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Cano said this about his book: “We live in a very decisive time when the human being is simply betting his life in eternity in an alarming way. It is necessary that we stop to question ourselves, What happens to us? If we go back to see our history, we see that we have only had twenty-five to thirty years of peace. It seems that we have always been at war – at war between countries , at war with ethics, at war between social classes, at war with gangs, at war between families and even at war with ourselves. There is a point where you argue with yourself and hatred grows all around us and we are wondering what is going on with humanity? might have the answer to this question? is there someone who will end the hostility? i believe all of these questions deserve a reasonable response so that we can unmask who is to blame. “

Published by Page Publishing, Joel cano new book Sin is my name hopes to enlighten readers on the damage humanity suffers by giving in to lawlessness and the loss of emotion and critical thinking.

Consumers who want to understand the deepest feelings of the human heart and mind can buy Sin is my name in any bookstore or online at Apple iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries, you can contact Page Publishing at the following number: 866-315-2708.

About publishing pages:

Page Publishing is a traditional full-service publishing house that handles all of the intricacies of publishing its authors’ books, including distribution to the world’s largest retail outlets and royalty generation. Page Publishing understands that authors should be free to create and not get bogged down in complex business issues like converting eBooks, setting up wholesale accounts, insurance, shipping, taxes, and more. . His list of authors can leave these tedious, complex and time-consuming questions behind and focus on their passion: writing and creating. Learn more about www.pagepublishing.com.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1499340/Joel_Cano.jpg

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AGF celebrates International Dance Day [PHOTO/VIDEO] https://elixirzdravi.com/agf-celebrates-international-dance-day-photo-video/ https://elixirzdravi.com/agf-celebrates-international-dance-day-photo-video/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:37:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/agf-celebrates-international-dance-day-photo-video/

April 30, 2021 11:37 (UTC + 04: 00)


By Laman Ismayilova

The Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation (AGF) shared a video dedicated to International Dance Day, celebrated on April 29.

The video features two-time World Junior Championship medalist Arzu Jalilova, who fascinates viewers with her flexibility.

International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance, initiated by the Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute (ITI), UNESCO’s leading performing arts partner.

The celebration takes place every year on April 29, anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), creator of modern ballet.

The day strives to encourage participation and education in dance through events and festivals held on this date around the world. UNESCO officially recognizes ITI as the creators and organizers of the event.

Since the beginning of the Middle Ages, various kinds of dances began to form in Azerbaijan.

Vagzali, gangi, yalli, terekeme, nalbeki are among the popular dances of the country.

Vagzali is performed when the bride is seen from her family’s house to the groom’s house and her departure is reflected in this dance.

Yalli is a very old and traditional dance in Azerbaijan. At first it was performed in the form of a traditional celebration of fire, which was a source of heat, light and hot food. In this traditional celebration, the dancers worship the fire like a goddess. This dance is performed by a group of people and in ancient times, whoever did not dance properly was fined from the conductor who made him sing a song or dance another dance.

Terekeme is a dance of the members of the tribe. Those who dance stretch out their arms and walk forward with their heads held high. This dance is filled with feelings of freedom and expansion. Both men and women perform it.

Nalbeki (saucer) is a dance performed only by women, during the dance saucers are used.

The first professional dance group in Azerbaijan was established in 1938 on the basis of amateur performances. The ensemble has performed with a diverse repertoire, consisting of ancient and modern folk dances.

Today, traditional dances are still performed by the Azerbaijani people.

Now they are widely taught and performed across the country and abroad.

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Plant-based meat thrives in US, picnic and takeout skyrocket as UK lockdown simplifies https://elixirzdravi.com/plant-based-meat-thrives-in-us-picnic-and-takeout-skyrocket-as-uk-lockdown-simplifies/ https://elixirzdravi.com/plant-based-meat-thrives-in-us-picnic-and-takeout-skyrocket-as-uk-lockdown-simplifies/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:33:24 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/plant-based-meat-thrives-in-us-picnic-and-takeout-skyrocket-as-uk-lockdown-simplifies/

(Credit: Impossible Foods)

April 30, 2021 — This week in industry news, the Impossible Burger debuted at 145 Lidl grocery stores in the United States. Also in the meatless space, Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger is expected to arrive in the United States next month. Nestlé has revealed its plans to help protect workers’ rights in the palm oil sector. Univar Solutions and Novozymes have signed an agreement to expand into the US and Canadian food ingredients markets. In addition, Gold Coast Ingredients has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to the east coast of the United States.

