Drunk Woman Offers Sex, Random Dances To Random People And Police, Arrested

Florida police have arrested a drunken woman after giving random people dance tricks on Saturday. The woman allegedly offered sex to the police and attempted to assault the paramedics.

Police identified the woman as Olivia Jeanine Taylor-Washek, 28, of Petersburg, Florida. She was accused by Pinellas County Police of being disorderly and intoxicated.

The complaint said she was the subject of a disturbance call after tripping onto the sidewalk and performing knee dances to random citizens on a Saturday night outside a St. Petersburg bar.

New York Daily News reported that Taylor-Washek asked officers to call in a fire rescue team. But she threatened to injure paramedics if they touched her, preventing a needed assessment.

She is said to have had several opportunities to call someone who can take her home. The police then offered to accompany him to his apartment building. However, she continued the public unrest after 8:30 p.m. and started yelling profanity at police and passers-by.

After successful contact, the woman was confirmed to be heavily intoxicated. His eyes were bloodshot and deemed “watery” as described in the warrant. She also showed more evidence of drunkenness, proving the allegation after speaking in an unclear manner and not being able to hold the pitch properly.

The complaint document, published on The smoking gun mentioned that she even asked the police if they wanted to have sex on the sidewalk. She continued the crime and shouted that the police “were going to shoot her”.

However, no weapon was seized from the woman. She also showed no signs of being under the influence of the drugs. NY Daily News said the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office validated the authenticity of the arrest report.

Taylor-Washek was reportedly released on recognizance on Sunday afternoon, but no further details have been released regarding her public disturbance.

According to Daily mail from her Instagram account, it can be concluded that she is currently participating in a competition, where the winner will take home $ 25,000 in grand prize. In addition to the money, winning this contest also includes a photoshoot with a top photographer and an appearance in an American men’s magazine known as a cover girl.

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