000 feet to the mountain. Nothing helps me climb a mountain like my friend Merideth’s reading list. I put on my headphones and jammed in the air. It wasn’t that bad, I’m getting stronger. It’s a good feeling.

The next two days we walked through a burnt section of endless blackened and branchless trees with the trail covered in ash. At first there was something strangely beautiful about the lifeless trees. After several kilometers, however, it became mundane and repetitive. Can we bring back the ever-changing views of lakes and mountains? It has been a hard day for me. My foot started hurting again, I kept tripping over the fallen logs and my mental game was weak. Every day can’t be a good day.

Fortunately, the next day was a big day. We walked through layered and layered views of mountains painted in shades of blue. I felt like I was back on the east coast, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I grew up hiking these mountains with my grandfather. It reminded me of how and why I love hiking. Later that day, we were even able to jump into a lake and wash away the layers of ash that had collected on our legs.

The next day the trail headed back down to Beldon Town, if you can call it a town. More just a restaurant next to a river. Perfect, that’s all we needed. After putting food in our mouths, we spent the day waiting for the heat (it was 105 degrees) wading through the swimming holes. Once the sun started to set, we headed back up the mountain. As I said above, what goes down must also go up. We listened to EDM music and had a dance party on our night hike to scare the wildlife. It’s a good thing we did. We later found out that someone had seen a puma an hour before and within a mile and a half of where we were camping. There you go, mountain lions are afraid of EDM.

We then entered our fourth national park on a trail, Lassen Volcanic National Park. The trail terrain begins to change from granite rock to volcanic rock as we end the Sierra mountain range and begin the Cascade mountain range. Lassen Peak looms in the distance. it’s hot. Long water door. The trail offers. We didn’t have one, but two magical trails in one day! Beer, sodas, lasagna, fruit, vegetables, more fruit, cookies. What more could a tired and sweaty hiker ask for? The angels of the paths are truly a blessing.

The following days were bizarre. In the Sierras you are in the wilderness of the hinterland for days and miles of any sort of town or resupply store. Northern California is full of small towns, random gas stations on the trails, campgrounds and RV parks, and more. I started to feel spoiled. I bought an ice cream sandwich and a beer everyday for 4 days in a row just because I could. We also packed a beer to celebrate a milestone… .. halfway there !!!! We can’t wait for 1,325 miles to go and 1,325 miles to go! It was such a special time to celebrate with other hikers. Halfway to Canada. Wow.

This last section slowly meandered closer and closer to the great mountain. Shasta. Standing at 14,179 feet, it towers over everything around it. With a fire north of us and a fire south of us, sometimes the mist will cover the mountain so much that I can barely make out its peak. Sometimes the wind turns and I can see the mountain in its entirety. One night we camped with the best view of Mt. Shasta and Castle Crags with the sun setting on the horizon. The clouds changed from white to yellow to orange to pink as the sun set behind the mountain range. We sat down and ate our delicious dehydrated dinners just in awe of this beautiful creation. Yes, some days are tough. But damn, I’m lucky that I can live this life and do the tough things.

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Biggest Plant-Based Diet Myths This Dietitian Wants You To Know https://elixirzdravi.com/biggest-plant-based-diet-myths-this-dietitian-wants-you-to-know/ https://elixirzdravi.com/biggest-plant-based-diet-myths-this-dietitian-wants-you-to-know/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 01:51:05 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/biggest-plant-based-diet-myths-this-dietitian-wants-you-to-know/ Would you consider a plant-based diet? We talk to a dietitian about the best way to do this.

# 1 plant-based eating is the same as vegan or vegetarianism

Despite what you may have heard, a plant-based diet is inherently different from a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Vegan diets exclude animal products in their entirety, vegetarian diets are plant-centered and take into account animal products such as milk, eggs and cheese (the amount and type depend on the individual preference), whereas a plant-based diet is a style of eating where plants form the basis of the diet but animal products in all their forms are not omitted.

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The words vegan, vegetarian, and herbal tend to be used interchangeably as the herbal definition is a bit vague and subjective. As a dietitian, I am a strong advocate of a plant-based eating style!

