Daniela Basso: the pleasure of the tattoo artist with the Wolfhead-name tattoo for the partner of Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez and Daniela Basso with their daughter Arya and the finished tattoo Photo: Black Circle Tattoo Studio

Lee Blackhurst, who owns Black Circle Tattoo Studio in Cheslyn Hay, was approached by the Wolves forward to tattoo his daughter Arya’s name on the arm of his partner actress Daniela Basso.

Mr Blackhurst said: ‘What happened was Raul got his hair cut by Jamie Cope, a hairdresser in Wolverhampton, who follows my tattoo work on Instagram.

“Raul was getting his hair done and asked Jamie for recommendations for tattoo artists and he recommended our studio.

“They then got in touch on Instagram to make the reservation and then sent me the design they wanted, which was pretty straightforward and something she really wanted.

Lee Blackhurst with a stencil of the tattoo in his studio

Daniela’s tattoo design was of the name Arya with a wolf head at the start of the tattoo to mark their life in Wolverhampton.

Mr Blackhurt, who is a longtime Wolves fan, said he was a little nervous before getting the tattoo but quickly relaxed as he started talking to the couple.

He said: “He speaks very good English, although you can still hear his accent when he speaks, but I was mostly talking to Daniela, who speaks really good English.

“They were both really nice and down to earth and he was filming it all, so it was only scary while he was doing that.”

The tattoo is named after the couple’s daughter with a wolf head on the front Photo: Black Circle Tattoo Studio

Mr Blackhurst has owned Black Circle for four years and has been a tattoo artist for nine years and said this meeting with the Wolves forward shows his studio has a good reputation.

He said: “I hadn’t realized how popular it was until now, and Jamie’s recommendation was brilliant as she saw me working with famous clients he has.

“It shows my confidence to make them come out happy afterwards and she was thrilled with the tattoo and it was really great for me.

“We run a normal, friendly studio, play soothing music, and have a lot of talented artists who let their work speak for itself.”

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