In short: the herbal highlights
Impossible foods
The flagship product is being rolled out at Lidl’s 145 locations across the United States, as the two companies continue their major expansion efforts. Lidl will be the largest discount grocer to carry Impossible Foods products. The award-winning Impossible Burger is introduced in Lidl stores this week across Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia. Customers can find Impossible Burger in the fresh meat section of the store in 12-ounce packages or in a recyclable package of two pre-formed quarter-pound (4 oz) patties.

Beyond meatThe iconic Beyond Burger will also be hitting US grocery stores next week. The new iteration will be available in a two-pack, the very first value four-pack and a 1lb Beyond Beef pack. Meatless Pioneers claim their burger has “stronger nutritional gains” with 35% less fat and saturated fat and fewer calories than 80/20 beef.

Click to enlargeNestlé is stepping up its plan to help protect workers’ rights in the palm oil sector.In short: business is on the move
Nestle presented its enhanced 2021-2025 action plan to address workers’ rights issues in the palm oil sector. Workers in the palm oil industry – especially migrant workers – are vulnerable to labor rights violations, including forced labor. They often face unfavorable working conditions such as excessive working hours, low wages, inadequate social security, unsafe working conditions, unreasonable restrictions on movement and limited access to communication. Nestlé has developed a framework that will help the company prioritize supplier engagement and systematically take action based on the risk profile of suppliers and their ability to resolve labor rights issues.

Univar Solutions and Novozymes signed an agreement to extend their partnership to the US and Canadian food ingredient markets. The new deal comes into effect a month after the companies announced an agreement extending the partnership to the U.S. and Canadian markets for beverage production, home care and industrial cleaning. The enzymes, probiotics and microbes in Novozymes are designed to help improve the performance of the product. They offer potential options to speed up production, increase nutritional value, or address challenges in new markets such as plant-based foods and beverages.

Manufacturer of flavors and colors Gold Coast ingredients expands its manufacturing capabilities on the east coast of the United States. The two Gold Coast facilities, including manufacturing and R&D, will remain in Los Angeles, California, while the company purchases a third facility in Gilbert, Pa. In its new facilities, the company will produce liquid, powder and spray-dried flavors. Scheduled to open in mid-2021, Gold Coast PA will also have a full quality control lab and application center.

Angel yeast is in the process of creating a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, named Angel Yeast (Singapore) Ltd. The subsidiary will be responsible for activities related to customer development, product sales, technology service, brand promotion, research and product development. The provisional share capital of Angel Singapore is US $ 1 million and Angel Yeast owns 100% of the subsidiary.Click to enlargeAngel Yeast plans to invest US $ 67 million to develop the yeast extracts in Dehong.

Meanwhile, Angel yeast dehong, a subsidiary of Angel Yeast, plans to implement a green yeast extract manufacturing project with an annual production of 15,000 tonnes. In combination with the company’s ‘2025 strategy’ on planning the yeast industry and ensuring the supply of molasses raw material, the new project aims to secure the supply of yeast extracts and meet market demands. The project will be implemented in two phases according to the plan to expand the capacity of 15,000 tons of yeast extracts, the first phase of construction of 10,000 metric tons. It is expected to be completed and operational in December 2022. The second phase will be implemented depending on the molasses feedstock supply.

Kemin Industries added a new tool to its Kemin Food Technologies – North America website: an ingredient library designed to help customers identify ideal color, freshness and safety solutions for meat and poultry, bakery, snacks, fats and oils. The Ingredient Library features Kemin ingredient solutions including acerola, green tea, rosemary, and buffered vinegar.

In short: NPD
General Mills
‘: ratio line presents a new: ratio PROTEIN. A dairy snack with the most protein in the yogurt aisle in a single cup, containing 25g of protein and 3g of sugar. The addition of: PROTEIN ratio enhances General Mills’ growth in the yogurt category by providing a convenient snack option. It offers a creamy texture and also includes global research into new milk proteins, over 50 pilot plant trials, and even a new protein processing system.

Click to enlargeWith 25g of protein, General Mills’ new: PROTEIN ratio has the most protein in the yogurt aisle in a single serving cup.In Brief: Other Highlights
EFSALatest African swine fever (ASF) advice addresses the risk of introducing the virus to unaffected areas of the EU through routes such as feed, bedding material and pig transport vehicles voids returning from affected areas. The opinion concludes that the potential for transmission through these routes is lower than for many others – such as the movement of live domestic pigs or contact between wild boars and domestic pigs – but this risk cannot be completely ruled out. A model was developed to rank the threat from the different pathways – or matrices – using the results of an expert knowledge elicitation (EKE). The EKE was based on evidence from a literature search and public consultation. Seventeen products and matrices were evaluated and classified according to their relative likelihood of becoming infected with the virus in ASF affected areas and infecting pigs in unaffected areas.