After all, some of the most studied and beneficial diets in the world are built around plants – that is, the Mediterranean diet. Most of us should prioritize including more plants in our diet, but animal products don’t need to be eliminated completely to lead healthy lives.

# 2 Vegetal automatically means nutritious

Plant foods are among the most nutritious foods; think fruits, vegetables, lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Most plant foods contain an abundance of fiber to support our digestive health, prebiotics to fuel our healthy gut insects, and a range of various vitamins and minerals that aid in all of our bodily processes.

Plant foods will also contain either a combination of our three macronutrients or a single isolated macronutrient. Nuts, for example, contain carbohydrates for sustained energy, heart-healthy fats, and plant proteins to increase satiety and help regulate blood sugar. In contrast, many foods that lack nutritional value can also be classified as plant-based.

These can include hot crisps, lollipops, and highly processed “fake meats” that contain high amounts of salt, saturated fat, and / or sugar.

Also, substituting an ingredient of animal origin for an ingredient of plant origin in a cake, donut, baked goods, chocolate product, ice cream or other confectionery item does not automatically make it healthy. It is not about creating shame around these foods (in their traditional or vegan form) because there is room for all the foods in our diet, it is rather about educating yourself on the power of ‘smart marketing.

# 3 It’s hard to meet your protein needs with a plant-based diet

There is a common misconception that it is difficult to meet your protein needs on a plant-based diet. Depending on whether or not you have removed animal products, it can be very easy to meet your daily protein needs with special attention.

Plant foods such as lentils, legumes, tofu, nuts, seeds, plant-based milks such as Inside-Out’s Milkish range and whole grains such as oats, quinoa and Buckwheat are all plant sources of protein. The idea that plant protein is inferior to animal protein because it does not contain all nine essential amino acids is false and misleading.

A carefully planned diet that contains a variety of plant proteins at different times of the day is more than enough for you to get the protein your body needs adequately.

Most of the time, protein needs can be met by food alone, but if you find tough protein powders a much needed option.

# 4 Plants aren’t filling up or satisfying enough

Nutritious plant foods contain nutrients scientifically proven to keep you full. Generally speaking, plant-based diets that are well balanced and contain a variety of foods and nutrients are perceived to be more satisfying than traditional animal-based diets.

This is because plant foods (as mentioned earlier) are a rich source of dietary fiber, slow release carbohydrates, and plant protein or healthy fats.

Fiber slows down our gastric emptying, allowing us to stay full longer, slow-burning carbohydrates release glucose into the blood at a slow and steady rate for sustained energy and appetite, vegetable protein and healthy fats are digested at a relatively slow rate which also increase satiety too.

My advice, do your best to include a source of slow release carbohydrates, plant protein, healthy fats, and fiber in most main meals. You won’t always get it perfect (no one does), but it’s essential to think about the different nutrients that make up meals and snacks to make them more filling and satisfying.

# 5 Plant-based diets are too restrictive

As you can see, most of the foods that make up (or should make up) the majority of our diet are derived from plants (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lentils, legumes, and whole grains).

Since vegan diets exclude animal products, food choices can be somewhat limited, but not so much that they seem restrictive and unsustainable. Our food system is constantly evolving and adapting so much to the different dietary patterns that emerge in society, that there are now more options for plant eaters than ever before.

For example, if you choose not to consume dairy products, opting for a plant-based milk alternative like Inside Out’s almond and oat milks that are fortified with calcium will still provide you with some of the macro and micronutrients that you would find in milk based milks.

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and creativity.

# 6 plant-based foods are too expensive

If your plant-based diet consists mostly of organic fake meats, prepackaged meals, vegan chocolate, cashew ice cream, dairy-free cheeses and the like, then of course it will get expensive.

On the other hand, if your plant-based diet centers on fresh fruits and vegetables, canned lentils and legumes, nuts and seeds, shelf-stable milk substitutes, and whole grains like flakes. oats, rice, and pasta (to name a few) you can keep costs down. Try to buy grains, cereals, and nuts / seeds in bulk to cut expenses where you can, and keep in mind that “healthy” foods aren’t always what they say they are.

My advice, keep it simple!

