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Do you often find yourself looking for images and videos that show the world beyond Earth? So here is a fascinating article that might leave you speechless. Two images posted by NASA on Instagram show fascinating whirlpools on the surface of Jupiter.

“If you’re anything like us, you can stare at the swirls on Jupiter’s surface for hours,” NASA wrote. Then they shared a new initiative from them. “Join the forces of our NASA citizen science project, Jovian Vortex Hunter. Spot vortices, or spiral wind patterns and other phenomena in beautiful photos of the planet Jupiter,” they added.

In the next lines, they explained more about the pictures. “This data used was captured by @NASASolarSystem’s Juno spacecraft which launched on August 5, 2011. Arriving at Jupiter five years later, after a 1.7 billion mile journey, Juno captured over three terabits (375 gigabytes) of scientific data and incredible views of Jupiter and its satellites. By helping to categorize these images of dazzling features, such as bands, spots, and “brown godwits,” you’re helping scientists understand the dynamics fluids and cloud chemistry on Jupiter,” they explained.

The space agency also explained the image in detail. “The subject of the image is a section of Jupiter’s surface surrounded by black space. Jupiter’s surface is covered in intricate swirling patterns in shades of white, gray, beige and blue. The detailed storms represented by vortices, swirl past each other, creating an intricate pattern on Jupiter’s surface,” they described.

Take a look at the post:

The video was posted 10 hours ago. Since its posting, the clip has racked up over 7.9 lakh likes and the numbers are only growing. Sharing also prompted people to post different types of comments.

“Beautiful!!” posted an Instagram user. “OMG!! Amazing!!” voiced another. “So cute,” commented a third. “Love it,” wrote a fourth.

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