The lifting of lockdown restrictions in the UK marked the start of the picnic season and the UK grocer Waitrose reported a record week for picnic and takeout sales. Sales were 213 percent from last year. While 2020 has seen an increase in the trend for mat picnics, DIY deli boards, and many have practiced their baking skills, 2021 is set to be the year of the picnic as restrictions make eating easier. outside. Driven by the lifting of the lockdown and increasing outdoor consumption, Waitrose has seen sales of fresh antipasti (87%) and seafood antipasto (106%) and dips (82%) rise sharply.

Meanwhile, research has shown that after a year of foreclosure, there has been a surge in the number of shoppers turning to organic food and drink. A quarter of those surveyed have increased the number of organic items in their shopping cart or purchased organic products for the first time in the past 12 months. OnePoll research, commissioned for WaitroseThe weekly in-store newspaper also found that 61 percent of people would like to buy more organic products in the future. Topping the list of reasons to buy more organic food and drink was concern about the environment and climate change, cited by 39%, followed closely by concerns about food standards and a resurgence of interest in cooking, both cited by 36%. A third of respondents said reconnecting with nature and wildlife had also influenced their shopping habits.

By Elizabeth Green

To contact our editorial team, please email us at Editorial@cnsmedia.com

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BioSolar changes its corporate name to NewHydrogen https://elixirzdravi.com/biosolar-changes-its-corporate-name-to-newhydrogen/ https://elixirzdravi.com/biosolar-changes-its-corporate-name-to-newhydrogen/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:01:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/biosolar-changes-its-corporate-name-to-newhydrogen/

SANTA CLARITA, Calif., April 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BioSolar, Inc. (OTC: BSRC), a developer of clean energy technologies, today announced that it has changed its corporate name to NewHydrogen, Inc. , and now has a new ticker symbol: NEWH. The company has been informed by FINRA that the name change and ticker symbol came into effect on April 30, 2021.

“With our increased focus on green hydrogen, we believe NewHydrogen is a more appropriate name for our open company,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of NewHydrogen. “Therefore, we have chosen the name of our recently launched green hydrogen business as our parent company name. This represents our commitment to help meet the growing demand for renewable energy, fight climate change and support our planet. ”

NewHydrogen is developing revolutionary electrolysis technology to reduce the cost of producing green hydrogen. A mature technology that has been around for over 200 years, electrolysers are systems typically installed behind a solar farm or wind farm to use renewable electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, thereby producing green hydrogen. . The main challenge and the reason why the world does not use green hydrogen everywhere today is due to the high cost. Catalysts that enable critical water separation reactions are currently made from platinum and iridium, two very expensive precious metals that account for nearly 50% of the cost of the electrolyzer.

The company-sponsored research program at UCLA focuses on replacing iridium, a precious metal found only in asteroids, with earth-rich materials that meet or exceed performance characteristics iridium. Research is also focusing on significantly reducing or replacing the hydrogen catalyst, platinum. In addition, a complete and fully optimized electrolyser device will be developed, integrating all the innovations of this research program. This fully functional hydrogen-producing electrolyzer will serve as a benchmark prototype to help electrolyzer manufacturers around the world evaluate NewHydrogen’s breakthrough technology to produce green hydrogen at low cost.

About NewHydrogen, Inc.

NewHydrogen is a developer of clean energy technologies, including green hydrogen and lithium-ion battery components. Currently, the company is focused on developing revolutionary electrolyzer technology to reduce the cost of green hydrogen production. Hydrogen is the cleanest and most abundant fuel in the universe. It is emission free and only produces water vapor when in use. However, hydrogen does not exist in its pure form on Earth, so it must be extracted. For centuries, scientists have known how to use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a device called an electrolyser. Electrolysers installed behind a solar farm or wind farm can use renewable electricity to split the water, thus producing green hydrogen. Unfortunately, electrolysers are expensive and rely on rare earths such as platinum and iridium. These very expensive materials represent nearly 50% of the cost of electrolysers. The company’s technology aims to significantly reduce or replace rare earths in electrolysers with inexpensive, earth-abundant materials to help usher in a green hydrogen economy that Goldman Sachs says will be worth $ 12 trillion. dollars by 2050. To learn more about the company, please visit https://www.NewHydrogen.com.

Safe Harbor Declaration

The matters discussed in this press release contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. When used in this press release, the words “anticipate”, “believe”, “estimate”, “may” “intention,” “expect” and similar expressions identify such forward-looking statements. Actual results, performance or achievements could differ materially from those envisaged, expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements contained herein. These forward-looking statements are based in large part on the company’s expectations and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. These include, but are not limited to, the risks and uncertainties associated with: the impact of economic, competitive and other factors affecting the Company and its operations, its markets, the performance of products and distributors, the impact on national and local economies resulting from terrorism and subsequent US actions; and other factors detailed in reports filed by the company with the United Stated Securities and Exchange Commission.