# 7 Plant-based diets are not sustainable

A carefully thought-out plant-based diet that contains a variety of delicious foods is sustainable. A diet that restricts calories and wellness foods, whether plant-based or not, is not sustainable.

As you can see, plant-based diets allow for many different foods and food groups, all of which contribute to a sustainable and enjoyable diet.

If you deprive yourself of your favorite foods (yes, that includes hot chips and chocolate) then you’ll feel deflated, sad, and hungry – not ideal!

To make a diet sustainable, it must be enjoyable, don’t forget that!

# 8 you can’t get enough iron and B12 on a plant-based diet

Since iron and vitamin B12 are commonly found in animal products, it is believed that following a plant-based diet (either entirely or mainly) can make it difficult to consume enough of these essential nutrients.

Many plant-based foods are high in iron, such as lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, tofu, and fortified grains and products. Including these foods regularly will help you meet your iron needs.

B12 on the other hand is a bit more difficult to obtain. However, you can find products fortified with B12 like the Milkish line from Inside Out. 1 glass of their oat or almond milk will give you 50% of your required B12!

If you suspect iron or vitamin B12 deficiency, please seek medical advice / dietitian to have your blood monitored and prescribe an appropriate supplementation regimen if necessary.

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North County High Schools Appoint Promotion Majors, Salutatorians https://elixirzdravi.com/north-county-high-schools-appoint-promotion-majors-salutatorians/ https://elixirzdravi.com/north-county-high-schools-appoint-promotion-majors-salutatorians/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:12:44 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/north-county-high-schools-appoint-promotion-majors-salutatorians/

North County High Schools Salute Their Top Students, Class Majors, and Class 2021 Salutors. They include:

Army and Navy Academy: promotion major, Holden Nguyen; salutary, David Lin

Bonsall Unified School District, Bonsall High School: promotion major, White Jay; salutary, Jeffery Roback

Christian Calvin High School: promotion major, Grace Bons; salutary, Joshua Yu

Carlsbad Unified School District:

  • Carlsbad High School: promotion major, Ravi Pathak; greetings, Ryan Read, Manish Sampath
  • Sage Creek High School: promotion major, Connor jabbari; greetings, Joseph Elbacha, Jack Phillips, Miriam Melkonian

Catholic High School Cathedral: honored students: Ryan Oliveira, Don, and Ariella Pacheco, Dama

Classical academies:

  • Classical Academy High School: promotion major, Madeline Tseng; salutary, Lillian eckstein
  • Personalized learning campus of the Academy’s classical high school: promotion major, Brianna Hester; salutary, Kenna chase
  • High school of the Académie du Littoral: promotion major, Morgan Barta; salutary, Morgan bajoyo

Escondido Charter High School: promotion major, Jasmin Tran; salutary, Tyler Zhou; 4-day Flex learning program: promotion major, Berenice Yphantides; salutary, Alan Ding; Flex 1: 1 program: promotion major, Jenna Jedlicki; salutary, Shaina May

Escondido Union High School District:

  • Del Lago Academy: farewell circle: Vanessa Bartoli, James Dennison, Bryan Montoya, Aileen Sanchez Alvarez, Brianna Virabooth
  • Escondido High School: promotion major, Olivia anderson; salutary, Abril Aguilar Lopez
  • Orange Glen High School: farewell circle: Rayne A. Cantero, Jocelyn Carlos Tovar, Celia Chamu Maturana, Jose G. Chavez Orozco Jr., Alison Ailyn Feria Bautista, Allen E. Keng, Alexis Silva, Leslee Soria Alvarado, Citlali V. Troncoso, Yesenia Venegas Perez
  • San Pasqual High School: farewell circle: Aiden M. Best, Declan R. Bohley, Kayla R. Cooper, Martta A. Hollmen, Hana M. Ibarra, Ella M. Lloyd, Jenika A. Lofton, Elise N. Miller, Ross Z. Nalbandian,
    Julia E. Petrungaro, Bryson A. Reyes, Natalie R. Rohy, Brenda G. Rojas, Amy M. Santoro, Mateo I. Tristan, Luke P. Wilson
  • Valley High School: Highest GPA, Amanda Valdes

