Chinese Association Raising Funds for Permanent Headquarters

After moving its headquarters five times in 19 years, the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall (KLCAH) has finally found a permanent operations center of its own.

To celebrate its 19th anniversary, KLCAH is hosting a fundraising dinner to set up a 176.5 sqm office at Maju Link, Bandar Tasik Selatan in Kuala Lumpur.

(Seated left to right) Wong, Bin, Chow, Chai, Poon Siak, Poon, Prof Ng, Tan and Lim with the organizing committee during the press conference.

The gala dinner will have an oriental theme and will feature a variety of traditional Chinese performances, lion dances and even a performance by Malaysian singer Yao Yi.

A special auction of celebrity-owned items will also take place.

Donation packages including dinner tickets, commendation plaques, souvenirs and red wine cost between RM3,000 and RM100,000.

Those who contribute RM30,000 or more can pay in installments over a three-year period.

“We are expecting over 1,000 dinner guests, including some 200 presidents and presidents of KLCAH affiliated organizations across Malaysia,” KLCAH Chairman Datuk Seri KK Chai told a press conference.

Chai, who is also the founder and executive chairman of KK Supermart Group and Superstore Sdn Bhd, said the dinner would allow members to come together and recognize KLCAH’s achievements since its founding in 2003.

Appointed president of KLCAH in 2015, Chai hoped the new headquarters would better meet the needs of the association’s membership comprising 900 individual members and 90 non-governmental associations.

“Our membership is large and includes people from all walks of life, including successful business people, community leaders, lawyers, doctors and members of the media.

“We want to provide a good office space where members as well as the general public can hold social functions, meetings, events, seminars and product launches.

“The new office space can function as an operations hub for KLCAH members to plan financial aid disbursement, corporate social responsibility programs, and other charitable efforts to help those less fortunate.

“In the event of a disaster, it will also be used to coordinate relief efforts,” he said.

The office space has already been purchased.

Chai said the property was purchased for RM1.09 million through negotiations with the owner.

The total cost, including renovations to be completed by December, is RM1.5 million.

The committee still needs another RM1.2mil.

KLCAH has already raised RM300,000 and aims to raise another RM1 million through the dinner, which will be held at Wisma Huazong Ballroom in Seri Kembangan, Selangor on November 27.

Also present at the press conference were KLCAH Vice Presidents Datuk Wong Che Sing, Datuk Liew Bin, Datuk Ada Poon, Professor Ng Po Kok, Tan Chuan Yong and Lim Lay Hooi, Treasurer Datuk William Chow and First President of KLCAH Datuk Liew Poon Siak.

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