Any forward-looking statements we make in this press release are based solely on information currently available to us and speak only as of the date on which they are made. We assume no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements, written or oral, that may be made from time to time, whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise.


Investor Relations Contact:
Tom becker
BioSolar, Inc.
(877) 904-3733

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Saroya Tinker standing and speaking https://elixirzdravi.com/saroya-tinker-standing-and-speaking/ https://elixirzdravi.com/saroya-tinker-standing-and-speaking/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:00:57 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/saroya-tinker-standing-and-speaking/

Just over ten years ago, a 12-year-old girl in Oshawa, Ont. Suffered the trauma associated with a teammate telling her, “Shut up, stupid n—–”, in a hockey arena. cloakroom. This was of course not the first time that Saroya Tinker had disgusted with racism. The first times go back to when she was a little girl on the ice who was sometimes shunned by her fellow skaters, forced to sit in a certain area of ​​the locker room and not always included in off-ice activities. Sometimes the racism was more secretive and ignorant, like the time her Ukrainian-Canadian mother, Mandy, was asked which girl her daughter was, and when she pointed out Tinker, she was told, “Crossbreeds make the best athletes.” . Tinker, whose father is Jamaican, still struggles to understand that the episode really happened.

One would assume that things would get better at an institution like Yale University, a respected fortress of higher education with centuries of history where passionate young minds are going to be broadened and enriched. Yet even after playing for four years on the ice at Yale, Tinker’s overall experience there was far from great. Her time at school did not live up to her expectations, in part because she still felt like an outsider. It ultimately made her stronger as a human being.

It finally got to the point where Tinker wondered if continuing to play hockey was worth it. She decided it was, for which the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL), Metropolitan Riveters and Black Girl Hockey Club are all very grateful. The Riveters drafted his fourth overall in 2020 and used his talents during their dramatically shortened season. The Black Girls Hockey Club is extremely grateful to Tinker for staying in her sport because she has played a leading role in the advocacy group, using her platform to raise awareness and raise funds.

She took it a step further by establishing a mentoring program through the Black Girls Hockey Club for girls ages 8 to 17 who can benefit from Tinker’s experience and knowledge through Zoom workouts, nutritional counseling and bulletins.

Last January, entering the ill-fated NWHL bubble with the Riveters, Tinker launched a GoFundMe initiative for the Black Girls Hockey Club Scholarship Fund, with the goal of raising $ 5,000. When it finally shut it down in March, the initiative had grown to nearly $ 31,000, which is split into $ 1,000, $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 to BIPOC hockey girls in Toronto, Kenya, helping them cover it all. game fees (BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, People of color). Thanks in large part to his efforts, every player who applied for a scholarship received at least $ 1,000. Tinker cried with joy because she was amazed that people are supporting her initiative, that people hear what she is saying and that her voice is heard.

His voice was heard loud and clear when the Riveters and Tinker found themselves in a controversy when two Riveters players were featured on the Barstool Sports podcast in January. Fans of female hockey have raised concerns about any association between the NWHL and the Barstool Sports website, which has a well-documented history of misogynistic and racist-insensitive conduct.

Tinker was quick to condemn Barstool on Twitter, saying Barstool is an “openly racist platform” that “promotes… white supremacy” and told them to keep their money. This prompted Barstool to attack Tinker, saying she should go to jail for his responsive tweet.

There was serious backlash from Barstool followers and an internal team conflict between the two Riveters players who were guests on the podcast and his teammate Tinker. Some of the things said on social media have been called disgusting.

For her part, Tinker talks a lot now about being an unapologetic new version of herself. The little girl who was stunned when she was called the N word by a teammate found her voice, using it in any way she could. It could be as an advocate for a safe space for BIPOC girls and women in hockey or to call on those whose mindset conflicts with this goal, Tinker is now confident, daring and daring to step out of the door. his comfort zone. She’s learned to love herself and care a lot less about what other people think of her, instead, she’s firmly standing up for what she truly believes is right.

Her Ukrainian mother, Mandy, couldn’t be prouder.

“As a parent, it was really amazing to watch our daughter grow up to be such an amazing human being on and off the ice,” Mandy said. “Her struggles to fit into hockey certainly weren’t easy to see, but she always handled things with such grace and integrity.

Mandy is also thrilled with the way her daughter is using her platform across hockey to advocate for communities in need of help.

“She has become an incredibly strong voice for the BIPOC community on and off the ice. We love to see it. Despite her struggles, she made them triumphs and it is so encouraging to see her grow up and use her voice for good and to make a difference.