Fallbrook Union High School District:

  • Fallbrook High School: promotion major, Lianna Arnold; salutary, Grace Bell
  • Ivy High School: promotion major, Dylan Feeney; salutary, Rebecca Leon-Ordoñez
  • Oasis High School: promotion major, Mattie Ahrend; salutary, Kyleigh Philo

Guajome Park Academy: promotion major, Izak Bunda; salutary, Diana Martinez Lopez

Horizon preparation: promotion major, Audrey Skeen; salutary, Madison Bartolomeo

Maranatha Christian Schools: promotion major, Ciara Woodahl; salutary, Isabelle monroy

Oceanside Unified School District:

  • Oceanside High School: promotion major, Kaleo Hernandez; Salvation, Kylee Henschel and Julianna Ryder
  • El Camino High School: promotion major, Ian Brooks Wilder; salutary, Ruth daisy perez

Poway Unified School District:

  • Del Norte High School: promotion major, Cynthia Zhang; salutary, Zahir Ahmed
  • Mount. Carmel High School: promotion major, Hashmatullah Hatamy; salutary, Elias Devadoss
  • Poway High School: promotion major, Kelly Couvrette; salutary, Kaitlyn chan
  • Rancho Bernardo High School: promotion major, Austin Khoja, Jonathan Jeong; salutary, Dhruv Kumar
  • Westview High School: promotion major, Michael wu; salutary, James ni

Ramona Unified School District:

  • Ramona High School: promotion major, Charlotte Boss; greetings, Mason McPherson, Jami Sothman
  • Montecito High School: promotion major, Anthony Jordan; salutary, Michel rossi
  • Mountain Valley Academy: promotion major, Julie Failla; salutary, Amy Kounavitch

Saint-Joseph Academy: promotion major, Kylie Konyn; salutary, Magdalena Kyne

San Marcos Unified School District:

  • Mission Hills High School: promotion major, Jaedyn Hoenig
  • San Marcos High School: promotion major, Zoe Kessler and Brandon Gonzalez Arenas

Santa Fe Christian Schools: promotion major, Andrew Chiang; salutary, Lauren Clark

Christian school of the three cities: promotion major, Nate Carman and Shiley David; salutary, Jacob Larose

Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District:

  • Valley Center High School: promotion major, Tatum Bernet and Gabrielle Olivera

Vista Unified School District:

  • Mission Vista High School: promotion major, Kathleen Teel; greetings, Evie Currington, Tiffany Gavin, Kainath Kamil, Isabella Longo, Courtney Machler, Anne Smith, Lillian Vo, Jacob Weiser
  • Rancho Buena Vista High School: promotion major, Jed Quiaoit, Lorelei Marcus; greetings, Matthew Barawid, Gabriela Gonzalez
  • Vista High School: promotion major, Namrit Ahluwalia; greetings, Kristen DePue, Edwin Vargas Navarro
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Tropical fly study shows a mother’s age and diet influence the health of her offspring https://elixirzdravi.com/tropical-fly-study-shows-a-mothers-age-and-diet-influence-the-health-of-her-offspring/ https://elixirzdravi.com/tropical-fly-study-shows-a-mothers-age-and-diet-influence-the-health-of-her-offspring/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:20:36 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/tropical-fly-study-shows-a-mothers-age-and-diet-influence-the-health-of-her-offspring/ The female tsetse fly, which gives birth to live young the size of an adult, produces weaker offspring as she ages and when she feeds on poor quality blood.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Oxford and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, was designed to measure how the health of tsetse offspring is influenced by the age of their mother, and how factors such as mother’s nutrition and mating experience could come into play.

In many animals, females show signs of reproductive aging – where the health of the offspring declines with maternal age – but there are huge variations within species in how quickly this aging occurs.

Scientists have found that female tsetse flies that experience nutritional stress have lower fertility and produce smaller offspring that are less likely to survive starvation. However, the rate at which the female ages is not affected by the quality of her diet or the time she waited to mate. Thus, neither nutrition during gestation nor mating costs cause variation in reproductive aging in this species.

