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Lohri 2022: Lohri, considered the harvest festival of Rabi’s crops, marks the end of the winter solstice and the start of the period with longer days and shorter nights in Punjab.

To sum up a bit, the feast of Lohri is celebrated just one day before Makar Sankranti.

This festival has great significance in northern India, especially in the state of Punjab and Haryana.

Lohri is said to hold a special substance for people who are newly married or who have had a new baby in their home. This year, the Hindu festival of Lohri will be celebrated on January 13, 2022.

Popular beliefs claim that the festival is celebrated to mark the end of winters and is linked with the harvest of Rabi’s crops.

Lohri is celebrated by making a bonfire in the evening collecting firewood and cow dung cakes and walking around it with your family. In the days of parikrama, there is a tradition of putting things like peanuts, revdi, sesame seeds, corn kernels, etc. in the burning fire.

It is said that by doing this one gets rid of the evil eye of others, a pleasant atmosphere is created in the house and the health of family members remains good.

The festival is all about love, laughing and gorging on tasty treats.

This festival holds significance for newly married couples or those who have a new baby in their home.

Lohri is celebrated by having a huge bonfire in the evening and having a family parikrama, offering corn kernels, revdi, peanuts, corn, sesame seeds, etc. in the burning fire.

As the day approaches, here we are with detailed information on the timing of the shubh, the history and importance of Lohri.

Lohri 2022: Date and time of Shubh

Date: January 13, Thursday

Start of Shubh Tithi: 4:49 p.m., January 12

Shubh Tithi ends Jan. 13 at 7:32 p.m.

Lohri 2022: History

Accounts of Lohri’s origins are nowhere written, but the festival is believed to celebrate the arrival of longer days after the winter solstice.

According to folklore, an ancient mid-winter festival celebrates the days that get longer as the sun continues its journey north. The day after Lohri is celebrated as Maghi Sangrand.

Lohri 2022: the importance

According to belief, the offerings of revdi, peanuts, corn kernels and sesame seeds in the sacred bonfire during the parikrama have special significance. By doing this, people get rid of the evil energies around them, overcome obstacles and improve the body along with family members.

Popular folklore connects Lohri with the story of Dulla Bhatti, the legend who lived in Punjab during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was considered a hero in the Punjab, for saving Hindu girls from being forcibly taken to be sold in the slave market in the Middle East

Lohri 2022: Rituals

This includes everyone wearing new clothes and greeting each other with immense love and affection.

The sunset forces the young people to prepare a bonfire and to call each villager to gather around.

People typically attend a community celebration with their family and loved ones, in addition to the newlyweds, celebrating it by worshiping the Agni Dev and offering Jaggery, rewadi, puffed rice, and sesame seeds.

Everywhere people sing folk songs and perform folk dances. Elders also tell folk stories to youth and young children in the community.

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