DIY the player

We must not forget that this young woman happens to be a very good hockey player. At 5-foot-9 and 155 pounds, Tinker has honed his game during his four years at Yale, becoming a defensive back who excels on the penalty spot. She won a silver medal at the World Women’s Under-18 Championship in 2016 representing Team Canada. Not the fastest skater on the team, she has the intelligence to be an elite player.

If the NWHL continues, Tinker is seen as a potential star player as a dominant, physically strong and very committed defender. Mark Bolding, her former coach at Yale, refers to Tinker as a “high-end hockey spirit,” with a unique understanding of how the game works, possibly the reason she defends so skillfully. When she first arrived at Yale, she was more of a rushing defender, but had to adapt and become more of a defensive and stay-at-home defense. Her coaches have always relied heavily on her to kill penalties.

Interestingly, although his game is more squeaky and defensive, Saroya Tinker has some artistic spice off the ice. When not playing hockey or working with the Black Girl Hockey Club, Tinker trains in Calgary with her partner, Dante Djan, a Canadian college football quarterback. Tinker supplements her salary in the NWHL by selling works of art that she creates with oil paint on canvas. She paints portraits of naked men and women, as well as some favorite musical artists like Lauren Hill and Tupac Shakur. His paintings are generally large in size and typically sell for between $ 300 and $ 1,000 each.

Whether the canvas is ice, the public domain, or a true painter’s canvas, Saroya Tinker will go big and take risks. Portraying the artist as a young woman who plays hockey is still a work in progress, although there are many reasons to excite her for her, both on the ice and in the arena of justice. social.

(Quotes above, courtesy of Oshawa Generals Hockey Club.)

Ihor Stelmach can be reached at iman@sfgsports.com.

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Honda NX200 registered in India: probable name of the rival of the Hero Xpulse 200 https://elixirzdravi.com/honda-nx200-registered-in-india-probable-name-of-the-rival-of-the-hero-xpulse-200/ https://elixirzdravi.com/honda-nx200-registered-in-india-probable-name-of-the-rival-of-the-hero-xpulse-200/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/honda-nx200-registered-in-india-probable-name-of-the-rival-of-the-hero-xpulse-200/

The Honda NX200 will most likely have a design similar to the Xpulse, with a fully digital instrument console.

Image used for representation

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India have been very busy last year despite the pandemic. Many new products have been launched by the manufacturer and the company has also managed to enter new segments. It is the latter in which the company will also engage this year with the NX200. The Honda NX200 will likely be a rival to the Hero Xpulse 200. Honda might be keen to enter this lucrative space and we understand that Bajaj Auto and TVS may be working on their entry level ADV at Rs 2 lakh as well. Details of the Honda NX200 are scarce at the moment and HMSI might not invest in a single 200cc engine for this bike and instead use the Hornet 2.0 unit. For perspective, the Honda Hornet 2.0 uses a 17.2 hp / 16.1 Nm, 184 cc engine. The construction of this engine is simple – 2 valves, air cooled and with fuel injection. Its maintenance will be relatively inexpensive.

The Honda NX200 will most likely have a design similar to the Xpulse, with a fully digital instrument console. The frame will also be similar to that of the Hornet but slightly reinforced to support off-roading. This bike will also have wire wheels, which the HMSI range in India currently does not have apart from the more expensive Africa Twin. Overall Honda offers the CB190X motorcycle and the design theme could be very similar. As is the case with most HMSI bikes, expect this one to have LED headlights and taillights as well. A hazard warning light could also be on the list of features.

Expect Honda to launch this bike later this year, possibly during the holiday season. HMSI could also retail this product through BigWing dealers, although the company’s policy was to ensure that models 300cc and larger were placed in its high-end showrooms. If HMSI could set the price of the bike at Rs 1.35 lakh, there will be takers for this entry-level ADV.

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Judge orders NRA to reveal names of Lloyd’s of London agents https://elixirzdravi.com/judge-orders-nra-to-reveal-names-of-lloyds-of-london-agents/ https://elixirzdravi.com/judge-orders-nra-to-reveal-names-of-lloyds-of-london-agents/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 06:56:42 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/judge-orders-nra-to-reveal-names-of-lloyds-of-london-agents/

In 2018, the NRA took legal action against Vullo and Governor Andrew Cuomo, alleging they had forced banks and insurance companies to abandon trade deals with the NRA. Vullo and Cuomo both denied the allegations. In the same year, Lloyd’s stopped subscribing to NRA products.

“We are surprised that the justice of the peace is forcing the NRA to reveal the names of confidential witnesses interviewed by a lawyer,” NRA lawyer William A. Brewer III said in a statement. “Naturally, the NRA is weighing its options in response to this decision.”