Dr Sinead English of the Bristol School of Biological Sciences and lead author of the article said: “Tsetse flies are remarkable flies. Mothers can produce offspring of the same size as them. But, like many other animals (including humans), this huge reproductive investment comes at a cost: as females age or have poor quality food, they produce weaker offspring that survive less. long time. However, we still don’t know why some females age faster than others.

Now, researchers will look at new ways to test evolutionary predictions of aging, using a new model system and an innovative method of tracking the reproduction of individual flies.

Dr English added, “We are also interested in understanding these patterns in tsetse flies as they spread deadly parasites, called trypanosomes, to humans and animals. By understanding how the survival of offspring depends on maternal nutritional stress and age, we can design better population dynamics and model disease transmission.

Source of the story:

Material provided by Bristol University. Note: Content can be changed for style and length.

https://elixirzdravi.com/tropical-fly-study-shows-a-mothers-age-and-diet-influence-the-health-of-her-offspring/feed/ 0
Bhabhi Ji Ghar By Hai, July 20, 2021 Written Episode Update: Anita’s Modified Form https://elixirzdravi.com/bhabhi-ji-ghar-by-hai-july-20-2021-written-episode-update-anitas-modified-form/ https://elixirzdravi.com/bhabhi-ji-ghar-by-hai-july-20-2021-written-episode-update-anitas-modified-form/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 15:22:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/bhabhi-ji-ghar-by-hai-july-20-2021-written-episode-update-anitas-modified-form/

MUMBAI: Vibhu walks up to Angoori in the kitchen, Angoori says why are you here, I don’t want to talk to you, I’m upset, Vibhu asks why, what did I do, Angoori says you spoiled my Pooja, Vibhu say I’m sorry please forgive me and me and Anu went to a Maharashtrian dancing house, Chavi Zolkar and she dances very well and saw her costumes very pretty and you will be so pretty in it, Angoori says you won’t go well so i will and Angoori leaves.

Anu dancing, Tiwari dancing standing at the door, Anu sees him and says Tiwariji, Tiwari says hello, Anu asks what you were doing, Tiwari says I didn’t want to bother you but you were dancing so well, Anu says what do you want to take to leave here, Anu is irritated by Tiwari and says how dare you hide and see my dance, Tiwari says that I was not I was coming to see you and I did not want to disturb you, Anu said how dare you , Tiwari says I’m sorry I did, Anu says to get out before my anger soars.

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Vibhu and Angoori at dining table, Vibhu trying to apologize and convince her, Angoori says when you saw us play Pooja why did you jump, Vibhu says I thought it was a mutual pooja, Tiwari continues to cry and said that Anu insulted me a lot, Angoori asks what you did, Tiwari says she was dancing and didn’t disturb her just by looking at her, Vibhu says you are lucky she doesn’t didn’t hit you, she doesn’t like people watching her dance.

TMT playing drums, Gupta, Prem and Master watching their street show, Master shamelessly calls them, Angoori, Tiwari, Vibhu come out, Angoori says I want to dance, Tiwari says do you dare to dance, Angoori says it is an art, Vibhu says Tiwari lets dance, Tiwari says you are useless, you dance, Tiwari and Vibhu are arguing, Anu comes out wearing Maharashtrian outfit and starts dancing with TMT, Helan records it, Tiwari says that is that why i am not dead, Angoori says she dances so well what form is this, Vibhu said Lavani. Anu feels dizzy and passes out, Vibhu will catch her takes it inside

Gupta checks Anu, Vibhu cries and Tiwari too, Tiwari asks when will she become conscious, Gupta says she will wait, Anu becomes conscious and asks what is happening why you are all looking at me, Angoori says you passed out while dancing, Anu shocked and said I was dancing in front of everyone, Tiwari said I was hurt, she insulted me saying it was her personal hobby and danced in front of everyone. Anu says what she says, Vibhu says to forget them but you dance so well, so pretty, Anu asks why I am wearing this, Helan shows her recording to Anu, Anu asks when it happened.

TMYT counts his money, Teeka says he has ₹ 500, Tilu says ₹ 400, Malkan says ₹ 100, Tilu says ₹ 1000, Teeka says drinks will cost ₹ 300, Malkan says amd non veg in ₹ 400, Tilu says wow this business is full package, Teeka says it is actually Anu bhabhi dance, Malkan says it means this money is not ours, Tilu says it is ours but because of our talent , we made some money, Teeka says she is really our Bhabhi Ma.