The NRA told the hearing it had previously named two key witnesses: former Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale and former US general counsel Joe Gunset. It was not clarified what the two would say as witnesses, or if any other witnesses were present during the alleged behind-the-scenes transactions. The NRA also argued that the other witnesses feared reprisal if they spoke out.

Bloomberg contacted Lloyd’s for a statement, but a representative declined to comment.

In addition to ordering the NRA to name Lloyd’s witnesses, Hummel also ordered the group to produce a list of other insurers or banks that the NRA said were heavily armed by former DFS chief Vullo. Vullo’s attorney, Debra Greenberger, said at the hearing that the NRA’s failure to name other companies suggests there aren’t any.

“They alleged that there had been communications with executives, plural, and institutions, plural, but it seems to me what we’re hearing today is that they have – that they there’s an institution on which they actually have a basis for making this claim, ”Greenberger said.

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Claudel (Pascal Productions) https://elixirzdravi.com/claudel-pascal-productions/ https://elixirzdravi.com/claudel-pascal-productions/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 06:53:06 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/claudel-pascal-productions/

It is often said that you should never send a man to do a woman’s job, and when it comes to telling Camille Claudel’s story, this is very true. In recent years, the story of the rebellious sculptor has been told on stage through speech and dance with varying degrees of success. Indeed, when Wendy Beckett and Meryl Tankard’s Claudel was last created in 2019, it was one of the two productions of the Festival d’Avignon to have dared to attack the fate of the rebellious sculptor and muse of Auguste Rodin.

Claudel. Photography © Daniel Boud

To understand where Beckett and Tankard have succeeded, one must also recognize where others have failed. Since Camille’s death in 1943, much of her life has been left to guesswork. Has she really gone mad? In her relationship with Rodin, who carried the greatest creative influence? Did Rodin really take steps to sabotage his career? Beckett and Tankard make their own assumptions when answering these questions in Camille’s favor, but their greatest success is ultimately putting her center stage.

In 2011, choreographers Boris Eifman and Peter Quanz both created balletic treatments of the relationship between Claudel and Rodin. Eifman Rodin, although spectacular, was more concerned with the process of creation and bringing Rodin’s most epic works such as The gates of hell to life on stage. He never delivered more than a superficial representation of Camille as the tortured muse and of Rose Bueret as a willingly blind and loving wife. Likewise, Quanz often had recourse to a cliché depiction of Camille’s descent into madness in his Rodin / Claudel for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. Eifman and Quanz placed Rodin at the center of a threesome, in which Camille and Rose revolved around him.

Beckett and Tankard re-pivot the story, making Claudel the focal point as she finds herself torn between her mother and her mentor. Bueret is never represented on stage except as the older woman in Claudel’s allegorical sculpture Age of maturity. Her absence allows Claudel to come to the fore as the protagonist and relegates Rodin to the sidelines as part of a much larger set of challenges she faces. He is never allowed to steal the show and his main contribution to the narrative is to defeat Claudel’s ambitions.

The Australian premiere of Claudel stars Imogen Sage in the title role. She embodies all the fire and passion of Camille Claudel and there are times when she evokes Isabelle Adjani, who played the role on screen in 1988. Sage is a perfect match with Rodin by Christopher Stollery, who seems to be going crazy by his genius more than she is by any unrequited love she has for him. Wendy Beckett portrays Rodin as a man haunted by his greatest embarrassment – his failed commission for the state.

Claudel. Photography © Daniel Boud

The work in question, his sculpture from 1880 The call to arms, was rejected like Monument to the Defenders of the Nation. Beckett presents this as a thorn on Rodin’s side from the very beginning of the play. He is ridiculed for having glorified the war by Claudel’s comrades in Alfred Boucher’s class. Later, the sculpture comes back to haunt him as Claudel calls out to him about his lies. Tankard brilliantly recreates the work with the help of his dancers – the avenging angel, with his gaping mouth and outstretched arms, reflecting Claudel’s fury as the battle lines emerge between her and Rodin.

This precedes a scene in which Rodin reveals his hand in Claudel losing his own state commission for Age of maturity in 1899. Was it nothing more than an act of sour grapes? Beckett suggests otherwise. In his screenplay, Rodin admits that he intervened, as he was clearly recognizable as the man in Claudel’s sculpture, torn between the two women also represented. There are good reasons to suspect it. At the time, he was president of the admissions jury and of the sculpture section of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. A year later, Claudel’s work was once again refused by the Exposition Universelle, during which Rodin was very successful by setting up his own exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Alma.

This claim that Rodin sabotaged Claudel’s career is generally refuted by art authorities and the Rodin Museum. Its inclusion by Beckett is ambiguous. Is Rodin’s statement that he must sabotage Claudel’s chances of protecting his own reputation an acceptance by the playwright that this actually happened, or is it a manifestation of Claudel’s paranoia?

Beckett’s thesis clearly places Rodin in parallel with Claudel’s grotesquely pious mother, Madame Claudel, interpreted here with aplomb by Tara Morice. His categorical statement: “I don’t want effigies. I want respect! exposes the value that Rodin and herself place on their position in society, and the fear that they have reprisals that they might face as a result of Claudel’s work. Let us not forget that state secularism was only enacted in 1905 by the Third Republic in France. It is not unreasonable to think that Claudel believed that Rodin and his mother had betrayed her, so that they could continue to enjoy the pleasure of the State and of the Church.

Sometimes the play feels less like a human drama than an essay on the dichotomy between state-sanctioned art and creative expression deemed transgressive at the time. Beckett and Tankard create two very distinct worlds on stage – the rigid conservatism of the ecclesial state and the realm of naturalism. If the former is represented by Claudel’s mother and her brother Paul, played by Mitchell Bourke, then the latter is occupied by Claudel as torchbearer and his classmates in Boucher’s class. When Rodin agrees to supervise a course for Boucher, he finds himself caught between the two.

Claudel. Photography © Daniel Boud

Beckett’s experience in writing radio plays is evident in his use of language to delimit these two worlds. Madame Claudel and Paul adopt a stilted language, which sometimes borders on the exhibition. Beckett first wrote the piece in French, which has a clearly defined formal register. It seems that she is trying to find the equivalent in English. Coupled with the assignment displayed by Morice and Bourke, he succeeds.

This is in stark contrast to the almost modern vernacular of Claudel and his classmates, Jessie and Suzanne, wonderfully performed by Melissa Kahraman and Henrietta Amevor. They are much more in tune with their body and revel in their own sensuality; their dialogue naturalistic and reflecting the change in their works of art, as well as their social and political views. They fight against the rules that prevent them, for example, from working with live models. Only men are allowed to enjoy the naked form. Camille, Jessie and Suzanne are agents of change, considered dangerous by a society where Church and State are always one.

As Rodin, Stollery must change the way he talks about his character. At first, he adopts the same cut language as Claudel’s mother and brother. Then, as he spends more time with Claudel, his verbal expression also becomes more and more relaxed and natural.

Meryl Tankard brilliantly guides the company through their physical journey, whether it’s Stollery in his portrayal of Rodin’s desperate attempt to assert his failing masculinity, or the set of three dancers who bring Claudel and Rodin’s sculptures to life. Here, breathing life into the clay through dance is not only done for effect, or simply to reflect what is happening to the protagonists, as in earlier treatments of the subject by Quanz or Eifman. Tankard adds a subtext to Beckett’s script, whether through the recreation of Rodin Call to arms as mentioned previously, the leitmotif of Claudel’s own Age of maturity, The waltzes depicting Claudel’s young self in Rodin’s arms as her life flashes before her eyes, or even the confronted abortion she endures, in which she loses not only their unborn child, but apparently all of her work. Tankard’s success cannot be underestimated.

The production design by Halcyon Pratt is simple, yet effective. Beckett and Tankard need a hanging artist’s protective sheet, banding wheel, and sculptor stand to tell their layered rich story. Sylvie Skinazi’s beautiful period costumes serve their characters well, with their detailed cuts, lively skirts and corsets. Like Madame Claudel, Morice wears her black and austere finery like armor, while Claudel and his friends constantly try to escape the literal and metaphorical ties that unite them.

As for the alleged mental illness of Camille Claudel and 30 years of imprisonment by his family in a psychiatric hospital, Beckett and Tankard are content that it remains almost a footnote. It might as well be. Columbus Dance Theater 2014 Claudel also sought to tell the story through a combination of spoken words and dance. A retrospective story, it takes place entirely in the asylum with an elderly Claudel remembering his youth. Her dances were primarily entertainment for the ensemble, most of the narrative being found in Kathleen Kirk’s poetry. Recited by old Claudel, it reminded Sylvia Plath more than it dispelled any idea that Claudel was mad.

Beckett and Tankard are more successful in casting doubt on Claudel’s real qualification for psychiatric treatment. In their Claudel we find a young woman who thirsts for her brother’s love while having to repel his unwanted advances. Betrayed by her mentor and her lover, she is forced to have an abortion. Then, rejected by her own mother, she is prevented from attending the funeral of her beloved father. That Claudel was seen drinking is hardly surprising, nor is his subsequent nervous breakdown.

Beckett and Tankard’s treatment of Claudel’s life adopts his struggle as an analogy for the conflict between naturalism and conservatism, the real tragedy being the fact that Camille fell victim to those who support and profit from a religious regime, just like the secular state was established in France. . Claudel is a worthy tale of her story, which finally portrays her as a very real and normal woman.