Tiwari upset, Anu insulted me so much then danced in front of the whole colony, what does she want to prove, Anu in Maharashtrian attrie calls Tiwari Ganpat whistles to her, Tiwari says bhabhiji, Anu says what bhabhi it is me Chavi, Tiwari says what all this is and what language do you use, Anu starts talking about her friend Kalpana, Tiwari asks Pelu if he doesn’t understand what is going on, Pelu hands out a note that says I think bhabhiji lost it. Tiwari says very correct. Anu says from the moment I saw you I am amazed so let’s meet under the bridge, we will have fun, Tiwari says what do you say, Anu says I know you love me and meet me under the bridge, I will tell you everything and if you do not come I will not spare you. Tiwari in shock

Anu sees TMT and asks Pelu to wait, the boys greet her, she slaps them and says do I look like an old man, Anu speaks in Marathi, TMT does not understand Marathi, and asks what this language is, Anu says it’s Marathi, Malkan says you are Kanpur’s daughter, Anu slaps him and says I’m Chavi Zolkar and why call me Kanpur and Anu gets mad at them and asks them to get his money back, Teeka asks what, Anu slaps them, TMT gives them money, says Anu from today you three will work for my dance and are my servant and you will pay money and here is your ₹ 10 each and ask them to come in the evening for rehearsal and leaves.

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Pre-course: Tiwari and Anu dance. Angoori and Vibhu angry, Angoori says I will burn Tiwari in the fire I am burning in, how will he feel if I dance with my neighbor

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Tipperary name unchanged for Munster U20 semi-final clash with champions Cork https://elixirzdravi.com/tipperary-name-unchanged-for-munster-u20-semi-final-clash-with-champions-cork/ https://elixirzdravi.com/tipperary-name-unchanged-for-munster-u20-semi-final-clash-with-champions-cork/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 09:06:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/tipperary-name-unchanged-for-munster-u20-semi-final-clash-with-champions-cork/

Tipperary has named an unchanged squad for the Munster U20 semi-final against Cork (Semple Stadium, 7:30 p.m.).

Management remained confident in the 15 who started the 3-24 to 2-21 overtime quarter-final win over Waterford last week.

This means there is once again no room in the squad for Devon Ryan and Jack Leamy who reached hugely influential 0-5 (0-2 frees) and 1-1 tally respectively in their introduction during the victory over Waterford.

The Cork squad show seven players who took part in the recent All-Ireland final victory in 2020. They are full-back Daire O’Leary, cornerback Cormac O’Brien, center-back Ciarán Joyce, half-forward pair Darragh Flynn and Brian Hayes, and inside pair Padraig Power and Jack Cahalane.

Tipperary (Munster U20HC v Cork): E Dunphy (Sainte-Marie); C O’Dwyer (Cashel King Cormacs), K Ryan (Upperchurch-Drombane), F Purcell (Drom & Inch); C Whelan (Carrick Davins), K Maher (Borris-Ileigh), J Ryan (Arravale Rovers); M Hackett (Moycarkey-Borris), J Campion (Drom & Inch); D Stakelum (Thurles Sarsfields), S Hayes (Kiladangan), K O’Kelly (Kilruane MacDonaghs); C Fogarty (Lorrha Dorrha), P Creedon (Thurles Sarsfields), J Devanney (Borris-Ileigh).

CORK (Munster U20HC vs. Tipperary): C Wilson, (Newcestown); E Downey, (Glen Rovers), D O’Leary, (Watergrasshill), C O’Brien, (Newtownshandrum); E Twomey, (St Finbarr’s), C Joyce, (Castlemartyr), K Moynihan, (Na Piarsaigh); S Quirke, (Midleton), B O’Sullivan, (Kanturk); D Flynn, (Ballygiblin), D Hogan, (Sarsfields), B Hayes, (St Finbarr’s); R Cotter, (Blackrock), P Power, (Blarney), J Cahalane, (St Finbarr’s).

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