Claudel plays at the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House until May 9


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Google to remove Android apps with misleading names and graphics from the Play Store https://elixirzdravi.com/google-to-remove-android-apps-with-misleading-names-and-graphics-from-the-play-store/ https://elixirzdravi.com/google-to-remove-android-apps-with-misleading-names-and-graphics-from-the-play-store/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 06:52:18 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/google-to-remove-android-apps-with-misleading-names-and-graphics-from-the-play-store/

Google has announced new guidelines for Play Store apps, and in accordance with these, apps will no longer be able to carry titles or preview material that distorts its intent or use.

(Image: Unsplash / Daniel Romero)


  • The new Play Store guidelines were announced by Google.
  • The policies will protect Play Store users from apps that distort information.
  • The updated policies will ban any applications that violate protocols in the future.

Google has announced new guidelines for the presence of Android applications on its Play Store. The new policies aim to remove any misleading information transmitted through a list of apps to users of the Play Store.

Upcoming policy changes focus on information associated with an application, including the title of the application, its icon, and the name of the developer. The guidelines identify them as the “most important discovery items” for apps on the Play Store.

New guidelines for Play Store app titles

Starting with the titles of the applications, Google clarifies that it will not allow certain indications of ranking and promotions on the names of the application in the future. This includes the common practice of identifying an app as “# 1 in the Play Store” or “best app” or even promotional metrics such as “free” or “sell”.

Additionally, Play Store apps will not be allowed to contain misleading elements in the title. An example of this can be understood as applications displaying “download now” in the title. The use of CAPS, irrelevant special characters or emojis will also be prohibited unless the actual name of the app requires it, such as PUBG’s. Google will also limit the length of app titles to 30 characters.

Monitoring preview items

Some apps from the Play Store may be seen with deceptive preview elements, which are, in fact, meant to provide an accurate description of the app and its functionality. These preview items include screenshots, trailers, and more information about the app provided on the app page on the Play Store.

Under its new guidelines, Google says it will crack down on apps that don’t follow those protocols.

Violations may include the depiction of performance indicators or promotional words such as “free” or “sale” in preview material. This will also apply to the misrepresentation of the application or its functions as well as the lack of information provided through these assets. Google will also check whether these preview items are localized correctly and are easy to read or not.

Any application that does not comply with these guidelines will be excluded for “promotion and recommendation on the main Google Play surfaces” from the second half of 2021. In short, these applications will no longer be authorized to exist on the Google Play Store in the near future. Google will provide more updates on these guidelines at a later date.

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New Ireland Fire Eaters – Post Courier https://elixirzdravi.com/new-ireland-fire-eaters-post-courier/ https://elixirzdravi.com/new-ireland-fire-eaters-post-courier/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 05:37:27 +0000 https://elixirzdravi.com/new-ireland-fire-eaters-post-courier/


THERE is the famous Kontu custom of calling the sharks where the calling shark plays a deadly game with one of the ocean’s top predators for its next meal. But there is something more deadly; spit fire as a form of dance.

It’s more of a ritual than an entertainment, but it’s still a crowd pleaser; stunning, to be precise.

Gunshot to the Mouth is a new addition to the annual Malangan Festival, having only recently been introduced.

This is possibly one of the most inexplicable and risky performances of its kind in the world.

The dance is “sacred” and is performed by only a few selected people.

No one except the performer knows the secrets of these breathtaking stunts.

Secrets are kept by the chefs and are hardly shared.

It really is a well-kept secret known only to the Imau villagers of Namatanai in New Ireland and the Pinnepel Islanders of Nissan Island in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Oral Fire Dance is a kind of stage performance that a Western magician might perform that are just tricks to make it seem.

But the fire-breathing is not a trick at all.

It is performed in broad daylight and there are no steps; just dance floors.

It has been a well-kept secret of the people of Imau that is rarely performed publicly.

However, the concept of spitting fire is not new as it has been reported in other places in Papua New Guinea by groups who know the secret.

The most astonishing thing is that the hot coals do nothing to the mouth of the performer.

Swallowing the fire is compared to the infamous Baining fire dance of eastern New Britain, where dancers jump straight into the burning embers with their bare feet and come out unharmed, while a team of ‘traditional musicians’ beats. drums and sings sacred songs in a fast and furious manner.

Usually, participants in sacred ceremonies or dances would undergo fasting and subscribe to very strict routines and rituals in order to be able to reach a state where it will be possible for them to perform incredible feats.

There is usually a heavy reliance on natural plants with prayers to be followed which will bring about the desired result in the act of stunt.

This may be called the custom or the known method.

It was another amazing trip to Papua New Guinea, commonly referred to by adventurers and tourists as the Land of the Unexpected.

What can you expect when there are a million more different trips?

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